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  1. I think people only think asset management means getting picks for players or something. Skille was more valuable to us at the current time and got a roster spot, he was more of an asset to us than Etem was at the time. So you're thinking about Etem's potential, sure we took a risk to send him down and develop him some more on our developmental/farm team. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for Etem, he got claimed. Now we have more room and time to develop other players like Megna, Rendulic, Labate, Carcone, etc. Our asset management is fine. Detroit lost two guys on waivers and no one complains that they are screwing their team up.
  2. Lets face it, Etem is pretty much a finished product. He's been with 3 teams and all of them are having the same issues with his work ethic. Etem may have decent stretches, but he will never be consistent enough to be too impactful. His career numbers to date are about the same as Skille's. I don't see Etem in the next five years to be much better than where Skille is now. Of course this is all just my opinion. Bottom line is Skille earned his spot over Etem based on preseason. Etem can have all the potential in the world, but if he can't beat out PTOs, then he is exactly where he belongs.
  3. Unfortunately for Burrows, this thread may actually be a talking point now. Fortunately for us fans, it came 8 years after this thread started and he's had a great career with the Canucks. Will be tough for him to get another contract with the Canucks after this season, so let's hope for a good year from him.
  4. If Buffalo is without Eichel, O'Rielly and Okposo, I doubt they're thinking Etem (a guy that didn't work hard enough to earn a roster spot on a middle tier team) will be the guy to save the start to their season. If we lose Etem, he will be replaced easily. Will Skille have a better career than Etem? Hard to say. Did Skille beat out Etem for a roster spot to start the season? Definitely.
  5. I'm laughing at people freaking out about the Canucks rebuild after Matthews' 4 goals. Did Toronto win with his performance? No because their team is still terrible everywhere else. Also, remember Brunnstrom? Calm down tank nation.
  6. Did he prove that he could potentially play in the NHL? Sure. Did he outright out play the players who made the team? Debatable at best. I don't think he did enough to earn a spot imo. He had that one great preseason game against a weak Edmonton side early in preseason. If he didn't have that game and just played the way he did the rest of the preseason, I doubt many here would be feeling this strongly about him not making the team. I like Stetcher and I think he has good potential, but I think having him play big minutes in Utica vs being a rotated player in the NHL. He needs to understand that this is for his development and better for his career in the long term. If all he cares about is rushing into the NHL and doesn't care if he's sitting in the press box, then he's just looking for a paycheque rather than growing as a player and he won't last long in the league.
  7. Get that baby where the suits sit and he/she could be the loudest fan in the section! And you wouldn't be bothering them needing to get up all the time because they aren't paying attention anyway!
  8. I don't see the big deal in worrying about offer sheets, I don't see any retaliatory actions in any recent offer sheets except the Backes/Bernier time. If the offer sheet puts us in a tight cap space and they want to offer sheet our players, well I'll take the draft picks in the better draft year plus have Kucherov. If any team offers Hutton more than 3.6 million a year, we take the picks, but if less then we match. Horvat is worth more, but I'd be surprised if a team makes an offer for him that we can't match that doesn't cripple their own team in the process.
  9. Players individual skills may be great on one team, but they may not necessarily gel as a team. The game revolves around individual skills and doesn't take into account other potential elements in a season. Also depends on if any injuries occurred in the sim and that affects the game and reality. It doesn't take into account player development in a season. There are too many factors that simply ranking players skills cannot assess. This is why I find it difficult to believe that a team can be built on statistics alone and makes me curious how those analytic GMs will do.
  10. From what I've seen, I think he's actually more of a playmaker than scorer. Depending on his minutes and linemates, I would say 17 goals and 35 assists.
  11. Not a chance Boyes is looking for a contract more than a million at this point in his career. He's probably just looking for an NHL contract, maybe 750k at most. Teams aren't interested in him because of his age. He's basically like Chris Higgins and should try to get a PTO or look for work in Europe. As for Russell, he's probably asking for more than what teams are willing to pay for a smallish dman. He should get no more than 3.5 million for maybe 2 or 3 years at best unless teams are desperate for dmen. I don't think Bourque will get a full time NHL roster spot, but worth giving a PTO for a 25 year old who could be an energy guy in the bottom 6.
  12. Some people are too critical of Higgins. He was a big part of our cup run when he came he at the deadline. He was a 30-40 point player that was good on the PK. He was a good 3rd line utility player that could play a 4th line role and not look out of place on the 2nd line. His past season was disappointing possibly because of his injuries. At only 33 years old and with his work ethic, plus his character by not pouting when sent to the AHL, I could still see him performing in the very same role he had during his time here. I hope he has a good camp and I think he will earn an NHL contract soon enough.
  13. Christian Ehrhoff, Mike Richards, and Tuomo Ruutu would be my PTOs.
  14. Virtanen can benefit from a year in the AHL. When there was a lockout and several players when down to the AHL, a lot of unexpected guys that would be sent down in a normal situation actually upped their level of play when they returned. Virtanen has the tools to be an NHL player, but could hone his skills by getting bigger minutes on the farm team.
  15. He doesn't seem like he would be a bad pick up. About a 30 point guy currently. Only 25 years old and decent size.