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  1. If we find the key to unlock what is hidden in the frog, it can still turn into royalty.
  2. Read this and thought about Tryamkin. You can never know what Russians are thinking.
  3. Someone that hasn't been mentioned yet is Murray Baron. A very solid shot blocking defensive dman that played nearly 1000 NHL games in his career. Also, how can we forget the almost all star Rory Fitzpatrick?
  4. I remember Weaver being physical, at least playing bigger than his size, but definitely not as aggressive as Biega has shown.
  5. Personally I think I'd rather keep him in North America if him going to the KHL is strictly a developmental move rather than him wanting to go back home. He has improved in his second year in juniors and is doing well in the playoffs again. I would think he has a shot at being a top 6 center for Utica. Pelletier, Valk, Hamilton, etc are probably going to be career AHLers, so why not develop one of our top center prospects in Utica instead? I'm more concerned he's in the NHL or KHL boat instead and that would be more of a concern, but I hope he tries another preseason here at the very least before wanting to leave.
  6. Instead of just giving up Gudbranson for nothing in the expansion an option is that we trade him to Vegas for their 2nd and maybe a player that we would like for them to select to trade to us as well. They have 48 hours to negotiate with UFAs and RFAs, so if they can work out a deal and instead of offer sheeting, they can work out a trade that works for the both of us. There are many options, but exposing him in the draft is not one of them.
  7. What do you define as a big impact? Stetcher has been a top 4 dman for us this year. Schultz hasn't been as good as expected but plays regularly in the NHL. Reilly is playing regularly for the Wild. Older signings are Bozak and Krug. They may not be superstar players but they can be decent role players that can be acquired for free, so why not?
  8. Of those choices, I'd pick Pittsburgh. Potentially playing with Crosby or Malkin on a real contending team, seems like a no brainer to me. Edmonton has a lot of good young players right now, so it could be harder to crack their lineup at this point and it is doubtful that he plays with McDavid anyway. He has more of an opportunity to shine here, but his stats would be more padded with Crosby and Malkin to give him a nice paycheque after his first contract is done. Would still love it if he signed here though as a Canucks fan.
  9. I'm glad he's not going to waste his time visiting cities and dragging everything out. Just goes to show that he knows what he's looking for in a team instead waiting for Gretzky to make his decision for him. We could use more guys with size that can produce offensively. Even if he's not the driver of the offense and works off talented players, that is just fine now that we have acquired more skilled (but smaller) players. I do believe if he signs with the Canucks that he would benefit most with a year in the AHL before making the jump to the NHL as he seems like a player that progresses more over time, so the gradual transition to the NHL would be better for his confidence and to ease his way into our demanding market.
  10. Still worth another look at he had a decent preseason on a bum knee. Some guys are just late bloomers and he's showing signs of that. We sign him for another year with an outclause to the KHL if he doesn't cut it here and doesn't want to stick around. Worst case is that he is a bust and all that was wasted was a spot that a PTO could've taken instead.
  11. Interesting signing, basically a younger Skille. Forward depth has been crippled and Utica needs to keep their guys for the playoff push. Grenier will be far more useful in Utica as it just doesn't seem like he will cut it in the NHL. Good time for a "preseason" look against competition that doesn't have the excuse of still shaking the rust off.
  12. This sounds very much like the attitude towards Burrows after last season ended and several people would've been happy to just buy him out. Not even a full season later, we trade him for a top end 2nd rounder with multiple teams asking for him. A lot of people here seem to love the sell low, buy high method which makes absolutely no sense and is what a desperate GM would do. Even if Edler doesn't bounce back, he is a veteran that has Stanley Cup finals experience that is a good role model for our young prospects as shown by Stetcher's praise and on-ice play. He is only 31 heading into next season and could easily have 5+ more seasons left in him.
  13. Well it depends what their gameplan is going into the draft. You have to consider all the others players they are drafting as well. Sbisa may fill a position that they are lacking. They need to draft 30 players for a 23 man roster, so unless they plan on waiving at least 7 players, they have to look at guys that are waiver exempt as well. Based on our players available, I can't imagine we have many that are high on their priority list. Benning made the right moves at the deadline to relieve us of this headache. Sbisa is really the only guy that will make an immediate impact for their team. Gaunce has potential but is also a risk for them and won't have a lot of trade value, so unless he has a strong finish to the year, I'd have to think they would lean towards Sbisa. Plus looking at the everything else about Gaunce other than age, Chaput and Cramarossa could be just as enticing for them if they are leaning in that direction.
  14. It'll depend on what Vegas is looking for when they look to pick from us. A veteran dman to solidify the backend or a young bottom 6 forward to fill out the rest of their roster. If they are to draft the best player available from each team, then it's Sbisa unless they want to take less cap. They could surprise us and grab Bachman for their AHL team because they are drafting 30 players for a 23 man roster, so it also depends on what they are in need of when they come to looking at our team. If we lose Sbisa, we are not just losing him for nothing, we are gaining cap room to sign another player or use towards the extension of Horvat and Gudbranson. Going into next season, we should have Edler, Tanev, Hutton, Gudbranson, Tryamkin and Stetcher as our top 6, so we won't be hurt too badly losing Sbisa other than depth but we also have Pedan, Subban, McEneny, etc in the system. Biega seems to be the perfect guy for the 7-8 spot. He's at the point of his career that hes happy to make an NHL salary and I trust him when he is needed. Losing Gaunce isn't the end of the world either, but I prefer to keep him as he's young and fits with the rebuild. He has good work ethic, size and decent skating for a bottom 6 forward. Hoping his 0 goals to date scares off Vegas because I think he would be good for 5-10 goals next season.