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  1. He will still have to earn his spot on the team as I don't think he's being guaranteed an NHL roster spot (MacKinnon, Duchene, Soderberg, Wilson, Compher and maybe even Jost, plus recently signed NCAA free agent Toninato as center depth). He found a team that has the least depth and may possibly give him that opportunity. He's 23 years old, so his window to make the NHL is not that big. He could've chosen a better team, but he may not ever get a shot on a team with good depth. His dad is part owner of the Whitecaps, so I think he has some funds. Maybe not to buy the team on his own.
  2. They signed Nick Bonino and also have Jarnkrok, Smith and Sissons that can play center.
  3. Utica isn't far from NYC. I would say NYC is an expensive city to live in, but he has a rich dad.
  4. If it's pre-planned, I hope they're happy with the 4th overall pick.
  5. I know we didn't draft him to be in the bottom 6, but my point is not all is lost if it takes longer for him to find his offensive game because he can contribute in the bottom 6. If he can play physical, and be decent defensively in the meantime, then he will be at least a serviceable player rather than the nothing you worry that he may become. Could he potentially become nothing? Sure, but so could any player not a generational talent. I rather we invest in the local kid and develop him properly instead of having expectations for him to succeed immediately or move on. I wouldn't be oppose to a trade that makes sense for us either, but right now he is the type of player that we are missing in our lineup.
  6. Considering how many soft players there are, seems pretty silly to single out Raymond of all players. Raymond had a bit of edge, just didn't have the strength or size to be effective in that part of his game. Considering we have a player like Goldobin currently, Raymond probably isn't even the softest Canuck. I would consider Gretzky soft considering they needed to bring in bodyguards to play with him.
  7. There may be more wingers now, but maybe only Gadjovich provides what Virtanen would with his physicality. He needs to produce more offense if he expects to be in the top 6 for sure, but he has the traits that could allow him to play bottom 6 minutes as well, unlike some of the other wingers we have who have more pressure to produce offensively to stick in the NHL. I personally think Virtanen could use one more season in Utica before getting a real look at full time duties in the NHL, so I won't be upset if he gets sent down again this season. However, he looks to be committed to his fitness this year and is showing that he has the determination to try and be successful, so if he wins out a spot this year, then that is just a bonus. This may not be a Neely or Bertuzzi situation, but I rather not find out the hard way dealing him too early with so much potential still there.
  8. Make or break? Really? A 20 year old? Even Bertuzzi didn't get traded until he was 22 and look how that turned out. Although Neely was dealt when he was 21, so lets try going down that route again.
  9. For the ones that question his skating, although not a speedster, I remember having the speed to be hard on the forecheck and he often was stealing the puck from opponents with his puck pursuit.
  10. I am most curious about Holm. Likely didn't get many votes because not many has seen him yet to see what type of player he is. I think he may be a surprise at camp or at least I hope so. As for the list, I think Labate and Zhukenov should be in the top 20. Jasek might be in my 21st spot. I think this ranking is about potential and Pedan isn't looking to be anything more than a press box dman at the NHL level and Cassels hasn't shown much progression, so I can understand them being unranked. I think Rathbone will have much to prove before entering the top 20. My most controversial opinion may be that I think Palmu falls out of my top 20 for now. He has skill, but one has to factor that he was a late draft pick in his draft+2 year. He could be the type of player that never gets drafted and signs a free agency contract based on the decent stars as an overager, eg Dane Fox. This combined with his size and his possible character issues that have recently come to light have me concerned about his potential.
  11. Everyone boasts about Bo's skating coach, but perhaps it's Horvat's determination and dedication that has allowed him to achieve his improvements and success?
  12. Not a clear indicator, but here is something to consider, Grenier had 48 PIMs in 95 games in juniors and MacEwen had 146 PIMs in 132 games (9 fights). Simply looking at those stats, Grenier didn't really ever seem to play with a physical edge even with his size, whereas MacEwen looks to be willing to be more willing to play with some grit. This tells me that at worse MacEwen will play with some physicality that could potentially get him into at least the bottom 6 on an NHL team if he can't translate his offense.
  13. If Boeser is given a top 6 role on the Canucks and a chance to succeed, then I am all for keeping him on the big club. If he is going to be demoted early or playing a 3rd/4th line role on the team, then I would just send him to Utica. I don't think age plays a huge part in the scenario as Boeser seems very mature and works hard, but he does need to be put in a position for him to learn where he will be playing for years to come, even if there are some growing pains. I know Brock still has to earn his spot on the roster to be given this opportunity, but it's different for a 20 year old (21 in Feb) coming into the league then an 18 year old doing the same coming out of juniors. It seems college players have an easier transition into the NHL as they had those extra couple of years to mature and develop their games.
  14. Bure is 5'10, Palmu is 5'6, league average heights have gone up since 1989. Bure was drafted at 18 years old, Palmu at 20. As mentioned already, Bure was drafted late only because the Canucks found a way to make it work, he was going to be 1st overall or at least top 3 in the following draft where everyone else thought he would eligible. I want Palmu to succeed, but these comparisons to Bure are too high of an expectation that will only lead to disappointment. Besides, I think if we are to compare him to an NHL player, I would think more along the lines of Cammalleri or maybe St. Louis.
  15. Gillis was working with a winning team meaning low picks and dealing picks to try to win the cup. Different scenarios, but I do agree that Benning's drafting is probably better than Gillis' when you look into the later rounds.