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  1. It depends what kind of PIMs are they getting. If they are fighting/roughing, then obviously they are the physical minutes, but if they are stick infractions, then that's lack of discipline or speed possibly. This is why it's incredible how little PIMs Tanev had for a dman to avoid the needless penalties and still be able to do his job effectively. Alzner's low amount of PIMs probably means he plays a good defensive game without the need to take too many minors. This makes him a good replacement for Tanev, but what will be the cost of signing him? Anything more than Tanev, then it's not really worth it.
  2. What's even more interesting is Ron Delorme is in every pic except the most recent one.
  3. Palmu is 20 lbs heavier. Would be interesting to see if he plays more like a hybrid of Gaudreau and Gallagher.
  4. It's definitely an uphill battle, but if Lind comes out on fire to start next season and there are a few players that make their NHL teams or have injuries, hopefully he makes himself noticeable to be chosen.
  5. Great name. Always like to root for these smaller underdog players to make it. Our new Brandon Ried! From the highlight package, seems like a quick shifty player with good vision. With a decent build for a guy of his height, hopefully he can translate his game to the higher leagues.
  6. Curious if they will want him in the AHL next year. It would allow Dahlen to get a season in the AHL also and they will be comfortable with each other and see how they fare against NA opponents.
  7. Even if we got the 15th overall, it's a deeper draft and the quality will be about a 5-10 pick from this year's draft anyway. They could be slightly better with the acquisitions, but I doubt they will that much better. Especially when Raanta is an unproven starter, Hjalmarsson was behind Norris calibre dmen, and Stepan is really at best a good second line center.
  8. Interesting, but doubt they would make a move like that. Although crazier things have happened.
  9. Maybe Middlestadt will be like Kessel.
  10. They traded away their 7th overall, what would we get back? I suppose I would take their 2018 1st, should be a good pick.
  11. I was only suggesting that he could eventually overtake the top line center spot after adjusting to the AHL and I was mostly suggesting this because of the depth of center that we have currently. Valk could be the top guy to start the year, but he has only recently got out from being up and down from the ECHL. As for MacEwen, I thought he was more of a winger, but if he can be that big centerman, then that would be a big boost for our centers. He's listed as a C/RW whereas Zhukenov is listed as a center and I believe Zhukenov took a lot of draws during the playoffs. I haven't scouted these players a lot and I could be way off, but this is just the impression I get from the information that I have.
  12. Ah missed that, but I think my point still holds just instead of the GM calling the shots, the owner is and Tippett would rather not be a part of that.
  13. Carcone is a scoring winger. Zhukenov is a playmaking center. Zhukenov needs to focus on the defensive side of the game much more and takes draws (and does a good job at it). Carcone had no playoff success while Zhukenov seemed to step up for it. I agree that the AHL is a whole different league and I don't think he will succeed immediately, but with our depth, he should get a good look in the middle 6 if not be our top center in Utica over the course of the year.
  14. The Canucks could have waited, but I doubt Housley would've chosen us. Buffalo is closer to making that next step to becoming a contender, so it's a good time for a coach to jump in and have decent pieces to work with. The Canucks would've needed to dump a whole pile of cash just to get him to even consider.