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  1. @Nail I was gonna fire you a PM or re-install Kik but I'm too lazy, so I'll just ask here: Are we allowed to change the amount retained on a contract by year? For example, if I was trying to retain on a deal with 3 years left, could I retain 50% in year one and 25% in year two?
  2. Ottawa is willing to listen to offers on Claude Giroux. Would like to be getting a good, young player as part of the return but anything pick/prospect-oriented is of interest.
  3. Does this mean you'd like to acquire Gudbranson? PM me.
  4. Unfortunately going to have to step down as GM of Calgary as I just don't have as much time as I thought I would. Hopefully the next guy can turn this team around rather quickly. Best of luck to everyone else, and thanks for letting me back in.
  5. Looking to move one of Gudbranson or Brodin if the price is right. I can and currently am protecting both, but a team without a third defenseman worth protecting might have some interest.
  6. Colton Parayko, Emile Poirier, and Jake Allen are available. Looking for picks and prospects.
  7. Jake Allen rocking that stellar .864 sv% so far.
  8. The only reason I can think of off the top of my head would be if the townie in question was trying to take a bullet for the real special they're claiming for, which would usually require both of them to be in contact. In a game with no outside communication, I'd say at least 9/10 times it's bad town play or a scum move. It really depends on how strong of a game the town is playing, IMO. If scum are being picked off left and right by good town play, the Vigilante should really be following the town consensus and taking out "obvious" mafia. Otherwise, they should play to their own hunches and ignore suggestions from players who, for all they know, could be scum looking to get an extra townie killed. More often than not, it's probably the latter scenario that's playing out for most of the game so I guess that's the more applicable answer.
  9. 2023-24 Calgary Flames Johnny Gaudreau [C] - Sam Bennett [A] - Joshua Lawrence Matthew Tkachuk - Cody Tierney - Mark Stone Nic Gregoire - Yanick Begin - Emile Poirier Marcus Davidsson - Curtis Lazar - Lorne Harding Mark Jankowski Oliver Kylington - Dougie Hamilton [A] Rasmus Andersson - Colton Parayko Reagan O'Grady - Ryan Merkley Jon Merrill Jake Allen Ville Husso Really not sure what to expect this season as we've swapped out some of our older depth guys for prospects. If Lawrence clicks on that top line and gives us two solid scoring lines, we could certainly sneak into a playoff spot. If not, the retool continues.
  10. [mentoring intensifies]
  11. Not really.
  12. I don't have firsthand experience, but I've heard that these $800 vouchers are really just multiple lower-valued vouchers (e.g. $50 or less) that can only be used one at a time and have an expiration date. They're virtually worthless to anyone who isn't racking up major frequent flyer miles.
  13. Joff Mongrain @inane
  14. Vincent Rossignol @DoughtysCheck
  15. Rene Carlyle @ThaManbeast