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  1. I think there are other factors other than the product on the ice, like living costs for example. I assume a lot of people are barely getting by in their daily lives or prefer to save their little surplus on a vacation rather than on Canucks tickets. There is that plus the bandwagoner aspect. It doesn't make sense for people to spend even $40 for a ticket, when the on ice product is mediocre, the experience is dull and the food and beverage is expensive for what you get. There are a ton of rich people also because someone has to be able to afford the housing here, but many are foreigners who may not be passionate about hockey and would not fork out money on a rebuilding product.
  2. Well Linden was on that team. He has always been a Canuck at heart. No one on the Canucks really deserved to be on Team Canada that year though (even Messier).
  3. Pittsburgh is a back-to-back Stanley Cup winning team that has Letang and Schultz as their offensive leaders on defense. The Canucks currently near the bottom of the pack traded a guy that couldn't crack the roster. So do I back up the claim that Pouliot has more potential to be an NHL player? Absolutely. I think Pittburgh does indeed have a decent GM because they got assets for a guy they could've potentially lost for nothing, but that's beside the point.
  4. I believe his point is that Pouliot has more potential to become an NHL player. Toughness is something we could use, but we are lacking that elusive offensive dman. Toughness is much easier to find when needed, especially a potential bottom 6 tough guy filler like Pedan.
  5. Left the practice awhile ago, Vanek has a good shot, but looked gassed and slow at time during this practice. I agree that MacEwen looked sharp and stood out amongst the younger guys. Looks like Vanek-Sutter-Eriksson could be looked at as a potential line. Weircioch looked like a smooth skater and made some decent passes. The Sedins always seem ready for training camp, epitome of fitness.
  6. If I was a UFA looking for a PTO, the Canucks would be a great place to try. The situation with the China games and split squad means having the extra chance to impress and show yourself. Sometimes it's not just trying to impress the team you signed your PTO for because if you do well and the team doesn't sign them, another team could swoop them up, do you want to go to a situation where you have a chance to play in the preseason. I would think the vets actually want to go to China as it could be a rare opportunity to travel and play there plus be ambassadors of the game.
  7. If only to just add another jersey to his collection, then why not? Give him a PTO so he can play in China to market the game and go from there.
  8. This is hard to really determine. The KHL and SEL and other Euro teams could have players that could easily make NHL rosters (look at the impact someone like Panarin can make), but for reasons like family or whatever, they stay in their respective countries (see Tryamkin). There are also contract restrictions like Jasek had to keep him in the Czech League, so there are many factors why sometimes good players in Europe cannot come over so easily. AHL has more graduates simply because most of those players are draft picks of signing of the NHL clubs so it is easier for them to bring up those players because of the affiliation. So yes you could say the AHL has more players that play in the NHL, but how many players in those other leagues could play in the NHL? It would be interesting to send top teams in the AHL vs those teams in Europe in some sort of champions league type style of tournament.
  9. Chaisson, Korpikoski, Purcell Chaisson because he plays a physical game and can put up 20-30 points, worth taking a look to see if he can fill a bottom 6 role. Korpikoski because he's a decent two way center. 4th line center option plus gotta love the Finns. Purcell because he has a shot in the middle 6, but he has seemed to have dropped off quite a bit. Still worth a tryout with his size and decent offensive production before.
  10. He will still have to earn his spot on the team as I don't think he's being guaranteed an NHL roster spot (MacKinnon, Duchene, Soderberg, Wilson, Compher and maybe even Jost, plus recently signed NCAA free agent Toninato as center depth). He found a team that has the least depth and may possibly give him that opportunity. He's 23 years old, so his window to make the NHL is not that big. He could've chosen a better team, but he may not ever get a shot on a team with good depth. His dad is part owner of the Whitecaps, so I think he has some funds. Maybe not to buy the team on his own.
  11. They signed Nick Bonino and also have Jarnkrok, Smith and Sissons that can play center.
  12. Utica isn't far from NYC. I would say NYC is an expensive city to live in, but he has a rich dad.
  13. If it's pre-planned, I hope they're happy with the 4th overall pick.
  14. I know we didn't draft him to be in the bottom 6, but my point is not all is lost if it takes longer for him to find his offensive game because he can contribute in the bottom 6. If he can play physical, and be decent defensively in the meantime, then he will be at least a serviceable player rather than the nothing you worry that he may become. Could he potentially become nothing? Sure, but so could any player not a generational talent. I rather we invest in the local kid and develop him properly instead of having expectations for him to succeed immediately or move on. I wouldn't be oppose to a trade that makes sense for us either, but right now he is the type of player that we are missing in our lineup.
  15. Considering how many soft players there are, seems pretty silly to single out Raymond of all players. Raymond had a bit of edge, just didn't have the strength or size to be effective in that part of his game. Considering we have a player like Goldobin currently, Raymond probably isn't even the softest Canuck. I would consider Gretzky soft considering they needed to bring in bodyguards to play with him.