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  1. Jake Virtanen Talk

    I wanted Ehlers but I'm still happy with Virtanen. What really gets me pumped is that Virtanen is 17, one of the youngest players in the draft and already 210 lbs of speed, skill and physicality. There's concerns regarding his hockey IQ but the Tigers are a great junior club and they'll definitely help him think the game and polish his playmaking. I can't wait to see what he does next year.
  2. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    He's a 50 point center and 25 goal scorer on a offence dried team. Put him with the Ducks and he makes Getzlafs life SO much easier. Etem didn't contribute much this year and I agree taking Vatanen out of the roster wouldn't be the best, but that's why Benning targets Theodore Anaheim has the depth to lose Etem and Vatanen, they can be easily replaced within and adding Kesler would cause a ripple effect throughout the whole roster.
  3. A lot of good posts for both arguments. But the way I look at it, Virtanen is more likely to be available at 10 than Ehlers. With Virtanen's latest injury, Ritchie carrying his team on his back, Nylanders offensive ceiling as a center, Fleury being the best dman behind Ekblad and any sort of risers like Barbashev, Fabbri, Kapenen etc. Draft Ehlers/Nylandee/Top5 faller and then select Virtanen. Everyone's happy.
  4. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    If Chicago is leading the charge and Murray wants to keep up with LA and Chicago, he's gonna have to pony up now ain't he? This may or may not have been a redundant post in order to get to the last page cause the message board app is dreadful.
  5. He's a good player that showed lots of promise but Noel was absolutely brutal for Burmi. Wouldn't be surprised to see him with the Peg after next season.
  6. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I'll have to dig up the report but he's gone on record saying he really likes Ritchie. I think he also said he wasn't as high on Leon. And even with that, Ehlers' rise has been absolutely meteoric, much like Ryan Stromes. Wouldn't be surprised to see Islanders pick up Ehlers. The best thing about Ehlers is that he's kept pace with Drouin but he doesn't even play on the same line as him. He had a small adjustment period but his ppg on a monthly basis just kept rising and rising.
  7. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I think it would be wise to discuss picks past the first cause guys, we actually have a 2nd round pick this year! If we can pick up Fiala or Fabbri with a 2nd, I can guarantee you this board would be beyond ecstatic. I'm not opposed to trading up to grab either of those talents. I know Fiala in particular has flown under the radar (even though he jumped from ~8th to 3rd for Euro skaters).
  8. ISS/CS Draft Rankings - 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    All it takes is one reach from the top 5 teams for a player like Bennett, Leon or MDC to drop. Calgary loves Ritchie (who wouldn't, he's got size and skill) and NYI doesn't need a centre at all with Tavares, Strome and Nelson (perfect 3rd line centre). I could defintely see them taking Ehlers as well. A lot of wild cards in play with both Burke and Snow. Bennett, MDC or Draisaitl could all fall to 6. How amazing would that be? I love Ehlers and Ritchie but I take those 3 10/10.
  9. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    I really want Linden to push for MDC. Trade up if we have to, he's defintely worth it. Buffalo: Reinhart Edmonton: Draisiatl/Ekblad Florida: Bennett NYI: Draisiatl/Ekblad Calgary: Ritchie (do it Burke) Carolina: Ehlers Vancouver: MDC Please hockey gods. We have suffered.
  10. [Poll/Proposal] 2014 NHL Draft

    Ehlers doesn't play on the same line as Drouin. Karlsson was also drafted at a light weight and Ottawa let him develop and play his game. Not saying Ehlers is Karlsson but Ehlers can defintely bulk up and that just works to his favour. He's elite offensively and is good defensively. Ehlers, Ritchie or Nylander. If we're picking 8th, one of those guys is falling to us.
  11. Keeping Edler was the right decision. Kesler I'm on the fence about but if a good enough offer wasn't on the table (it wasn't), then keep him. If Anaheim gets knocked out in the first round or something crazy like that, no doubt they'd be willing to deal their first + Ottawas first + more for Kesler.
  12. Daniel Sedin Injured - Potentially Serious? W/Video

    Gah that sucks. The season looks like a wash. Hope for a bottom 5 finish and grab one of the elite prospects.
  13. I wanted to go to the last page but I might as well contribute with an essay. Edler plays best when he plays his simple, yet effective game. He doesn't have the skating to be an Erhoff type and that's what AV and Torts have forced him to do and surprise, it hasn't worked. He's played really well in the Olympics and the following games because he went back to his game. If he played with anger, he'd be nearly unstoppable (that Hertl BS suspension will make sure we never see that). Keep Edler. He's young, has the best offensive capabilities and can be a rock defensively. Consistency is his biggest problem and Torts has to adjust his coaching to accommodate Edler. Trade Bieksa and if possible, Garrison (yes I know, hometown + NTC). If Kesler is indeed traded, it marks a rebuild/retool that will put Kevin at 35-36 before it's done and he won't be effective then. If he wants a Stanley cup, it unfortunately won't be with the Canucks. Garrison I was a big fan of last year and the beginning of this year, but his skating and lack of physicality relative to his size is infuriating. He's got awesome defensive awareness, his Garribomb, and a good stick, but he's too easy to play against if he doesn't kick the ass out of players in the defensive zone. I don't see him getting traded because he took a discount to play in his hometown, but it needs to be knocked into his head that he can be so much more of a difference maker. Jeez I'm all over the place here. I think these work. Kesler for Wennberg + Anisimov + 1st 2014 or if bidding is highest: Wennberg + Jenner + 1st 2014 Reason for Columbus: Forward depth: Gaborik, Kesler, Horton, Anismov/Jenner, Johanson, Umberger, Atkinson, Dubinsky etc. Absolutelt brilliant forward depth to go along. Give to get Columbus. Having Wennberg learn from fellow Swedish Twins would be perfect. And reuniting the Jenner Jenson combo from the OHL. Bieksa to Detroit/Toronto/Philly. They need RHD, especially Toronto and Detroit. 1st + B level prospect. Again, bidding goes up at deadline so this could increase. 1st + Sheahan/Pulkkinen. I don't mention Jurco, Tatar, Mantha or Nyqvist because Detroit won't give those guys up in my opinion. If prospect goes to Jurco, Gillis takes the deal instantly. 1st + Cousins from Philly would be sweet if Holmgreen was ballsy enough to offer it. 1st + Biggs/Percy + cap dump would be good too. To Pittsburgh: Hansen for 1st (26-30) + b prospect. Why? Because the bottom 6 for the Pens is a joke with only Sutter being the difference maker. Pens don't need anymore prospects when they're all in now. A first is steep but Paul freaking Gaustad for a first. Plus, Hansen is on a beautiful contract. B prospect because trade deadline obviously not a deal breaker but something Gillis could wedge out. What we gain: Wennberg Jenner/Anisimov CLB 1st 2014 Jurco/Pulkkinen/Sheahan DET 1st 2014 PIT 1st 2014 B prospect. Should have made my own thread
  14. MG and the NTC/NMC myth!

    Holy quadruple post batman what the hell happened.
  15. MG and the NTC/NMC myth!

    Also worthwhile to mention that we don't know the full details of the NTCs. They could be limited as far as we know. He won't ask them to waive but he'll present what the team plans to do and the players will decide of they wanna stay. Anyone who expects Gillis to show all his cards during interviews need to reevaluate him.