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  1. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Well because the thread is so quiet heres my honest opinion on Jake. His intensity and tenacity is terrific. Holy hell the way this kid hits is insane. His speed and power are grerat. His shot is amazing and he has tremendous upside. Had his passing skills and hockey IQ been better he should have been taken first overall in the draft. He has the potential to be the future face of the franchise The problem: He's being rushed. When a player needs to develop hockey senses and a few finer skills in the game, you send that player down to your farm team. He'd probably rip the AHL up once he finds his groove. Unfortunately, I just don't think he's being handled properly. Him being in the NHL right now seems to force him into playing his one dimensional game repeatedly in order to be successful short term.This asks him not to develop the finer areas of the game including hockey IQ. Considering this, I don't see Jake reaching his maximum potential. Therefore I project JV to become of a fringe first liner and not the franchise forward that we hope for. I hope that I'm wrong though. There are two ways this situation is playing out. Either Benning really sees something in this kid and he believes that he'd progress more in the NHL than in the AHL which is contrary to what we believe or JB wants to keep his job and is under pressure from Aquillini to get wins which is what everyone believes. Although all this is just speculation.  If anything, I hope JB is doing the right thing, he's an experienced scout and looks at the game and player progression differently than us hockey fans do.
  2. I don't see the reason why when players don't want to be traded to the Oilers, it's such a big factor. If a GM needs offensive talent and has too much defense, when guys like RNH or Hall are on the table, you take the deal regardless of what your player wants. The fact of the matter is that as a player, you're making tens of thousands of dollars per game to perform at your best regardless of whatever team you're on. Yeah it sucks, but thats the reality of being a professional athlete. If you don't want to be traded, sign an NTC. As a GM, its your responsibility to do what is good for the organization not just a single player. Gm's have to keep their jobs too.
  3. [PGT] Lightning 3-2 Canucks

    Shhhhh...we win the lotto with the 10th overall pick  
  4. [PGT] Lightning 3-2 Canucks

    Auston Matthews here we come
  5. VAN-TB [Proposal]

    Moving a pick right now is a bad idea. We need to unload some of our ageing core and make space for a new one. The question is, what does TB need as a team? IMO we can trade Baertschi in this trade. Our 1st is pretty much something we can't move unless its an overpayment and at this point, Baertschi + core peice is probably the best idea. Keeping our ageing core at this point is bad asset management.   
  6. The Canucks Internal Turmoil

    I'm wondering if management has realized that the age gap in our team is so large that the only way to attain full benefit for the future is to move the remains of our old core for draft picks or younger players and in about 2 or 3 years time, attain UFA's from free agency to help lead the young prospects into development when the prospects are roughly 23 or 24.  If anything, someone's gotta tell Aquillini that stunting the growth of his prospects will stunt his profit margins heavily in the long run.     
  7. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Recent play doesn't dictate your ability to teach. The best coaches in the NHL have never seen top line minutes, but their ability to see and teach the game is very relevant. Just because a vet has been playing poorly doesn't mean he can't accelerate somebody's learning curve. It doesn't work that way.
  8. Jake Virtanen Talk

    Well assuming I'm correct then you should probably ask that question to Jim Benning. I'm not the one making the calculations for growth here, Benning is.   Although it probably has a lot to do with him being able to get tips and pointers from vets, have our management team keep an eye on him and for him to understand what is expected of him in the NHL.   
  9. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I think the problem is that Benning has to choose whether to develop this guy in the juniors or the NHL when in reality JVs best learning curve per game is most likely in the AHL which hes too young for.   JB probably does want to have Jake grow as much as possible but calculated that he'll do his best growth in the NHL where its easier to keep an eye on him. I'm sure if Virtanen were allowed, he'd be placed there. Its too bad that it isn't an option right now.
  10. Jake Virtanen Talk

    The stats don't indicate that he is NHL ready yet and I'm not sure if he'll really improve at the NHL level if this keeps up.  Even if Virtanen is in my opinion expected to eventually be better than Horvat and Mccann in the long run, the problem is that his power forward style takes a while to properly develop to the point where it is NHL ready. Theres no point in rushing this kid, I say that he can stay at the Junior level for now to practice his skills. He's 19 he's got a lot of time to improve on what is expected of him. I think that in the long run, things would be better if he stayed at a lower league first.    Having said that, I'm unsure if we're just keeping him up here so he can produce and get us into the play-offs. If that were the case, I'd be disappointed because this could just stunt his growth as a player. I'd rather miss a play-off year than stunt the growth of what could potentially be the future face of this franchise.
  11. Power forwards take more time to develop. Normally what you'd do is you grab their stats and compare them to someone two years younger than they are who isn't a power forward. Kassian is a 23 year old power forward. This means that in terms of development, his stats should be compared to 21 year old non-power forwards to gauge him. Looking at other players nwho were 21 years old or are 21 years old, is he on par with his development?
  12. Van - Ari

    To Van: Keith Yandle To Ari: Alex Burrows Zack Kassian/ 1st Nicklas Jensen Arizona gets 2 really good prospects and a tenacious 2nd line player and we get to fill our needs for defensive depth and the power play. At this point, we are so deep in forwards we can let go of a few but our defense lacks another puck moving, scoring defense-man.
  13. Caption This: Nooooo Wayyyyyy!

    Jannik: Hey I just met you... Daniel: And this is crazy :D Hanrik: SHUT UP, NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  14. [Report] Evander Kane being sued

    The moron is going to lose more money than he can gain. Evander is a millionare, he'll have good lawyers and if there were no cameras recording the incident, the guy would have no evidence against Kane. Kane can just ride the "self-defense" card and would most likely win.