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  1. o that.. sorry totally missed that *look at Lancaster.* *shake head*
  2. i think he's just saying that the kid's parents aren't doing their job either. Ya you can't control whether your kid will cry or not but they should have take her outside of the diner and find ways to calm her instead of just letting her sit there and cry for 40 minutes. that's some pretty bad parenting.
  3. both parties are assholes... the parents should left the diner and calm their child instead of just letting her to cry and scream for lik 40 mins. the owner should have find ways to cheer up their child or ask what can she do the help instead of yelling at a 2 years old kid.
  4. fair enough.. I was just arguing for the sake of arguing ~ I know Green is not Doughty :D
  5. did Doughty win the Norris? why is he on D-Money's list of Norris stud?
  6. Maybe that's why he lose all his hairs?
  7. Netflix won't be the netflix we know today if blockbuster had bought it. They will just change Netflix's business model and it will die, just like block buster It's almost the same thing with prospects.
  8. am I the only one who find it alarming that people in cdc actually believe in this thread when the article or the OP has provide any form of source? seriously, Higgin's name didn't even pop out until the very last paragraph. FFS the article was written by Botchford. Use your brain people. If you guys want drama go watch Jerry
  9. you'd thought some of the fans here would learn the lesson when Luongo was chased out of the city... but nope~ here we are right now.
  10. holy crap... Are people actually complaining about a 7th round draft pick to this degree? I even seen some people comparing him to some active roster of the team. WTF is wrong with you guys? Seriously? a 7th round prospect signing can generate this amount of whining?
  11. If Rome's late hit gets the length of suspension he had, then Buff should be suspend for the rest of the season
  12. The issue is league wide and many things could be involve such as gambling, or marketing. are there poorly officated games outside of vancouver? of course, but those bad calls would usually favor the big market team's side. Remember game 7 of Tampa Bay vs Boston when there were zero penalties? I do
  13. it was from an article he wrote in TSN a couple years ago. You can do some research and google it. and as in hard to believe... when Colin Campbell can openly write an email complaining about the referee making a call against his son and still be able to stay as a VP of the league, what can actually be hard to believe?
  14. actually we, and all other teams, are depending the refs to make fair calls... What kind of logic is that? By your standard, the game can as well not to have referee at all and we can let the players do what they want. I mean afterall, "if we are depending on rules and refs to win, then we will not win." right? Let's take out every single rules from the game~ because if the team want to win enough, they can find ways to overcome anything right
  15. It's so difficult that the canucks can be given 20+ penalties in 3 round against LA a couple seasons ago in the playoff? How difficult is it to see that Rome's hit didn't worth the length of his suspension? How difficult is for the officals to see that Henrik being punch by Marchand in front of the referee for god know how long before the ref gave Henrik a call? Look at all our suspension since 2010, those decision are made from very high up. any logical person who watch the game without being biased would know there is something seriously wrong with the officiating in the NHL. The rule changes every game depending on the opponents and the NHL will never question, review, or judge any call the refs made, ever. When the refs are getting away with murder and the NHL never once look into the issue, it means the NHL want this to happen. you are usually so smart and logical, but damn whenever it comes to questions about this type of issue, it's as if you just want to look the other way willingly. Corruption existed, some refs have their own agenda, NHL will sometime use those refs to manipulate the game, those are the facts you can't deny. It's just a question whether you can come to accept that corruption is part of the game or not. Don't tell me again that bad calls just happened accidentally after Kerry Fraser came out and tell people that officials can make calls for entertainment purposes. Sorry but this type of thing isn't acceptable for me in sports.