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  1. They drafted Zetterberg and Datsyuk in the 6th and 7th rounds, so they could still find the next one's without the top end picks. Problem is that they were ahead of the times in drafting and now more teams have caught on making it harder to pick those late round gems before another team does.
  2. It's not so much that I think they are being phased out, I think the game is progressing beyond their abilities at this point. I would love to have them around for another 3 years during the transition of the newly drafted and developed players, however they seem a step behind amongst today's NHLers. They are extremely fit and do have flashes of brilliance still, but they truly do not deserve the top line minutes anymore based on their play (probably shouldn't be the first unit PP anymore either). The fact that they need to be signed together will be a detriment towards them getting new contracts. I'm not sure if they expect to play together, but I think what would help their careers is finally to be split as they both still possess great vision, but need to find other players the puck rather than just each other. Plus it's hard to play two players with their pace in today's NHL.
  3. That's right, I knew I forgot someone. I agree so probably I'll change it to Gadjovich - Gaunce - MacEwen
  4. Oh I definitely don't think that is the future roster, just showing the depth we have in our prospects. There are several others that I have left out that could be boom or bust also. But the fact that we could potentially ice a team of players we solely drafted speaks wonders of the improvement in drafting/prospect evaluation since Benning has arrived. On the topic of defense, I think we will have someone pretty special in Chatfield. He won't be an elite dman, but I could see him in a pretty big role soon enough.
  5. Boeser and Lind would look good on the top 6 and Lockwood on the 3rd line possibly. I've always believed that Virtanen is a left winger as he seems to play his best offensively on that side. With that said: Dahlen - Pettersson - Boeser Virtanen - Horvat - Lind Goldobin - Gaudette - Lockwood Gadjovich - MacEwen - Mackenzie Future looks bright.
  6. Or giving him the benefit of the doubt, he probably expected the goalie to slide across and knew the goalie would open up. That's hockey IQ right there!
  7. Benning as director of scouting does his duties and gives his list of players based on recommendations from other scouts as well and the GM decides who ultimately is the best option. There are other factors like whether the team committed the money and efforts to allow for proper scouting in Europe for example. Also, the money for proper development. Now he is the GM here and I've listed his track record so far. The fact that 3 out of 5 first rounders are in the NHL now and the latest two are the ones (18 and 19 year olds) not currently in the NHL, I think he's doing quite well so far. Combine this with the fact that the rules changed in the draft in the last two years and we could've drafted Puljujarvi and Patrick in those last two years who would probably be in our NHL roster now, I think I'm not too concerned with Benning's decisions in the draft. Don't forget that Benning has found gems past the first round (Gaudette, Lockwood, Lind, Gadjovich, Tryamkin, etc). His track record currently for his drafting here looks quite good. I just hope he's allowed to be here long enough to see the team that he's building flourish instead of being fired and having another GM inherit the work he has done.
  8. My bad, you're right. I guess I'm slowly trying to forget about that series.
  9. Considering that it was McQuaid who broke Raymond's back. I guess this could be seen as a bit of a revenge. Correction: It was Boychuk who broke his back, but I'm sure McQuaid has done something worthy of revenge.
  10. Funny how he could've put it into the gaping net, but decides to make it more embarrassing for the goalie by tucking it five hole.
  11. So Benning is responsible for those picks as the director of amateur scouting and he's also to questioned here as the GM? Perhaps the Buffalo GM at the time could take some responsibility for those picks? Benning could have provided his input, but who knows who Benning may have really wanted versus what the GM ultimately decided on. Benning in his time here has drafted Virtanen, McCann, Boeser, Juolevi and Pettersson. Virtanen has turned things around and is playing in the NHL. McCann is in the NHL and we acquired a former 3rd overall pick for him. Boeser, enough said. Still early to judge Juolevi and Pettersson. Also, keep in mind that if the draft rules didn't change after McDavid, we probably would have Puljujarvi and Patrick in the last couple of drafts. Hindsight is 20/20 and it's easy to say a different pick should've been made after the fact. For some of the successful players that some may have wanted during the draft, sometimes players succeed in the situation they are put in and may not have translated the same here. In the end, the picks that the Canucks have made are not the worst options and combine them with solid later picks and a formidable team should be formed in the near future.
  12. I think there are other factors other than the product on the ice, like living costs for example. I assume a lot of people are barely getting by in their daily lives or prefer to save their little surplus on a vacation rather than on Canucks tickets. There is that plus the bandwagoner aspect. It doesn't make sense for people to spend even $40 for a ticket, when the on ice product is mediocre, the experience is dull and the food and beverage is expensive for what you get. There are a ton of rich people also because someone has to be able to afford the housing here, but many are foreigners who may not be passionate about hockey and would not fork out money on a rebuilding product.
  13. Well Linden was on that team. He has always been a Canuck at heart. No one on the Canucks really deserved to be on Team Canada that year though (even Messier).
  14. Pittsburgh is a back-to-back Stanley Cup winning team that has Letang and Schultz as their offensive leaders on defense. The Canucks currently near the bottom of the pack traded a guy that couldn't crack the roster. So do I back up the claim that Pouliot has more potential to be an NHL player? Absolutely. I think Pittburgh does indeed have a decent GM because they got assets for a guy they could've potentially lost for nothing, but that's beside the point.
  15. I believe his point is that Pouliot has more potential to become an NHL player. Toughness is something we could use, but we are lacking that elusive offensive dman. Toughness is much easier to find when needed, especially a potential bottom 6 tough guy filler like Pedan.