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  1. You were the one that suggested they would try to target Hall or Kreider and suddenly they don't have much cap space (which is what I've been saying all along)? Right now they need to get back in the playoffs to worry about that. You agreed that Stecher is an upgrade to Weber and Irwin, so it's an improvement on the team. I've explained why 2.5 million is maybe 500k too high, but still reasonable for what he provides and he could always renegotiate a deal that is cheaper (in which case, I might be comfortable hanging onto Stecher if he's willing to go this route anyway). Fabbro may simply be going through that rookie grind. We have seen this from guys like Boeser and EP where in the 2nd half of the year, they get burned out over the long season. I expect Fabbro to be better next year, but instead of targetting a top 4 dman which would cost more than Stecher's 2.5 million or bargain binning for some aging vet, they could get a younger player that could ease Fabbro's minutes until he's ready to take back the top 4 spot full time and bump Stecher back to his regular minutes. If Stecher shows well, they could surely offload him to a team needing defense for a pick or whatever. Stecher was good enough to make team Canada, so surely that puts him on Poile's radar. Stecher wasn't horrible, just wasn't favoured in a short tournament, so I doubt all of Poile's assessment is relied on that. It may seem inconsequential to bolster the 3rd pairing, but it can create a ripple effect. When our 4th line wasn't clicking, the minutes were dumped on the top 3 lines. When Motte returned and made the 4th line a dependable line, suddenly we could roll 4 lines. You're the one mentioned that they have been sheltering their 3rd pairing, so what if they don't have to as much? It only makes the top 4 that much more effective within games and over a season. You also said that it's unlikely to have a major shakeup to the roster, so unlikely they will make a big move under new coaching, but adding a "3rd pairing dman" to see if it adds enough to the team to get them going doesn't seem like much of a risk or a shakeup. They are the ones that should be more desperate as we are above them while being an up and coming team and they are out of the playoff picture while being in their window. They want to part with Granlund, but have no viable solution to replace him and not much cap to work with, so what else can they do?
  2. Good people deserve promotions and more responsibility if they want it. If he is indeed on the move, then I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor and I thank him for everything he has done for us. If this is all fake, then thank goodness.
  3. Stecher has averaged just under 15 minutes a night this year. If they get a better 3rd pairing, they could ease some of the minutes from the top 4 keeping them fresh and effective during a game and a season. Having a pairing of Dillon and Stecher would mean not needing to shelter them as much which is what they are doing with their D now and getting exposed for it. A couple of BC boys that Nashville seems to acquire plenty of. Perhaps the deal isn't around Granlund, Baertschi or Sutter, but Stecher would certainly be a nice fit there IMO. I think they can afford the 2.5 million for the upgrade as I think they're unlikely to make a big splash with their cap space next year without moving out more cap than the expiring Granlund and Smith. They are already in their window, so they need to figure out something fast before that window closes.
  4. JD Burke is still holding firm that we have made a bad trade in the Miller deal. He seems to want to make a decision and hold to it regardless of changes and never wants to admit he is wrong. I'm not sure of his credibility. Biech seems to not let his personal opinions misguide him from what he's actually seeing. Just seems to be more factual. I think I will side with Biech this time around.
  5. Stecher could handle bigger minutes than Irwin or Weber and thus could ease Fabbro's minutes. They could balance out their ice time based on if Fabbro is having a good game. Getting a strictly D4 is not going to be cheap unless they are bargain bin shopping. He's not a physical specimen because of his size, but he certainly plays bigger than his size indicates. If we weren't tight against the cap ourselves, I'd re-sign him back to our team (hoping that maybe he even takes a pay cut to stay). Granlund might be had for a late pick with 50% retention. So we will see how this plays out. Nashville's window will only be for so long for them to throw out a season. Rinne's time is almost up.
  6. He has every right to use his NTC as he pleases. Unfortunately the way he did use it was detrimental to our future. We had no choice, but to move him and were only given two teams to work with, one of which was a rival and didn't have the cap space. He didn't need to waive it, but there were certainly more playoff contending teams than the ones he listed. Even if he was deadset on those teams, when it became public that those were the two teams before a deal was made really handcuffed us. All of this could've been handled behind closed doors and he could've still gotten his wish while we gained the most we could have. Benning actually still did alright considering the circumstances. I will forgive and forget about it at some point and won't boo his presence, but I still don't think he is deserving of a ring of honour induction.
  7. Read back on some of the posts. Most aren't upset about him wanting to leave and actually feel like it was fair to ask. It was how he went about it, which hurt our team. He never really cared for Vancouver (signed an offer sheet with Philly) beyond seeing us be a top team to try and get him to a Cup, but when that failed, he moved on. He didn't really seem to respect the city or the organization which doesn't bode well when trying to enter a ring of "honour".
  8. And he did it mostly in the 1st half where he was getting all the rookie of the month accolades. He cooled off in the final few months. Not to take anything away from his rookie season and he was certainly a big part in why we had some success last season, but Marky found a new level to his game in the 2nd half and we were in it on most nights because of him. People simply remember what had happened at the 2nd half of the year more when the voting happens. Both were important players to our team and I believe EP won the most exciting player. Minor accolades, but Marky was just as deserving of MVP as EP, so I'm fine either way.
  9. Looking back, we had an 8 game skid in November (Marky played in 6 of those), so 1st half.
  10. I too think we will expose Myers as an expansion shield and see if they take the bait. I like Myers, but cap space is also important. His contract is set up so he could be exposed, but also has a bonus that needs to be paid out which may or may not scare them off also. It's nice to have that flexibility amongst the defense group on who to protect which is why I'm not concerned there which is also a good thing because defense depth is where our weakness has been for a while. If they take a forward, we are laughing.
  11. EP was 1st half MVP last season while Marky was 2nd half MVP. People remember what has been done lately. Marky has carried his game into this season.
  12. I think it's the unknown of who others will expose. No one knows whos really going to be available at that point, so the concern simply lies with what we see may be available with this team. I don't think anyone has really gone through a breakdown on who could be available. The goaltending situation is a big one in that we have two decent goalies and don't want to lose either, but should be easy to figure out who will be available with a bit of research for anyone willing. I think we are fine on defense and most likely lose a forward if not a goalie. But as you said, it'll likely be a middling forward that we will manage because we have a good influx of youth/depth coming up to mitigate any loss. I really hope we don't make any trades to "protect" more players. Just let them make their pick and move on. Even in goal, I'd say go with the proven starter (assuming Marky is re-signed) and see if they take Demko. We have DiPietro in the system and could either sign a stop gap back up to allow him to steep a bit longer.
  13. Stecher (RFA) and Sutter could still be on the table in the off-season if they choose to wait out the year. They could also be proactive like they were in changing coaches and see if they can salvage this season. Not saying Sutter and Stecher get that done, but Granlund isn't doing it for them either, so where's the risk? They are unlikely to be able to dump him and they are the ones making him "available", so if they don't like the offer (my proposal), then they can find another deal or wait until his contract is up and get his full cap space. I just don't think they have room to make a big splash in UFA anyway as they don't have room and not many teams are left to help them make room unless they are willing to pay with prospects/picks to do so (which for a cap strapped team, they should be avoiding as cheap ELCs help maintain a competitive roster). They made room for Duchene and even that hasn't been that successful, so do they want to continue this route? Personally I think upgrading their bottom pairing D and bottom 6 forward (instead of running with a couple of relatively inexperienced AHL call-ups) while ridding themselves of a player that hasn't been all that useful to them is hardly a major shake up to their roster. Whatever chemistry they have isn't exactly getting them results at the moment. As for teams heading into the playoffs, many teams make additions at the trade deadline to bolster their group, so it's not really a reach to see teams make adjustments to their lineups. We aren't talking like teams are trading core players here.
  14. Our prospect pipeline is still going strong. Maybe not top 10 picks included anymore, but we will still give any prospects' team a good run for their money barring we are able to sign a couple college guys and bring over a couple euros in the system.
  15. Funny how all the panic and concern (eg cap, coaching issues, etc) are completely brushed off by Benning. He hears his critics and is being humble rather than telling them to eat crow. Continues to show respect despite being crapped on for years. Seems true to his word that respect is highly preached amongst the organization and is building a foundation on that. Hopefully the fanbase (the vocal ones) follow suit soon and we all band(wagon) together in support of the team.