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  1. I'm sure that's how he sold Komisarek as well
  2. The playoff experience against me must've scared him off. Thanks for my first playoff matchup @greensman and for the prospect signings, best of luck on your next endeavour.
  3. Sounds like the same thing to me but with Tanev. Must be a rite of passage joining this league, right?
  4. If the criteria that you set out is 2nd pairing with 2nd PP time, then yes I absolutely think he has that potential. He has his injury hurdle to overcome, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the IQ and skill to be that player. Aside from offense, he's been groomed to be a defensively responsible player and often was on the PK. Rafferty may be more on the offense, but he's going to actually have to work on the defensive side of his namesake position. I feel highly about Rathbone as well though, but I think OJ is right there in that discussion. He's not going to be a Hughes type of offensive player, but there's a reason why he's been one of the better offensive guys in every league he's been in and generally at a younger age than his peers while doing so.
  5. Tryamkin can actually skate. I think Tryamkin is a more physically imposing Myers.
  6. Why? This is sending a message to LE and his agent. We signed Loui to be a goal scorer and he hasn't delivered. We paid him handsomely and his agent reaped those rewards and we have little to show for it. Why should we further damage ourselves by retaining or adding a sweetener to help get him in a more favourable situation. If he wants out, then perhaps he shouldn't have blocked a potential trade last year. We haven't gone the burying route just yet, but he's playing his way there. Green found a useful role for him and did the best we could to boost whatever value he had left. He played far more games in the regular season and in the playoffs than many even expected. We are done doing favours for him and are not going to take away from our team further for his benefit. If he wants out at this point, he has three options. Find a trade where we don't retain or use a sweetener, mutually terminate, or retire. Alternatively he could bust his ass and rejuvenate his career and we have shown we will continue to play him as needed and he just has to suck it up and take on whatever role we give him. Our cap situation isn't as dire as some think and if we need an extra million to play a young player, then down to Utica he goes.
  7. Stecher will be too expensive to retain unless he takes a massive paycut. Rafferty/Chatfield would be a potential Stecher replacement or 7/8 guy. Tryamkin will require another season before he arrives. We made a point to bring in a top 4RD in Myers seeing as it was a hole we needed to fill. Losing Tanev is a step back and it's much harder to shelter a Rafferty/Chatfield (especially when losing guys like Tanev who have shown they can do an excellent job of doing so and could continue so with OJ/Rathbone in the near future). Yes we need to consider all options, but Tanev's spot IMO is the toughest to replace at the moment (unless it's through trade taking away a key piece in a different area of the roster). Hughes moving to the right is probably the best internal option as Juolevi and Rathbone are much more likely to step up next season, but they too will need sheltering like Hughes did. But then that simply shifts the hole to the LD side of things and still banking that a young player can jump into a top 4 spot and if we don't keep Tanev, we still have a gaping hole to fill on our top PK unit that Hughes won't cover. Demko is showing glimpses that he could take a bigger role and it'll be cheaper to sign a 1B if necessary than a starter like Marky if he isn't willing to take a fair deal. Toffoli can be more comfortably replaced with us having Boeser already, Jake could step up if he's still here, and Lind/MacEwen have grown their games this past season. Hoglander will get a look and if we are looking to the future like you did with Tryamkin, then Podkolzin looks promising as well. I don't buy the whole 2-3 years away from competing thing. We were a game away from the conference finals this year, so I'm not sure how we proved that. Tanev technically didn't miss a game this year and we were a much better team this season. He was a key part of our playoff run this season.
  8. Sounds like people are putting too much personal bias into the thought process of this trade. Matheson is 26 years old. He averaged 18+ mins a night this past regular season and was following his career trajectory of being a 25-30 point physical dman. He may have fallen out of favour in the playoffs, but that doesn't make him dead weight. He was traded for a player that is 33 and has a higher cap hit than Matheson and has injury concerns to the point where they wanted insurance on his contract. So Pittsburgh got younger and saved cap. Matheson's contract problem was the term, but he's young enough to bit have it be an overwhelming concern. I don't know how one can compare his contract as being unmoveable in consideration with Eriksson. Yes we don't like Matheson for what he had done, but he is better value than what people give him credit for.
  9. The more reason they need a defensive stalwart like Tanev since they'll be playing with empty nets all season! Tanev hasn't been offered anything. Otherwise it's tampering. It's more speculation. Tanev has always said he wants to stay here and his teammates and GM have said they wanted him here. That's all the facts that we have.
  10. It's possible that they move Debrusk+ for a dman. If they do get Jake in return, he would be cheaper than what I think Debrusk is asking for. By saving there, perhaps they move a Debrusk package for a Ristolainen or something. Although it would make sense for them to get Boeser as he would actually be an upgrade on Debrusk, but they can't afford as high of a price on a dman in return, but they could maybe get a Jokiharju+ package for Debrusk in that case.
  11. It was a hard decision to move Lehkonen and we probably didn't full mileage on the deal. But totally worth it for the jokes acquiring James Franco with his pornstar alias.
  12. See above your post about his rights. He looked promising in juniors and I was hoping we would get a look with him in the AHL. Too bad that never worked out.