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  1. The entire soundtrack for this game is awesome. Also, the game is awesome.
  3. Should know that writing out "Tool" is easier than copy pasta-ing my name.
  4. Will not survive in my anti-tomato totalitarian regime when I take over the world.
  5. Is not sensitive to people who don't like tomatoes.
  6. Banned for having 3 K's in username.
  8. "That purchase from Ladies Underwear Depot was not mine, I swear..."
  9. Anyone hear Cherry tonight? "Biesky," lmao.
  10. Bietska for Norris.
  11. Finally added my neg to the OP. Clutch indeed.
  12. If anyone is stressed out for the playoff matchup, just relax:
  13. Someone mowing their lawn outside. It's ____ing 1am... WTF.
  14. I think we should try to get the OP up to +32 to commemorate Bieksa's season. That way when he coughs the puck up once in preseason next year, CANUCKLELION can think twice before starting his Jihad.