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  1. (ROOMER) LEAFS make offer for TANEV

    I agree that there is no pressure to deal Tanev, but just have to start asking questions of when is the right time to move him if ever. I certainly don't think Liljegren and a 1st would be a bargain. Perhaps add in a player that can play now and that's about where the value of Tanev would be (player, prospect, pick).
  2. (ROOMER) LEAFS make offer for TANEV

    You're right that I can't be so sure of it and maybe he does have potential given he was a highly ranked pick at one point. IMO, nothing screams at me that he is potentially a #1 at this point. A lot of prospects are considered fast and skilled and some become nothing or very little in the end. Watching the World Juniors as a small sample size, you compare him to someone like Dahlin and you can see a huge difference in someone who has real potential to be a #1. My biggest concern is Tanev's injuries. It's almost like how Sami Salo was. When Salo was in the lineup, we had a much better defence, but at some point we have to determine whether it's better to keep him because he can play enough games or to deal him before the injuries take their toll and he starts to decline sooner than we would like.
  3. If I got the choice, Gudbranson would be what I would give up simply because of his UFA status.
  4. (ROOMER) LEAFS make offer for TANEV

    I think Liljegren could be a good player, but definitely not a #1 guy (or shouldn't be on a good team). Liljegren will probably be what we are hoping Hutton and Pouliot will become. I think he will be an excellent 2nd pairing dman. With that said, if this was the deal offered, then yes I would be happy to take it. Love Tanev and he makes the defence much better when he's in the lineup, but the question is how often will he be in the lineup. That late 1st is hopefully what should put us over the top in this deal if we nab another dman or someone like Dominik Bokk. Would be nice to squeeze a little more like say a conditional 4th that becomes a 3rd if they make it past the 2nd round of the playoffs.
  5. [PGT] Vancouver Canucks vs. Edmonton Oilers

    If the Oilers don't make the playoffs, they will somehow win the lottery, so technically they are not moving any further. However we are closer to 5th overall again.
  6. They may not have a direct impact on each other, but having Horvat in the lineup provides another threat offensively meaning the opposition has another player to focus on. This takes some pressure off of Boeser and allows him to have a bit more space. You can see now that the defenders are focusing in on Boeser and he has very little time and space to execute. Interesting stats nonetheless though.
  7. No need to lose hope yet. Barzal could get an injury (not hoping for it) that sets him back while Boeser slowly creeps back up. Still a lot of games left to be played and although Barzal may look to be running away with it now, Horvat's return could change all of that.
  8. Kole Lind | RW

    Goals are considered primary points. He has 56 points as of now and 51 of those points are primary (goals and primary assist), which is 91%. If we are looking at assists only, he has 35 assists as of now and 30 of those are primary assists, which is 86% of his assists are primary. Hope that clears it up. Did you know that 57% of stats are made up though?
  9. [Report]  Sharks looking to trade vet D-man Paul Martin

    He's the type of guy you go after once you've lost out on getting Gudbranson.
  10. Barzal with a 5 point night. Will Boeser have a big night in his home state to keep up?
  11. [Signing] Jagr to Flames

    He could always sign a one day contract and retire as a Penguin or something, so he isn't tainted to be retiring with the Flames. I am curious what would be the 1% chance that brings him back. If someone offered him a 10 million dollar contract?
  12. Helped that Boeser had some excellent performances in the East to wake them up.
  13. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    But that is my point exactly, his value is percieved to be so low right now that he's not even garnering any interest (no calls at all apparently). However I think Benning is just trying to spin that he's not shopping him or listening to offers, but instead he made it sound like Hutton has no interest anywhere, which makes him sound like he's much worse than he really is. Hutton is dman with decent size and has shown some good offensive rushes. I'd assume some GM would inquire for a project for project trade at the very least. Even if it was a call to try and fleece Benning, that's still a call. If Benning isn't interested in taking calls for Hutton right now, then that's a different story and how I would've spun the rumour.
  14. (Rumour) Canucks listening to offers for Hutton

    It's probably a bad sign of his value if he really isn't getting any calls even inquiring about Hutton.
  15. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    Benning seems like he doesn't mind going for an overager with his later picks and if any of these guys were available, I'd take a flyer on them, especially Bucek.