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  1. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Ottawa places Chris Vandevelde on waivers; recalls Kevin Roy. @Nail
  2. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    @Nail Ottawa sends down Blake Speers.
  3. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Looking to move Jonas Brodin and Erik Gudbranson for futures.
  4. farewell my friends

    this man pours his heart out for you and this is how you respond? absolutely discusting
  5. farewell my friends

    I will be no longer be a part this forum. Don't mean I wont stop in to say hi time to time. Enjoy life with anything it maybe, no matter what people tell you what to do. In the end it is your life. Its been a blast getting know you guys, I know I also pissed a lot people off, when I was being childish. Sorry for those I have.In life there endless amount thing you can. everyone is different. That makes everyone unique in their own way. Love with your heart. Go where it wants you to go. Experience Life the way you want. Experiment the risk in life, is about taking the chance in life to do the things you want, Don't live life worrying about what others will think or what others want you to do. Spend it the way you want because in the end it is your life.Yesterday = Experience ~ Today = Experiment ~ Tomorrow = Expectations. Use ur Experience in your Experiment to achieve your Expectations. What is on the other sides is a brighter further of tomorrow. Everything in life you just got to move on from. Just wait and you find something new if you move on, but if you don't, then you really don't know what you are missing out on.Everyone has there story, here mine for you.LIFEWhen you are born you are given this wonderful thing called life. That is what makes you. There so many people that take life for granted based on looks, which their more important things in life then just looks. Well you don't choose what you look like. It is just who you are, you’re just going to have to make best of it. Sure you can go to a doctor and get some changes made to your body or your face. In the end it will not be the real you. Why change yourself because you don't like who you are and that people going to accept who you are. You should be happy that you look like you do. People either feel the need to make fun of others, because they don't feel good about themselves and they also do it because others do it as well. Don't worry because you should be happy for who you are because you didn't choose what you look like in the first place. This is what happen to you and people are just going to have to accept it.Plus you didn't choose where you live in life when you are kid or a teenage because you live with people that care for you the most. That why you just got to accept the fact this how going to be for some time. That your parents no matter what happens are going to be there in your life, so you should be happy that there are in your life because they made you and care for you. They are ones who will help you in life, no matter what happens.There's a point in life where u let someone not so nice into your life, but don't let them ruin your precious life. Person does this because they don't feel good about themselves or they do it because they have problem with that person. Like if you are the bully you could get mad at yourself instead of hurting someone else. Person could just deal with the fact that the person is who they are and they are proud of it. What they do or like is up to them. Think it if they were you, would want them judging you on your life as well. How would that make you feel if that happen to you.There are many different types of people in this world. That have a lot of things in common and a lot of things that are different, but everyone is unique that's what makes everyone so special. Everyone in one point of their life loves another human being that what makes the world go around, love isn't based on the looks, money, or how cool the other person is, love is based on how the other person makes u feel. Many people like the same sex that's okay. Person is who they are and they should be proud of it and not worry about whatever body else thinks. Only care about what the person they love thinks about them.If you like someone tell them how you feel before it’s too late. You wouldn’t want someone else to take her before you did. Love can be put in to so many thing but love is about two people falling in love which other. They do it because they care for that person and they don't want to see that person get hurt. They also want to spend time with person they love. Sure there may be people who date people for what they look like but that not true love. Love is liking the person for who they are and doesn't care what other people thinks about them. It like how girls say in December they like guys with flow, but you’re not dating guy for his hair. You should love that person because they make you feel better when times are rough and be there for them like no one else would. Why would it matter what they look like there more people out that can do same thing for you and will care for you more than a better looking person would. Just remember that you should give anyone chance and that love is about taking risk to be with the person you love no matter who it is. There always someone out there for someone. Sure friends come and go but one that don't change one who want you in your life are care about you. Just be happy for people around you because there ones you going to see in your daily life. Choose the people you want in your life wisely because they will be the ones that help you throughout anything and will stick by you through thick in thin.When you u enter in your earlier years of your young adult life you will be entering high school. Which is many people great way to start a new and better life for themselves. In that time they might end up doing some stupid things, which may affect your life down the road, some things might lead you to trying drugs just to fit in. All you’re doing is distorting your life ahead. Live the life the way you want to live, a great successful one where u did better those people trying to push you do things you never wanted to do. Those friends who made you do those stupid things in high aren't going to care if u walk across that stage and get a diploma, they care if they do. Do not do stupid to just fit in or things to miss that up for yourself because you are a smart intelligent person. Yeah high school isn't easy but face it you aren't put on this world to live an easy and perfect life. You might fall but remember to pick yourself up and fight to the end, because the ones that truly love and care for you will be waiting at the finish line cheering you on. When that day comes you walk across that stage you be proud of all your true friends who help you along the way. Do the right thing and stay true to yourself and your beliefs in life.Life can work in so many different ways but it how we face it and take it will impact it how it going to be. If something goes wrong or you have something bad happen to you just learn from it or make best of it. Like I said every day a new day, so just forget the past and move on because what you do next is up to you and why not just do what make you feel good about yourself. If you don't then you don't know what you’re missing out on then. If you do that then it makes you who you really are. So don't give up on anything in life because anything can happen if you try. This can only happen one step at a time. If you try and believe in yourself you can do many things throughout life. Plus you’re not alone remember there people in the world that would be happy to help you with anything you put your mind to. If you have a problem don't be afraid to ask people around you, so you can do things right and be happy with yourself because you’re not alone So wake up every day try something new and give you’re all and keep you head held high.There comes a time in life when you think to yourself what are you really doing with yourself. Well don't put your life on hold because you wounding why you are doing this to yourself, go out to this beautiful world and find out what makes you. Feel happy with everything you have and the things in your life. Without this it wouldn't be the real you and no would get to know the real you. You want people to fall in love or be your friend for who you are. Well just be the real you and people will be your friend because of who you are. They will want you to be a part of their life. There is hope for everyone and you got to realize you are who you are is what make the world what it is today. Your part this world history. Without that we may not have things happen in life. Just live life to way you want to and things well goes as plan as you want them to be. It’s just all up to you if you want that to happen. This how we made it this far in life. If you keep it up we can make this time spent on earth one best time of our lives.You got places to go see and world to experience. Don't give up so easy in life. Do best you can or at least try is what matters. Treat people how you want to be treated. Never ask for too much in your life and be happy for what you have in your life. Life not always easy and we will have up and downs but you remember it what happens in life. People will remember story you told and things that happen. It just the little things that matter the most, so go out with a big bang because we can do this. This why where here on earth today, for a reason. Just let the world be your playground because you can do so many things but don't do it by letting people bring you down. Just stay true to yourself and explore this beautiful world and do what your put on this earth to do.We live life worrying about us, doing things for us. Day by day doing what we do best. Doing things we know. Not worrying about the small things about us. What do I mean by that you say. Well look it in this way, there are lots people living in this world. You have people born every second. They want their life to be the best it can be.One day you resize life isn't what you think it is. That the happy pictures you thought of life, all went crashing down. Those turning in to sad dark long days for people. Them asking why they are still here, hating themselves. Wishing they didn't have to go through it. That all the pain and suffering would all just go way. They can’t do nothing about it because their alone, scared, hurt, afraid, bullied, losing their love one or boyfriend / girlfriend, ect. Why would this matter to them. Well you see there in deep emotionally state called depression. This is one world worst sickness to get. This may leave them into being sad for many years, them ending up not eating. Cutting themselves. Trying kill themselves all because of the deep emotionally state there in.Many live there life worrying about only themselves most of the time. Taking care them. Well this sickness can happen anyone. This sickness can be anyone from kids you sit in class with, person you work with or even a person you live next to. This happen all over our world.You may ask yourself how a mental illness can be this dead. Well you see everyone living there live and not worry about others. The people with these metal illness are left alone with no help. All in there in dark place / rooms. You also have people self-harming themselves. All because of this metal illness called depression. Can make them think of dying. Before you know that person is gone. Their nothing you can do bring that person back to life. People say oh how bad they feel about that person, but in the first place they really didn't care. That they left that person to die. People feel bad about person dying, but didn't when there where living their life and not helping that person when it matter.Well you do care, you can make a difference. You may ask how we can help change something so big in this world. Well it’s so easy you can start by showing these people you care about them. Trying fix their problem. You may also ask how do you tell if someone in this deep emotionally state called depression. Well most this happens because of people hating what they look like, thinking there not beautiful. People bullied there whole life. People with not many friends. People who get judge on. Past relationship/ memory that sickness or hurts them. Those are just some of the ways you can tell someone in this deep emotional state.I know we can’t fix everyone one problem in this world. If we took this one step at a time, who knows what we can change in our world. If showing them they matter means lots to them. Don’t leave them in the dark to die. One these people could be someone you know and don’t even know it they have depression. Be careful what you do, because whatever you do or say may impact someone life and leaving them gone forever.The most spectacular, indescribable, deep euphoric feeling for someone. Love is a deep emotional word. When you are in love you always want to be together every second or most the time. When you aren’t with that person you are thinking of them. Thinking of things you did or want to do in the near future. Without that person you feel lost or incomplete, that a big part your life is missing.Love is uncontrollable feeling with no limits, love is about taking the risk to be with the person you love. It show by trusting the other person with your life. When you do anything for each other. When you love someone you want them to be happy as can be. Doing things for them comes first before you. Doing the Small things for her just to make her smile. Even means walking out in the rain to get her favorite things, all because she had a long upsetting day. That the strong love you guys have you never keep secrets or anything from her. Know that you be able to tell her anything and accepting her for who she truly is.It’s like being the first person she see while you lay next to her in bed and same for her when she goes to bed. She the first you text or see during the day. Spending time with her no matter what happens. Being there when times are tough. Helping her out. Making her smile in way no one else could make her feel. Getting to know her like no one else. Being her best friend, being her lover. Make her fall in love with over and over each day you guys live. Make her get the butterflies each time she see you. Be reason why she happy.Love will make you doing anything, but in the end it is all worth because you know it was all done for her. That you showed you loved and cared for her. When you found that person you love don’t let it slip away. You won’t find anyone like her. She one of kind special girl who cannot be replace. When it is love these things will happen. Good chemistry, talking for hours on hours that its feel like few minutes but really it’s been hours. You think she the most beautiful girl with no makeup on, that her natural beauty is her most beautiful self. You know it is real when you all want to do is send time with her and plan a future together. That everything she does in life you want be apart it as well and being part her journey in life.When she not around you, you hear song or see couples and it makes you remember her and wish she was there to share that moment with you. That you stand by her side and protect no matter how big or small the problem is. You support her through thick and thin. You love and want what is best for her. She challenges and motivates you to be a better you. She loves you for you. Telling her friends and family about you. Calling late at night. While she on call with you and she fall asleep you stay up bit more just to make sure she okay. That someday she will be one you want to marry and spend life with you. That how you know she really love you. By going through all these things with you, just to be with you. When you marry her, you even still taking her on dates and making her fall in love with you again and again.Pick someone you want to spend your life journey with. That person you pick may be the person you spend life with even after you die. Who know what will happen after we die. The stuff we have on earth today will always be here. The person we pick to be our lover may be on the next journey with you after you die. Sure you may die sooner or later but you may see them again. You may married her young and die young, while she lived a long life. The next joinery you may be the same age you die at and she could be way older, but what you have will always be with you. You could have all the nicest thing in the world, have fancy car and big house. That will not mean anything when you die. Only thing you can take over is the person you love. Pick that person wisely because they might be on that life journey with you.Now in life we do things we don’t want to do or life is already set for us. We start off life by going to school with no choice at all. This is what most people life journey start off as. Then we are suppose to decide our next life journey for us when we are close finishing school. People aspect us to base our life on how good we do things based on grades. It shouldn’t be based on if you make high marks on or do it for the money. Some people will life and do the job they have just for the money. Then they will be living life and doing things they don’t like doing. You should do what you want. Pick the job you want. Not because people or your parents tell you to do it. Do you want to live life hating every day because job you pick, sure it pays well. In the end it is what you like doing. They say having a job you like is like not working at all. You are doing something you love. If money never matter in the world, would you do what you loved to every day of the week. You going have terrible life working long hours and lots over time. Then times pass by and you realize you made a big mistake. That the path you pick in life was something you didn’t want. That you have nothing left in your life. Friends and family don’t see the real you. That the only people who are there for you, are really only interested in your money. Money will not mean one thing when we die. That why enjoy life the way you and not worry about money. You do not need the best of the best to live good and happy life.Life can mean so many thing that is true. Way we see life is different than anyone else would see it. View we have on life and topics in our life may be didn’t to other people. Some things we did in life may be aspect what life has become today. Some people hate on others for who they become. We cannot all get along well. All we can do best is live the life we want. If everything was the same in our world, world wouldn’t be where it is today. Life live to the fullest you can do. You never know when the last day of your life will be. Do the most you can each and every day by doing what you like. Before you know, you be dead and everting you done in the pass is just memory. The things you do in life may have a big impact on your future in life. It may be all good or for the worst. Live in moment and not in the pass worry about the memory’s that could happen. Take it as something you can learn from. You can’t change what happen. So you don’t move on from the pass you will truly never know what you are missing out on.When you look back on life will you be happy with the journey you took to make it where you are today. Do want to live life like someone who hated how they chosen there life to be or do you want your life be something you wanted. Live your life on what you want to do. Every second goes by and there is nothing you can do get that time back. You can plan head and make that next time going be for something you wanted to do. Life is your journey and how you take. They say age and looks make our life who we are. That it does, but in the end it is what we known and how we act like make our life who we are. You can be any age you and still be the same you. It is what you know and use to impact your life. Age is just there to tell us how long we been alive. We cannot pick our looks or choice when we start life. Take what you know and use it however you want to. That because what you know makes who you really are and something you can be proud of.Now let me leave you with this last thought. What would you do if you had sixty second to live. What would go through your mind. What would you think of or do. Would all the memories laying in your head be the life you are proud of or the memories just be a big lie because someone told you this what life should be. Now the choice is up to you. You can only decide what is next. Only you will live this journey of your life. Not anyone else can live that for you. You cannot rush the journey of life. It will happen when it does. Enjoy the journey and what it has to offer. Life is a big mystery we are all trying figure out. The journey starts off at any time and finish whenever and no one knows what life will being or be. Real question is what life is.Thanks you all for great memory. Hope to see you guys around
  6. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Congrats Squeak! If you need my email or anything for that free subscription hmu
  7. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Just a friendly reminder that I have lots of cap space over here in Ottawa and I'm willing to take on your bad contracts for some young assets.
  8. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Always nice when you can pick up a cheap, playoff-bound defenseman with an expiring contract for free. Not that it'll do me much good this season barring about a hundred minor miracles, but still.
  9. CDC Fantasy League 2017-18

    Ottawa Senators Mike Cammalleri - Sam Reinhart - Elias Lindholm Tomas Hertl - Tyler Bozak - Nick Schmaltz Anthony Duclair - Vladislav Namestnikov - Riley Barber Chris Vandevelde - Kyle Brodziak - Devante Smith-Pelly Blake Speers Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Jaccob Slavin Jonas Brodin - Erik Gudbranson Mikhail Sergachev - Devon Toews Paul Postma, Philip Holm Michal Neuvirth Curtis McElhinney Ottawa would like to place a claim on Chad Ruhwedel (and if successfully claimed, send down Holm). @Nail
  10. CDC Fantasy League 2016-17

    Heh, I'll use that same link to place Jay Bouwmeester on IR. ( Ottawa would also like to recall F Blake Speers and D Devon Toews. @Nail
  11. Sorry guys, don't think I'll have time right now. Have fun!
  12. CDC Fantasy League 2016-17

    LTIR: The Ottawa Senators would like to place F Marian Gaborik on LTIR. @Nail
  13. CDC Fantasy League 2016-17

    Ottawa Senators Top 20 Prospect Rankings 1. (C) Cody Glass - Portland Winterhawks (WHL) - 2017 / 8th overall 2. (D) Mikhail Sergachyov - Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) - 2016 / 10th overall 3. (C) Filip Chlapik - Belleville Senators (AHL) - 2015 / 59th overall 4. (LW) Janne Koukkanen - Charlotte Checkers (AHL) - 2016 / 102nd overall 5. (LW) Kieffer Bellows - Portland Winterhawks (WHL) - 2016 / 14th overall 6. (C) Adam Brooks - Toronto Marlies (AHL) - N/A 7. (D) Devon Toews - Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AHL) - N/A 8. (C) Blake Speers - Binghamton Devils (AHL) - 2015 / 134th overall 9. (C) Mikey Eyssimont - St. Cloud State University (NCAA) - N/A 10. (C) Matthew Phillips - Victoria Royals (WHL) - 2016 / 90th overall 11. (C) Antoine Morand - Acadie-Bathurst Titan (QMJHL) - 2017 / 60th overall 12. (C) Morgan Geekie - Tri-City Americans (WHL) - 2017 / 56th overall 13. (RW) Ivan Lodnia - Erie Otters (OHL) - 2017 / 37th overall 14. (D) Jordan Sambrook - Erie Otters (OHL) - 2016 / 112th overall 15. (D) Jacob Moverare - Mississauga Steelheads (OHL) - 2016 / 69th overall 16. (LW) Boris Katchouk - Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (OHL) - 2016 / 39th overall 17. (LW) Nick Paul - Belleville Senators (AHL) - 2015 / 46th overall 18. (G) Mikhail Berdin - Sioux Falls Stampede (USHL) - 2016 / 111th overall 19. (D) Evan McEneny - Utica Comets (AHL) - N/A 20. (D) Philip Holm - Utica Comets (AHL) - N/A Serious drop off after the 3 spot, although I do like the depth of my pool up until around 17. Obviously hoping to add a couple of high-end talents to my prospect pool by this time next season and then I'll be content.
  14. CDC Fantasy League 2016-17

    WAIVERS: The Ottawa Senators have placed Marian Gaborik and Jay Bouwmeester on waivers. @Nail
  15. CDC Create a Player: RGMG 4.0 Edition (FULL)

    Awesome career for Polak with a Stanley Cup and a spot in the HHOF. Thanks for hosting, Nail! Great job.