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  1. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    Pretty much this. People really hate Gillis, they shouldn't. Not perfect, but a pretty good GM. By their impossibly high standards, most GMs in this league would not be fit to manage this team.
  2. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Jensen leaves you wanting more. To be honest I don't think he's far off. Just needs to round out his game. He produced at a decent clip in the nightmare season under torts. Didn't look flukey. Just needs to me given a shot...longer than 5 games with restricted minutes Slightly behind ideal development but look at other draft year comparables to put things in perspective... Breaking in Jenner Lowry Nieto Rakell Rask Namestnikov Miller Comparable (still between leagues. Produce in nhl games at similar clip) McNeil Siemens Oleksiak Noesen Armia Jurco Rattie Danault Grimaldi Ritchie Pumpel Phillips If Jensen were a top 10 pick I'd be more annoyed. When you look at the draft class you have to realize not everyone is going to become an nhl regular
  3. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    It's your opinion. You're entitled to it. But if you state it as if it were fact without providing any rational basis or explanation you just end up looking like a .......
  4. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    The hyperbole is strong here.... So it's gillis' fault benning traded Kesler, Garrison, Kassian, lack for awful returns? Or signed Sbisa, Dorsett or miller to questionable contracts?
  5. Mike Gillis will be a GM in the league again one day.

    GIllis is underrated here, but I suppose some are tough to please. I'd be surprised if he didn't end up working again. Good. -culture change -shrewd acquisitions -contracts/Lawrence Gillman -being able to walk away/not re-sign players: Naslund, Ohlund, Salo, Mitchell. These guys were signed by next teams, who may have regretted the contracts afterwards -Getting our own AHL affiliate in Utica. This will pay huge dividends. Bad: -after losing the cup, not sticking to his vision. trying to chase -goaltending situation. should have been handled better. he had the right idea, but at some point you need to cut your losses Blown out of proportion: -Sundin "offer". An ex-agent knows a thing or two about signings. He knew damn well Sundin wasn't going to take it. It was a gesture he needed to get his prized acquisition -"burned bridges". this may be true to an extent but is overstated. still a fairly active GM most deadline years -Booth acquisition. Injuries ruined him, he was scoring at a good clip his first year here. Low-risk, high reward move. Didn't work out, so what. -saying he 'inherited' a great team. thats not true. inherited some good pieces, thats it. he took a "good team" and made them great. back-to-back presidents trophies, by design not fluke. -trade values. got fair value most trades, and great value in a few. most trades are not just 'to win' like some believe. lets be real, there just isn't THAT much trading activity on a regular basis. need to fit the needs of both teams. -Schneider trade value: unproven goalies don't carry THAT much value. coulda squeaked out a little bit more value (B prospect or low pick), but thats about it. Clear we need to build for future. For the next 10 years Horvat>Schneider. -Hodgson: Well we know how this played out... drafting/talent evaluator. not great by any lengths, but not terrible like some suggest. the truth is he traded a lot of picks to push for a cup. his later draft years seem to be improving. also made up for lack of picks via college free agent route
  6. Jannik Hansen

    haha. this
  7. Jannik Hansen

    Haha. yep.
  8. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    Agreed. People here have really bad memory.
  9. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Brandon Sutter? Nasty style of play?
  10. Nicklas Jensen Talk

    He's got a decent chance. Sedin Sedin Vrbata Burrows Bonino Jensen Higgins Horvat Hansen Matthias Vey Kassian Richardson
  11. Brendan Gaunce Talk

    Underrated around here. May require seasoning, but I'd surprised if he didn't carve out an NHL career. He doesn't have pure offensive skillset to be a top 6 player, but his IQ would be above the typical bottom 6ers. I think he'll top out as a solid 3C (some stints at 2C) with leadership abilities. In terms of value (not playing style), I compare to a Laich or a Stoll.
  12. Mike Zalewski | C/LW

    He could potentially be a bottom 6er in the NHL. Good find.
  13. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    ^That is my point exactly. Horvat and Nichuskin are extremely different players too. There isn't necessarily one correct choice. My point with the above, is that choosing the player with the higher level of raw skills etc..., is not necessarily the right choice. In a vaccuum, with the skillset he has/physical attributes, Nash clearly should be> Bergeron. But that's not the case at all. I dare you to find anyone who would take Nash over Bergeron.
  14. Valeri Nichushkin vs Bo Horvat

    To the OP...this is an oft asked, but reasonable question to ask. Two players with different skillsets. Time will tell which is the better pick. Nichuskin has higher offensive upside. Horvat is the safer pick in many respects. Bergeron or Nash? O'Reilly or Franzen? (simply to illustrate value of different players with different skillsets. The two young players don't necessarily play the exact same way as these players per se.)
  15. Jordan Schroeder

    I wouldn't be so quick to get rid of him. (thought time is slowly running out for him I feel)