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  1. Virtanen can benefit from a year in the AHL. When there was a lockout and several players when down to the AHL, a lot of unexpected guys that would be sent down in a normal situation actually upped their level of play when they returned. Virtanen has the tools to be an NHL player, but could hone his skills by getting bigger minutes on the farm team.
  2. He doesn't seem like he would be a bad pick up. About a 30 point guy currently. Only 25 years old and decent size.
  3. I'd give Ehrhoff a PTO to see if he can rekindle some magic with the Sedins. I would also give Mike Richards a PTO as he could fit into our bottom 6 possibly.
  4. Depth down the middle is key. Winning face offs and keeping possession has been shown to be very important. Sutter is one of our better players in that department, so it makes more sense to keep him at center. Just balance out the minutes for the 2nd and 3rd lines. I wouldn't mind seeing Sutter on the PP. Sutter adds a second center man for whichever side the draw is and if Henrik is waved out. Sutter would be the guy that crashes the net and Eriksson could play a point possibly.
  5. The Mats Sundin signing elevated Ryan Kesler's game. He also added Malhotra and Lapierre who solidified the bottom 6 center depth. Even though other players were brought in by other GMs, he helped retain key players that led us to the finals. He was very well deserving of the recognition. He just became very arrogant afterwards and no one wanted to deal with that.
  6. I think he was a waiver pick up, so cost us nothing.
  7. Maybe the Canucks are sending him there to scout their prospects, then we will officially sign him and get a scouting report.
  8. Not all 1st overall picks are generational talents. He's been given third line minutes and produced above average 3rd line offensive production. He's scoring at almost 0.5ppg. Baertschi's best year is this year and he only got 28 points in 69 games and he was given 2nd line minutes. Baertschi will still improve but there's no doubt that Yakupov is still the better player at this point. Their situations are different for sure, but my point is that if Edmonton would be happy with a 2nd for him, I'm sure many teams would've jumped at that opportunity, especially Benning if he was willing to give up a 2nd for players like Baertschi and Vey. Teams offering a 3rd means nothing because they're just trying to lowball and clearly it's not working. As for Draisaitl, injuries to RNH and McDavid allowed him to get more minutes to succeed. Is Draisaitl a better player than Yakupov? Yes, but that's also why teams aren't going to be able to acquire his potential for cheap. I agree that Yakupov would be a project and I agree that he's not lived up to his 1st overall billing, but he has NHL offensive skills and to want Baertschi over him seems ridiculous to me, even at this point.
  9. Who would you pick if you had the choice between Vey, Baertschi or Yakupov? Has Yakupov lived up to his first overall billing? No, but that hardly makes him a bust. He's been played as a third liner in Edmonton and he's been putting 30 points or more a year. I see him as a very good 2nd liner if given the chance. I don't think he's been given every chance to succeed in Edmonton and if he wasn't going to be a top 6 player for them, then they shouldn't have rushed him into the NHL. Vey and Baertschi are far more the definition of a project than Yakupov. My feeling is Edmonton is asking for more as shown in your example of Sanheim. Teams would've jumped at the deal if it was only for a 2nd. Although now that Edmonton has set the precedent with the Hall for Larsson deal, they won't be getting many good offers now for Yakupov.
  10. Interesting if true, Benning would trade a 2nd for Vey and Baertschi, so either Benning thinks Yakupov is worse than those players or that was never the asking price if the Canucks were interested.
  11. Sounds like he rather be on a competitive team and try to win a cup rather than just be in it for the money.
  12. Honestly this was probably "leaked" from the Lucic camp to try to increase his value. It's like telling the Canucks, for example, that if you don't want to pay me more then I'll go to your rival. I hope Lucic eats up most of their cap so they can't acquire any decent dman, which is what they really need.
  13. If it weren't for the draft lottery and the teams got to pick where they ended up in the standings, most of the teams would've gotten who they wanted. The Jets really are the biggest winners in all of this. Toronto - Matthews Edmonton - Laine Vancouver - Puljujarvi Columbus - Dubois Calgary - Tkachuk Winnipeg - Juolevi? Although I like Juolevi, I feel like we would've been happier with Puljujarvi considering how we finished the year. We lost the most, imo, in this draft lottery.
  14. If we aren't signing decent names, then I would rather just play the young guys on our team already. I would not sign anyone over 26 because bargain bin hunting is about finding potential and having them exceed beyond what is expected of them. With that said, some bubble players would be Sam Gagner, Brandon Pirri, Patrick Wiercioch and maybe Justin Schultz depending on what we need. If we are looking for guys that are more for the AHL but has potential for more, I'd look at Jarred Tinordi, Cameron Gaunce, Drew Shore and Landon Ferraro. If these guys aren't signed, I'd like to see us at least give some PTOs to see if they fit.