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  1. It might be because of multiple sociological factors which could range from a difference of todays values or even just a disconnect from Canadian history. Lets look at my case for example. My parents are FIlipino and my high school and grade school years were spent in the Philippines. When I moved to Canada, my history lessons were based on Philippine history (For obvious reasons). Therefore, remembrance day doesn't hit me as hard as I am not nearly as aware of Canadian history as others who may have grown up in Canada their whole lives. In fact, the only Canadian history course I've ever taken was in college. This may be the case of many new Canadians as well, however in the end, I do believe Cherry makes a point because even though I do not share a genetic heritage with the fallen soldiers of Canada, they have given me a better life here nonetheless and therefore deserve respect. THEY DIED FOR PEOPLE WHO WANTED A BETTER LIFE HERE TOO EVEN IF NATIONALLY MY ANCESTORS WEREN'T EVEN CANADIAN. Having said that, it is also a matter of globalization. As the world gets smaller and smaller, the lines between nations get more and more blurred as we come to understand that we are all human beings in the end sharing the same planet, not just a species trying to divy up land based on race (And thank goodness for that). Considering this, the value of extreme national patriotism gets weaker as a result of the idea that all human beings ought to share the same planet, the idea of "My country vs your country" is slowly becoming a thing of the past.
  2. I'm having a hard time understanding why Don Cherry's remarks are considered extremely divisive. His points go like this: 1. Canadians should pay respect to fallen soldiers of Canada by wearing the poppy 2. New Canadians (or immigrants) don't wear the poppy 3. New Canadians (Yes even immigrants) should the wear the poppy as well because fallen soldiers have helped them have a better life in Canada Basically all he said was new Canadians should also wear the poppy in memory of Canadian soldiers. Perhaps the insulting remark here is that he comes across as though immigrants are not grateful? If I'm missing something, please tell me. Note: I am Filipino and I'm honestly not insulted at all Edit: In fact it makes me want to wear a poppy in respect.
  3. Well I was thinking he would and should win considering he won the cup. Then I realized that the Calder is awarded for the best rookie in the NHL REGULAR SEASON. So no Elias beats him out in that regard. Besides, I'd like to see what Petterson can do at the age of 24. I mean, I bet he'd be a better asset by then that Binnington would have been.
  4. He still appears to make low percentage plays at times (Makes poor angle shots as compared to a pass), his hockey IQ could use some work. However, he's starting to look more noticeable on the ice (Although its only been a few games) . Having said that, He's still the physical beast he was projected to be with an amazing shot, tremendous speed and boy can he hit. He has clearly improved. Unfortunately, this new level of game play has only been noticeable from a small portion of games and so we have a small sample size to work with. Will he maintain this consistency to eventually become a top 6 forward is anyone's guess based off of his historical tendency to drink and party (Not sure if this has improved in that aspect). Considering this, when he's on his game, he currently looks like he's a fringe top 6 forward who could improve to a consistent top 6 forward. He still possesses still the raw physical talent to eventually become a first line player assuming his hockey IQ goes up. Altogether, he's showing that he can fit into the second line when he's playing well and goes down to the third when he's playing average. We can expect him to improve though.
  5. I agree. I would love to be proven wrong more by Jake
  6. Hughsain Bolt...he's lightning fast
  7. Agreed. Its entirely possible that these are only flashes of brilliance from a man who has lots of potential but still hasn't shown enough consistency to be a top 6 winger.
  8. I feel like Demko is too good to trade away .
  9. Sorry, there was confusion between me and Alf during the discussion, he's not saying that we shouldn't trade either one.
  10. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps make sure we reserve both goalies to make sure Seattle doesn't get them and then trade if we can't make a move? If anything, the last thing we want is another Luongo-Schnieder problem but we lose too much value if we don't reserve them both or don't trade one. We're better off allowing Seattle to take one of our defense-men considering were a little weak on that end so don't lose too much value when the expansion happens.
  11. I meant after we sign him and after the season. Sorry, I was thinking long term
  12. Which is why we trade Marky and not Demko :D
  13. With Demko eventually moving up, IMO we trade Markstrom while his stock is high and grab an Elite Defenseman to play with Hughes for an extreme top 2 D pairing. It'll be like Pronger + Niedermayer all over again :D