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  1. The team has never has the physical support. Perhaps Goldy plays a little bigger with backup support. If he's one of the most skilled forwards after Petey, then perhaps he compliments the new look we have because we do need skill in the lineup too. Roster space is difficult to find though. Hopefully he passes through waivers if it gets to that point, but I think I'd like to see him in camp before sending him off. If he does get taken, then we got insurance in Perron and somewhat in Boucher for his type of player anyway.
  2. He plays in Da Beauty League over the summer and is dominant in it to boot! There's still months before camp starts (see Horvat signing), no one is holding anyone ransom at this point.
  3. But but we were the only team to offer that 4th year, so that makes the Ferland deal a bad one
  4. I assume you mean Stewart here. Well they had a younger speedier Stewart basically who has raw potential and likely would pass through waivers, so they could have him as depth. Instead of qualifying him on a cheap deal, they gave him up. They could've easily had both guys in this situation. Whatever the case, we benefit from it.
  5. There was an article about the Flyers' GM wanting to give him an opportunity because they likely didn't have space for him there.
  6. Shouldn't they have just kept Justin Bailey instead?
  7. I believe Switzerland is one of the best places in the world to live. Not sure if he's single, but lots of beautiful women (and men) there. It's not a terrible league either. I think I'd prefer it over KHL (and considering he just got a nice buyout from his contract, so not like he's desperate for the money.
  8. The dream would be to clear out his cap 100%, but that comes at a steep price. Teams aren't lining up to help us out. We have to make the best out of the situation whether it's Lucic or not, but we may have to get creative about it. If LE isn't cooperative, then AHL he goes, but that only saves us just over a million in cap space.
  9. Thought he still had more to give at the NHL level, so hopefully he lights it up there and gets some NHL scouts interested. Another career derailed after joining Edmonton. We tried to revive his career (see Pearson and Schenn), but it was too late and his injury didn't help.
  10. In this case, you cannot ignore the 4 million bonus. The bonus is meant for this season, so it's not just burying his 1 million dollar salary this season, but also burying the 4 million bonus. That included in the equation means more than Gagner annually and for the remaining duration of the contract.
  11. The sad part even after telling them this, they just go all And then continue on their Benning rant repeating the same garbage.
  12. Half the league are lotto pick teams. If we squeaked into the playoffs every year but simply get knocked out early every year, I'm sure you'll be suggesting the team is forever in mediocrity. If we iced a Utica roster, I'm sure the Benning haters crowd would love that to force him out. It's impossible to please everyone until we win the Cup (and even then I'm sure there will be some whining still) and teams have taken many different routes to get there, so there's not one path to success. What we do have is a team that transitioned from one core to another during Benning's tenure so far and incoming depth like we've never seen before. I'm perfectly fine with the way our team is being built and feel far more embarrassed for Ottawa. I guess we will see if they're doing it right soon enough.