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  1. [Discussion] Karlsson FA

    It's not very forward thinking if he cannot see the Canucks are on the upswing and he can cash in on the cap space. He could join a contender now that could be out of contention in a couple of years instead, so I'm not sure about the whole wanting to join a contender thing. I do, however, see him not wanting to deal with the Canadian market/media who would be pestering him non-stop, so I can see him wanting to be on a team where he can live a quieter life away from the spotlight.
  2. [Discussion] Karlsson FA

    He might only be on pace for 48 points, but I'm fully expecting an uptick once he gets into a comfort zone with San Jose. I would predict that he will end up with about 65 points to end the year. In 2016-2017, he was on pace for 75 points and in 2017-2018, he was on pace for 71 points. Those are very normal numbers for Karlsson as the 82 point year was just an exceptional one for him. Given that the 71 point pace year was riddled with off-ice issues and the team as a whole being piss poor and coming off a major surgery, it's quite impressive what he put up. Something to note is that Karlsson is getting a lot of attention from the competition and right now Burns is on pace for his best season to date. This is the type of effect that Karlsson brings even if he isn't producing. Can you imagine the pressure taken off a guy like Juolevi or the ice it'll open up for a guy like Hughes?
  3. [Discussion] Karlsson FA

    Stamkos is coming off one of his best seasons. Karlsson was on pace for 75 and 71 point seasons for the last couple of years. Keep in mind his 71 point pace year was coming off a major surgery and the whole off-ice distraction, plus the team as a whole was a horrible mess. Karlsson has not started this season well, but as far as I'm concerned it's more anomaly versus the new norm at this point. This was an unwanted move for him and it came down to the wire when it happened and now that he's gotten that first goal off his back, perhaps the pressure is eased off a bit. I think once he gets a long-term deal where he wants to be, he will settle down and continue to be that 60-70 point guy for at least the duration of his next contract. So I'm not too concerned about the injuries, but whether he's worth 11 million a season (in cap space) is another story.
  4. There's a possibility those guys could walk, but I don't see how it is likely that they will just yet. Ferland may want to hit the open market to get a pay day (we could certainly use a player of his mold in our top 6), but maybe he enjoys his time in Carolina and calls it home. He's getting top 6 minutes and likely no one knows him there or will bother him. As for Fox, it's questionable what his intentions are, but if he signs with them, then the trade could even up even more and possibly lean more towards Carolina's way if he comes as advertised.
  5. Right off the top of my head, I remember the Minnesota Wild days with Lemaire and Gaborik was still a PPG player. It's safe to say McDavid is better than Gaborik. They want to tighten things up defensively and can utilize McDavid's speed and skill in the transition game. I don't see this being a detriment on paper as the team is far too loose defensively. They've tried the run and gun system and it hasn't worked, so sometimes the more structured defensive system is better when you have a weak team aside from a couple of stars.
  6. Ferland has 14 points in 20 games (3rd in team scoring) and adds a physical element to "protect" Aho if needed. Calgary has a bit of an edge in current production, but Carolina didn't want to spend the money and saved themselves a couple of million in salary. Carolina also got the wild card in Adam Fox. I have to say the trade hasn't been bad for both sides so far.
  7. Can't really make a prediction as I know very little about him other than him breaking out this year, but like I said, the scouting should hopefully be able to determine if he's indeed taken another step (and has more room to develop) and is worth a draft pick or if he's simply one of the older guys and maybe rather try and sign him as a free agent. Basically he's a guy that you would have to sign to a pro contract right away rather than be able to develop him more in juniors. Some teams might like that he's closer to being ready, but perhaps his ceiling isn't much higher.
  8. I highly doubt he goes in the 2nd round. The scouts will be able to determine this, but they will have to gauge if he's simply become a better player or is he breaking out because he's years older than his peers and given his size (which will intrigue teams), that could be a major advantage against the younger opponents. The other factor is does he use his size and plays a physical game or is he just a big guy that plays like a 5'9 guy which we have seen many times over. With all this said, I can see a team using a 6th or 7th rounder, but I can also see him simply making it to free agency like many overagers who had very good seasons like a Dane Fox or even Zack MacEwen for example. Yanni Gourde would be a better example of a success, but took many years before finding his legs in the NHL, so even he would've been a gamble to use a 2nd rounder out of juniors.
  9. I would agree that Spooner is the better player here at least offensively. I don't think he's what Edmonton needs to improve, but at least they come out slightly on top in this trade.
  10. Tyler Madden | C

    Maybe it's better that they don't make the team. Would hate to see them disappointed losing to Canada.
  11. What leverage does he have though? What exactly is the most he can get anyway? He can demand whatever he wants, but he simply doesn't have the leverage to force a deal. His only choice if he wants to get paid is get a deal done with another team before a trade is made. No one is suggesting he signs for peanuts to help the team win, but a bridge deal is ideal in his situation and he could easily do a 1 year deal and renegotiate with a different team after he proves himself in that one season. Unless he's worried that his production will drop off and hurt his numbers. I don't blame him either for wanting what's best for himself, but by doing so he's also hurting himself.
  12. Then sign a bridge one year deal, if he's get traded to a team he isn't happy with, go back again to negotiating table and demand to be paid or be traded. He isn't helping himself by sitting out potentially for a year. Teams will see this and think if he's even worth bringing in and investing in. You think competitive teams are looking at this and saying that's a character guy we want around our environment? He's only going to be attracting teams that are at the bottom desperate to make a splash to find a gem. He's an RFA with no leverage to get everything he wants unfortunately. He could be on a team that has so much firepower to win a Cup this year or next. So if it's really him wanting to be on a competitive team, then it's up to him to make it happen with Toronto (cap-wise) or any other team he may end up with (prove that he's a difference maker on any team). Right now he's a 2nd liner who's been replaced already by Kapanen and has been demonstrated that Matthews is just fine without him.
  13. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    He was still a prospect when Pittsburgh traded him, they probably saw what we did in that there was still some developing to be done. They acquired Hagelin who was integral to their cup runs and perhaps Anahiem insisted that he be included in the deal as well. Anaheim probably wanted to develop him on their farm team and was snagged by a team desperate for defensemen. He clearly was a hot commodity, but in hindsight all those changes for him could have hurt his development. At the end of the day, the trade when the Canucks acquired him made sense at the time and they were able (needed) to use him to improve the team so he wasn't a loss for us.
  14. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    Neither club is complaining, just the fickle fans looking for any excuse to be upset about Benning and using hindsight for their argument.
  15. [Waivers] Adam Clendening

    Clendening : "Trevor told me the deal wasn't happening until l was included, at least that makes me feel good." #Canucks — NEWS 1130 Sports (@NEWS1130Sports) July 28, 2015