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  1. So LE is not a 4th liner. He's only there because of injuries (he had been out of the lineup prior). Still doesn't single him out for the team slumping.
  2. The team slumped. Not sure how it can solely be singled out as LE being the problem here. I get LE is not living up to his contract, but he wasn't the only problem during the losing streak. Not enough to warrant the end of his time just yet.
  3. It's going to make possession tougher and will force Bo to play a ton of minutes that he prefers not to play. Basically all defensive draws and PKs while losing possession on offense if EP and Gaudette can't figure it out on the dot in an instant. I think the more center options in the lineup right now the better.
  4. The callups are because of injuries. I think you'll be disappointed if you think this is the end of LE. We've similarly called up guys like Chatfield for injury insurance who never saw a game and sent back down. I think one of these guys draws into the lineup and the other sits and LE remains in the lineup whether you like it or not.
  5. Only way I see this is if we go Horvat, EP, Miller and Gaudette down the middle (assuming Beagle is still out). That's two centermen that aren't strong at faceoffs right now and a winger forced to play center. Horvat will be taking the brunt of the faceoffs and there's no more insurance at center. I think Graovac is more likely to draw in simply because he's a center. Not that he would take too much pressure off of Horvat, but if he can get in a groove winning draws, then that eases up some of that duty. It pushes Miller back to a wing role (that he said he prefers) that can take draws.
  6. He's always said he's going to honour his contract and then proceed from there. It's a good character trait. The workload is something Hughes will simply have to deal with. If he expects to be a top 4 guy in the league, he needs to learn the rigors. EP wore down at the end of last season and adjusted his summer training accordingly. It hasn't helped Edler that guys would go down for the game and then be ready within a game or two. Guys are likely playing through some injuries, so I'd like to see Fantenberg rotate in for some players and give them some maintenance days. It's funny because this is what is done for Tryamkin's KHL team, yet people assuming he's being healthy scratched for poor play or something.
  7. Virtanen and Demko are with the big club groomed in Utica and they were drafted in the first draft year. Brisebois is coming along, but we have depth that is allowing him to marinate longer and Sautner was a undrafted player that we have groomed to be a decent call up depth. Lind and Gadjovich have improved since their 1st year as pros. MacEwen was an undrafted prospect who has taken great strides since joining Utica. I'm not sure what the expectations are for Utica's development, but players have developed and still are and we have seen graduates. It's been 6 drafts and we have 6 players on the NHL roster drafted by Benning, two of which have gone through Utica (significant time). Many still in progress, many still to join, many are developing in other leagues but come to prospects camp and get instructions on what they need to work on. Of course some players simply don't pan out.
  8. Very unlikely that we have a completely healthy lineup all together at once plus extra forward spot. Which means likely all those guys will be around.
  9. So we have Demko and Virtanen and a few players that have spent spot time in Utica. We also have had guys like Sautner and Brisebois who have been call ups, MacEwen as well. We have just started restocking the cupboards (that were quite bare) and development takes time. Not everyone makes that leap right away. I doubt you'd find many teams in our current position to be pumping out players from the AHL. Some of the top teams do simply because their teams have had good depth to be able to hold decent players in the AHL to develop longer. This is the point where we want to get to starting in a couple years time. Patience is key and we need to trust the process. Ferland said that is something he wishes he told his younger self because development does take time for some players.
  10. Yeah that reason is to allow for the prospects to develop properly rather than be rushed. It also allows for more depth as these players can get callups and see their progress rather than be thrown to the wolves. In a couple of years when we are hitting critical mass with our drafted talent coming into the system, we will see more graduates as call ups and fighting for regular spots as UFA contracts end. This doesn't mean we stop looking at UFA (or trades) either because sometimes you find something else the team may be looking for through their route.
  11. Sure, but to expect Lind to be there already seems unrealistic. He has offensive potential, but he's only just started his 2nd pro year. Doesn't seem to be a concern yet and Utica would continue to work with him to try to get him there. He's already much better than last year, so that's a sign of development.
  12. Which would be worse for Jack as that's something he will never win. There will be future seasons that Quinn can outdo Jack in.
  13. I concur. Mogilny was a superstar player at the NHL level at that point already. Lind is 2nd pro season recently turned 21 year old that had a harsh learning 1st season. I don't know what your expectations are for Lind and while I hope he exceeds any expectations, the reality is he's a young guy in a pro League. He's 3rd in team scoring and maybe he benefitted from being behind veterans rather than being the guy just yet, but that's not a knock on Utica's development. He was finding another gear at the end of last season and he started out strong and will be continue to learn and develop into a player hopefully that can find another level. The fact is he has improved since last season, so I don't know how progression and development is ignored here. He's nowhere near a final product yet, so I don't know what type of player you're desiring 15 games into his 2nd pro year.