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  1. You're still missing Nino and potentially Kabanov Just goes to show how lethal their players can potentially become
  2. I've been a huge fan of Rodin since he was drafted and I really enjoy watching the guy play. He's offensively gifted and willing to go into the dirty areas. Throw him with the Sedin's for a preseason game?
  3. Nice post. Plus, Rodi just seems to play better with smaller ice. He'll really surprise a lot of people next year.
  4. With Grabner and Bernier gone, I feel as though the depth on forward is THAT much thinner... :|

    1. Venom52


      They were pretty much useless for the team, and we gotta let the kids have a shot at the NHL.

  5. Yep. It wouldn't change everyone's opinion, but a fairly decent amount. Most of the haters would realize he was the best player in the NHL at one time. Yet they bring up that crap about his last couple years and how it pretty much cancels his greatness from 2000-2004
  6. Does anobody even remember the Naslund of 02/03 anymore? Second in points and in goals. Didn't he get screwed by the Avalanche though? Hedjuk got a hat-trick in the last game of the season, all assisted by Forsberg which gave Hedjuk 1 more goal than Naslund and Forsberg 1 more point than Naslund. He could have one: Art Ross, Rocket Richard and Leaster Pearson. Possibly the Hart trophy. I bet if Naslund didn't get screwed by the Avalanche, several of you haters would still consider the Naslund of the past and prime to be a great player. I still remember all those 2 faced people that would say, "Wow no emotion from Naslund on his goal. Terrible leader". But when it was Joe Sakic(Love the guy), it would be all "He's just showing class".
  7. Excuse me. If that's your chart for the chances of NHL. In my opinion, it should be like this: 1. Grabner 2. Hodgson 3. Shroeder 4. White 5. Rodin Grabner is easily the closest to crack the big club, followed by Hodgson. Not bad, not bad at all.
  8. Works on that and goals fly, no big deal really.
  9. Why do people suggest Hansen is a career 3rd liner? He has the potential to be a top 6 forward with great 2-way ability. He has great speed, a nice shot, and good 2-way ability. Not to mention he can dangle very well.