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  1. Definitely need to sign this kid. I think he's been de railed by the Oilers for most of his career. TBH, the guy needs a fresh start. Theres so much to gain and little to lose. He just has to find his groove back is all. If he does, we could see the first liner in him that he was projected to be when he was drafted. I'm not saying he will be a first liner, but still the guy at this point is a low risk - high reward project. If it it works thats another step in the right direction for our team, and if it doesn't we got the guy for free so we lose nothing.
  2. Yes to Yakupov. Why not give the guy a shot? I mean, he had a bad season or two, but the guy is only 23. He just needs to get his groove back is all. We should honestly take the risk on him as we have a lot to gain but little to lose.
  3. Future 1st line?

    1. Yes to your point on Vilardi 2. JB wasn't going for BPA in the first round. Before the draft began, he said he was going to pick a first line playmaking center if there was one available. In other words, Benning was going for positional needs.
  4. It's not a fair comparison. We've been in a rebuild for 3 years and have gotten the bad end of the draft lotto twice. The Leafs have been in rebuild mode for twice that long and have had great draft luck along the way. I don't see how this is a proper comparison. IMO, we compare the ourselves with our rebuild this year and look at what the Leafs were like in their third year of their rebuild. Or at least look at the leafs this year and compare them to how we'll be in 4 years time. Something tells me we'd win the comparisons either way.
  5. Kole Lind | RW

    IDK guys, him being a first liner might be a stretch. He's more likely to be a high tier second liner IMO or fringe first. At the worst, a very good 3rd line scorer.
  6. Matt Brassard | D

    Good size. I don't really expect much potential from a 7th round pick though.
  7. Anyone catch the shove by Bettman?

    We're all misinterpreting what happened.Watch the video more closely. Notice how JB shakes his head "No" to Bettman right before Bettman stops Pettersson? Bettman thought Pettersson was going to talk and was allowing Pettersson to go to the mic. Bettman then saw JB shake his head "No" and so Bettman stopped Pettersson. Then JB took the mic. Also, all Bettman was doing was putting his hand on Pettersson, Pettersson actually just stepped laterally away from Bettman and Bettman had his hand on the kid. All it was was just miscommunication and Pettersson stepping to the right of the screen while someone's arm was on him.
  8. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

  9. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    Double Post
  10. Elias Pettersson | C/LW

    I was surprised by this pick. The guy was completely off my radar for the fifth overall pick because of his size. I'm sure JB had seen something in this kid that moved him up past Glass and Vilardi. I think it may have to do with this kids' work ethic, tenacity, heart and soul and the fact that this kid is an elite offensive talent. Something that people don't seem to look at enough is the fact that not only is this guy a high end offensive talent "Nylander esque", but unlike Nylander, he plays all 3 zones very well. His coach said something along the lines of "He finds solutions on the ice that only he could think of" My speculation: JB saw a kid with a high ceiling and a tenacious work ethic and amazing hockey IQ. In other words, this guy has all the intangibles of a successful NHL player that can't be taught, except size (You can add size but it only goes so far). Having said that, he may not be as much of a risky pick as we may think. A project for sure, but not necessarily a risk. On a side note: His style is apparently reminiscent of Henrik Zetterburg.
  11. Welcome to Markus Granlund !!

    Everyone needs to calm down about this trade. We loved Shinkaruk for his AHL numbers , but Granlund has had similar numbers when he was playing in the AHL as well. he problem people are having with this trade is that Granlunds' numbers are underwhelming whereas people honestly believe that Shinkaruk would simply have better numbers when he enters the NHL next season. the problem with that idea is that it's unproven. Speculate all you want, but scouting reports on Shinkaruk have shown that his game could have a very hard time translating at the NHL level, Shinkaruk at the end of the day was a risky prospect...a boom or a bust. Benning has decided to go for the safe option in Granlund. Also please remember that Granlund wasn't exactly being handled properly during his time in calgary aswell which means that Granlund is a lot better than the numbers show.
  12. Jake Virtanen | #18 | Right Wing

    Well because the thread is so quiet heres my honest opinion on Jake. His intensity and tenacity is terrific. Holy hell the way this kid hits is insane. His speed and power are grerat. His shot is amazing and he has tremendous upside. Had his passing skills and hockey IQ been better he should have been taken first overall in the draft. He has the potential to be the future face of the franchise The problem: He's being rushed. When a player needs to develop hockey senses and a few finer skills in the game, you send that player down to your farm team. He'd probably rip the AHL up once he finds his groove. Unfortunately, I just don't think he's being handled properly. Him being in the NHL right now seems to force him into playing his one dimensional game repeatedly in order to be successful short term.This asks him not to develop the finer areas of the game including hockey IQ. Considering this, I don't see Jake reaching his maximum potential. Therefore I project JV to become of a fringe first liner and not the franchise forward that we hope for. I hope that I'm wrong though. There are two ways this situation is playing out. Either Benning really sees something in this kid and he believes that he'd progress more in the NHL than in the AHL which is contrary to what we believe or JB wants to keep his job and is under pressure from Aquillini to get wins which is what everyone believes. Although all this is just speculation. If anything, I hope JB is doing the right thing, he's an experienced scout and looks at the game and player progression differently than us hockey fans do.
  13. I don't see the reason why when players don't want to be traded to the Oilers, it's such a big factor. If a GM needs offensive talent and has too much defense, when guys like RNH or Hall are on the table, you take the deal regardless of what your player wants. The fact of the matter is that as a player, you're making tens of thousands of dollars per game to perform at your best regardless of whatever team you're on. Yeah it sucks, but thats the reality of being a professional athlete. If you don't want to be traded, sign an NTC. As a GM, its your responsibility to do what is good for the organization not just a single player. Gm's have to keep their jobs too.
  14. [PGT] Lightning 3-2 Canucks

    Shhhhh...we win the lotto with the 10th overall pick
  15. [PGT] Lightning 3-2 Canucks

    Auston Matthews here we come