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  1. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    Fabbro and Allard could start off on bottom pair roles or the AHL for a couple of years at least before needing to make the decision if it's worth losing Ellis. I've never questioned whether Ellis can handle playing as a small dman, but rather simply if he can handle top pairing minutes. I personally feel he's just a top 4 dman (albiet a good one) that might be fetching around 6 million for possibly max term with trade clauses if he hits the open market. Perhaps he will sign for a more reasonable deal which I would be absolutely fine with, but reasonable deals usually only happen with their original team or some home town discount. Ellis had proven his worth, but I think it was more the availability of Johansen (1st line center) that they were lacking that made Jones expendable. Plus the fact that they had Weber, Josi, and Ekholm as well to trade from a position of strength to fix a weakness.
  2. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    I meant planning around the possibility of even getting him. We don't know if he will be traded to another team or what his asking terms are come free agency. Maybe he re-signs at a very reasonable deal with Nashville. When Ellis hits free agency, Nashville has a lot of cap to work with with most of their key pieces already signed. It will take quite the deal to pry him from away and that is what worries me. There may be more upcoming UFAs as of right now, but it would likely not be the same number of players come July 1st 2019.
  3. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    Hard to gauge Ellis for me because he has Subban, Josi, and Ekholm on that defense plus Rinne in net. He will be much more exposed with us or he could have more of an opportunity to excel. The decent money and term compared to value is my major concern. I have no problem with Ellis and think he's an excellent player, but I just don't see him being the guy that makes a big enough of a difference to justify what he will likely get in free agency. He going to be 28 in 2019 and I imagine he will be looking for that big contract and the only way he gets a decent value deal is if he chooses to stay in Nashville. We are doing well rebuilding and we need to bring in the right pieces (on ice value and cap value) to complement it. Ellis could be it, but I personally wouldn't plan around that possibility.
  4. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    Point still stands, Ellis will be a top 4 player if/when one of our current guys are gone. Still need that top pairing talent. His price tag may not be equivalent to his worth come free agency, so we will see how much he will fetch. Need to be careful in how we spend our cap long term if our prospects start living up to their potential.
  5. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    I wouldn't be upset if we signed Ellis or the other top 4 D at reasonable contracts. The way I see it now is that Edler and Tanev/Gudbranson should be on the second pairing while Stecher and Gudbranson/Tanev on the the bottom pairing. If we have a solid top pair, those dmen will be in minutes and roles that suit them and make the defense harder to play against. Bumping them up and having Hutton and Pouliot in the bottom pair is what's making the quality lower. This is not to say Hutton and Pouliot cannot improve and have a role, but based on last season, that was the weakness IMO. Until Juolevi gets used to the NHL and if we ever find another elusive #1/top 2 dman (please be Dahlin), signing more top 4 guys and propelling them into higher roles that don't suit them will keep us where we are at. Signing a guy like Ellis (or if one of our prospects develop into a decent NHLer, which I would ideally prefer) to eventually replace the loss of Tanev for example, I would be perfectly fine with, but IMO it won't solve the problem that we have.
  6. Steep price for scoring depth and a player having the worst season of his career. Tatar costs 5.3 million (highest paid player on Vegas currently), I can't see Neal making more than that and they could've just re-signed him, but instead took 5.3 million off their cap to work with (although they have a lot of cap to work with). Tatar is going to really have to turn it around, but as of right now, it's looking like one of the first major gaffes of McPhee's tenure with Vegas. Detroit is probably glad to rid themselves of that contract before the NTC kicked in.
  7. NHL Draft 2019 - Tickets

    I think it would be an interesting experience to attend, but it's so dragged out on TV, I can't really imagine how boring it would be to see in person (other than the Canucks pick and booing Bettman). I highly doubt it'll be sold out.
  8. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    It is of my opinion that we have the top 4 dmen depth already and we are lacking quality top 2 dmen. If we get the top 2 dmen, then that will bump down the minutes of our current D and those players will play much more suited to their level.
  9. It's a good situation to be in to have players stepping up and forcing the lower quality out. That's how a team improves. However, what if Pettersson and Gaudette aren't ready and we don't have NHL level players in the meantime?
  10. [Rumor] Canucks interested in Tyler Bozak

    I don't think Carlson will hit free agency. Washington would be silly to let him go at this point and where else would he go that will pay him and still be on a team as good as the Caps anyway? From the list next year, Karlsson will be re-signed or traded to a team that will re-sign him, same situation with Doughty. Ellis, Myers and Gardiner are top 4 dmen with different pros and cons, so I don't think they will change our defense too much. McDonagh and OEL are top 2 guys that could be decent but will have to see how much they want. Carlson may just be having a good contract year, but offensively, he might be what we are truly lacking in that top puck moving PP QB. Have to gauge that when deciding if it's worth spending if he makes it to UFA.
  11. (Proposal) Canucks-Stars

    It definitely is a lot of variables and it's understandable that we could one of the 10 teams. However he is also a pending UFA, so does he want to be underutilized in Dallas and possibly be out of the NHL or find a cheap contract to prove his worth again or does he want to come to a team that has the opportunity for him to succeed (offensive minutes from Hank retiring)? That's from Spezza's perspective, but from Dallas' perspective, they have lots of cap and would be in no rush to move him. The only incentive I can see is that maybe they want a backup and Nilsson is cheap and we may want to bring up Demko so it benefits us as well so maybe something can be worked out revolving around him and Spezza. The owners from Dallas seems to have too much beef with us to make a reasonable deal though.
  12. Good thing Benning is building a team with skill and speed.
  13. Vegas had a few players acquired through trade from the expansion time as well who will considered as throw aways, so one could say Tatar is no different. Vegas would've been better off keeping their picks considering they have no pressure this year to win it all. The season they've had is already a success regardless of playoff performance and now they are sitting the guy they sold some of their future for and they are still dominant. The fans will overlook this for now and GMs make mistakes occasionally, but MacPhee is experienced (Forsberg for Erat) and if he continues to make moves like this, it'll add up and could take away from something special they have built so far.
  14. I don't think there's an exact science to who will manage injuries better than others. Some veterans play a style that just gets them injured more often but if they take it down a level, they are no longer NHLers. I think the most important thing is proper conditioning. The Sedins have remained relatively healthy throughout their career and they are known for their conditioning. One might say their style of play that is slower allows them to stay healthy, but the amount of physical play they withstand, it's amazing they can play as much as they do. I think I am responding to the main part of your topic.
  15. (Proposal) OTT-VAN

    7.25 million for 4 more years will be very hard to swallow. He still has some decent skill, but maybe worth half that contract. Hard part is that we most likely will have to protect him in the next expansion as well which is the hardest part of taking him on IMO. I would consider taking their unprotected 1st in 2019 (Vancouver draft), but it might take more to play around with this move to make it work.