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  1. Is @aGENT now an agent for UFA's?
  2. Assignment: The Washington Capitaos assign Sami Niku to the AHL
  3. Recall: The Washington Capitals recall Sami Niku to the NHL roster.
  4. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Sami Niku to the AHL. Re-call: The Washington Capitals re-call Victor Olofsson to the NHL roster. Washington Capitals Roster: E. Kane - Kuznetsov - Laine Kreider - Turris - Nylander Killorn - Lowry - Heinen Joseph - Copp - Kassian Olofsson Yandle - Ellis Grzelcyk - Klingberg Toews - Gudas Hronek Murray DeSmith
  5. How many days are there in the season?
  6. Hey Curt, How exactly are the salaries in our league pro-rated? Is it by days or by games?
  7. Re-call: The Washington Capitals re-call Patrik Laine to the NHL roster
  8. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Patrik Laine to the AHL.
  9. Washington Capitals: E. Kane - E. Kuznetsov - P. Laine C. Kreider - K. Turris - W. Nylander A. Killorn - A. Copp - D. Heinen M. Joseph - A. Lowry - Z. Kassian K. Yandle - R. Ellis M. Grzelcyk - J. Klingberg D. Toews - R. Gudas F. Hronek - S. Niku M. Murray C. DeSmith
  10. Last year with Nylander I just placed him in my AHL to start the season because waivers aren't activated until the season starts. As far as I am aware this is still the rule?
  11. What are the future considerations?
  12. Congrats @Squeak I'm sure you'll do a great job!
  13. Assignment: The Washington Capitals assign Tucker Poolman to the AHL
  14. Thank you Andre for finding space for a potential future Hall of Famer. We had Marleau projected as our 13th forward and I didn't want to enter the season that way if I had the chance to find him a better playing situation. The vet will get plenty of playing time in his contract year with a reigning playoff team. We wish him the best moving forward
  15. Thank you to Jaku for the thorough negotiation. First off, Ryan Dzingel has been exceptional for us during his five seasons here in Washington and in Dover. Speed to to burn, natural finisher, instincts, tenacity. With all due respect to my other guys, I thought Dzingel was my best forward last season along with Evander Kane. We thank him greatly for being a major part of the last three exciting seasons in Washington and most definitely wish him the best moving forward. Roslo we paid heavily for last season and was hoping he could play line 2 for us this season. An all around great prospect who is ready to make a big impact. We wish him the best as well. Curtis McElhinney seems to be in the prime of his career and we are thrilled to have been able to find him such a great fit in Brooklyn. With all that being said..... Welcome Evgeny Kuznetsov! Top end talent is very tough to find, and we just got some. 6 years ago at this same time, Pavel Datsyuk left Washington after a first round playoff exit to sign with the Toronto Maple Leafs reportedly turning down a four year contract worth over 40-million dollars to stay with the Caps. Datsyuk only played one full lockout shortened season in Washington. Outside of our time with Datsyuk our top centers have been Elias, Turris, Gagner, Zetterberg and Koivu. We are very excited to FINALLY have found out top line center that can be an ultimate game-breaker for the Caps. At age 27 our hope is that Kuznetsov spends the next 10 years here in Washington. He immediately joins youngsters Laine and Nylander along with a large group of vets in pursuit of the coveted CDCGML cup!