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  1. Really excited to see Kassian play and I support this trade 100%. My only question is if he couldn't crack Buffalo's lineup when is he expected to do so here?
  2. He looks like he has Down's Syndrome in that pic! haha
  3. It's ok...have faith. this team more than any other battles adversity head on. We have depth this year and we are definitely going to make the play-offs and since the injuries are arguably minor we will be fine. I believe in AV and MG and their composure is second to none in the NHL. Our core will be there...my only concern is goaltending. Lu has lost my confidence and his inconsistency is not to be taken lightly. I really feel that Raycroft deserves more starts. He's got a fire inside him and you can see it. Definitely not time to panic but to embrace the moment.
  4. All I know is what he said during the interview. He is feeling better but having trouble swallowing and is pretty much day to day. He wanted to come back during the game but the trainers and coaches said no as the game was a blow-out. He seemed fine but I think he was battling through some pain, which is why I love him. He'll be back for play-offs and probably before. This guy deserves a lot of good energy.
  5. I just love this guy. He's a perfect balance of charisma, craziness and possesses a winner's spirit. That was one of the most brutal shots to the face (throat) that I have ever seen. It was from close range and it was a rocket. Whatever else happens, we need this guy in the play-offs. Here's to a speedy recovery. Thank God for guys like him when we are so weak in other areas. I know I spelled throat wrong, my brain farted so there.