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  1. I would say its safe to assume HARPER did not bother to send JTF2 to help rescue a Canadian citizen either when they were first abducted. Sad.
  2. Star Wars: Force Awakens proper trailer released

    I wouldn't go as harsh as that, but I totally saw the parallels between this one and A New Hope. First half is buildup, and second half is rushed story where they miraculously blow up the big weapon by fluke. They probably should not have bothered with the final scene and saved that for the next movie. Also some more backstory would be great. Like it took me a while to figure out the First Order are not a sanctioned government/army but are really just the equivalent of ISIS I guess.. or the new 'rebels'. But the original resistence is still a resistence? So who runs the republic and what kind of army do they have? And stormtroopers are still clones?.. though less inept now it seems.
  3. Canada to Double Syrian Refugee Intake to 50,000

    Because no one wants to help a bunch of lazy drug users who brought their troubles upon themselves for the most part. Get a job you bums! Move to another city if you can't afford Vancouver. No need for TFW's if a hobo gets off his butt and gets to work.
  4. [Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

    I wouldn't be surprised if AA's real beef is with Edward Rogers, the Jays chairman. AA is a total Beeston guy, that with him gone, maybe AA felt he wouldn't be shielded from ownership anymore....and Shapiro will probably side with ownership everytime as he's brand new to the whole organization. Recall that Rogers went behind Beeston's back last year (or was it this offseason) to look for his replacement..called up Jerry Reinsdorf (whom they didn't know is Beeston's buddy) to inquire on a member of his staff. Well Reinsdorf goes and tells Beeston afterwards and asks if he's aware that he's being replaced behind his back like that. Bad joo joo there Rogers.
  5. Best/Worst Ball Parks in Baseball

    Seen a game at: Skydome, Safeco, Kingdome, (old) Yankee Stadium, and of course Nat Bailey. Visited AT&T Park for a tour, and walked along the plaza of Angel Stadium. AT&T park was the best looking stadium I visited, especially being in the California sunshine. However I had the most fun attending games at Skydome (on Canada Day) and Safeco field whenever the Jays are in town, especially a few years ago when they played in Seattle on Canada Day. Honourable mention to Nat Bailey to being a good time too. I think a California baseball tour is in order next summer.
  6. So, can we expect a sales discount on VW or Audi cars in the near future? Could go for a new car next year. Or do you think they'll maintain sales prices and just load them up with more features?
  7. Where was all the outrage with Castor's wives being raped and dehumanized.. he even specifically called for the crows to 'bang em till they're dead' !
  8. First video game you ever owned

    First game I owned was Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt combo that came with my NES. First game I bought with my own money (not counting birthday money) was probably Streets of Rage II for Genesis.
  9.     I agree with you quite a bit, but what part of Vancouver do you live in? Just to nitpick because I've gotten this vibe from other ppl who are from central or eastern bc, but are you sure it's an extremely 'Hindu' place? Or is it Sikh? Cuz you know.. there is more than 1 religion in India.
  10. Dan Russell takes some heavy shots on his show last night

    What was the Intro Song to the Grill?
  11. Official Toronto Blue Jays '13 Season Thread

    I went to Tuesday's game and they must've heard your complaints as I found the lines to move briskly. Except it was annoying that they pause beer sales for the Anthem.