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  1. Why water down the league? There's already teams purposely tanking, so no need to keep playing players that cannot keep up. Having these players who could actually be star players in lower league can boost hockey in those respective countries which could bring more world interest in the game. This could lead to more interest in new players and develop more talent around the world.
  2. Brock Boeser Talk

    This isn't a bad thing, teams fighting for the playoffs should result in a higher draft pick versus a contender. Just hope the team he is traded to chokes to boost our pick.
  3. [Signing] Coyotes sign Antoine Vermette

    He'll be traded at the deadline again to help with their rebuild.
  4. Mark Spector Hurls Some Sense At Your Face

    If Beauchemin can be signed for relatively cheap (2.5?), I wouldn't mind having a vet like him on the back line.
  5. [GDT] Canucks @ Leafs

    I believe he said Kassian
  6. Kesler Hurt By Canuck's Fans Booing

    The fans cheered him for 10 years. Did he expect a hero's welcome wearing a Ducks jersey? If he still wanted cheers here, he should've stayed here. I probably would've applauded after the tribute but booed him the rest of the game if I was there.
  7. [Player Discussion] Sbisa

    Very intrigued to see him play. Always enjoyed watching him when he played for the Swiss teams.
  8. [Signing] Jordan Schroeder in Minnesota

    If he makes the team, I could see Cooke being bumped to the 4th line and he plays on the third line wing.
  9. Well the franchise dman was what we were looking for right?
  10. [Signing] Jordan Schroeder in Minnesota

    Was he ever counted on being a top guy here? I don't see how the situation is really any different now for him than before other than him trying to make it in his hometown.
  11. Vey vs Etem

    Perhaps he's grown a bit since his minor days?
  12. [Trade] Sam Gagner dealt to AZ Coyotes

    Sam gagner is so overrated on this forum. Thinking yandle was involved? Lol
  13. [Trade] Gagner for Purcell

    Do people not know who Teddy Purcell is? Gagner is a good player, but he is injury prone and might be a 50-60 point guy if he can stay healthy. Purcell has been putting up similar numbers and actually plays full seasons.
  14. Wake Me Up When September Ends: Ryan Kesler Tribute

    Going to miss Kesler but also hope Anahiem doesn't win a cup with him with the way he left.