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  1. If we can start scoring again, we'll make the playoffs, maybe even place well in our division. I do not feel Miller will return to his elite form, but he is still solid and so is Lack, goaltending won't be an issue. Our defense was pretty good last year, in the first two months guys were jumping up in the play and contributing well to the offense, and we were fairly tight defensively all year. I don't feel our defense (as is) would be good enough to challenge for a cup, but certainly good enough to keep us in games and make a strong challenge for a playoff berth. Offense is the lynchpin for us, was the lack of offense last year due to Tort's system or a decline in our forwards ability to score? If the former turns out to be true, we should be a decent force this season, though not an elite force. If the latter is true, it may be a long year.
  2. I wouldn't read into the Vancouver comment. He is 17, kids don't even know the meaning of the word 'career' at that age. It'll hit them all soon enough that being part of any NHL franchise is an opportunity of a lifetime.
  3. OP seems like a pretty obvious trolljob, but I have to admit I see kids with that exact attitude all the time when I am hiring for office positions. Long story short, a lot of degrees, business, communications, liberal arts, are basically participation awards given out by Universities, they mean less than nothing. I would honestly rather just hire someone who had worked after high school, at least they might be able to accomplish something at work. The one thing these degrees do get you is that you won't have to work fast food, gas stations, restaurants, that's really it, if you want anything more than that you will need to put in the time and effort to develop a real skillset, not just memorize what a bunch of poorly written texts tell you about very basic topics under ideal conditions that never apply to the real world. The only time I would be impressed with anyone having such a degree would be if they were working full time while going through University, and even then only if the work they were doing is relevant to what I want them to do.
  4. Huge congrats to AV/RB for making the finals!

  5. Why doesn't she just sell her 50%? Why would she try to sell something that doesn't belong to her? The lifetime ban may also include collecting of any profits (I have no clue as to the details), which would make it pointless to sell. On the other hand, if he is forced to sell at a later time then the value will go down considerably because he will be backed into a corner, might be smart to make the move now. At the end of the day, we're talking crazy money, it really doesn't matter and won't impact lifestyle one iota, its just names on pieces of paper at this point, as it always is when one reaches such levels of wealth.
  6. On a team that is an offensive legend, Gaunce is still a top 6 point producer for the forward group, even though he only joined the team halfway through the season.
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRopq0i_r0A
  8. Any politician can be ended with a single bullet. I don't think its a matter of being able to fight the military with a bunch of armed citizens, but the idea that if the gov't went rogue the citizenry would have the tools to assassinate those in charge. Not that I feel the citizens really need to be worried about the gov't going rogue, but I don't think the size/power of the US military has anything to do with whether or not guns give citizens some measure of security against their gov't.
  9. Bo wears 53 in honour of Ian Jenkins, a teammate who died during Horvat's time with the Knights. Given that, the Canucks will absolutely allow him to wear 53. http://thecanuckway....-jersey-number/
  10. https://twitter.com/...529699247259648 Strange, maybe Polasek wants to go to Europe? He looked decent in his first year pro, not sure what happened after that.
  11. Lack is far and away the better backup. Was Schneider more talented and better at goaltending? Absolutely. However, Schneider was about as interested in being our backup as Messier was interested in being our captain. Is this bad? No. Schneider wanted to be a starter, and is good enough to be an elite starter, nothing wrong with that. Similarly, Messier is a HoF guy who was loyal to our rivals, understandable he could have cared less about being the captain of our squad. One thing this particular comparison highlights is just how awesome it is that Schneider acted which such grace and class in this situation, Messier was a disaster. Both were in a situation where they were picked for a role, and then after settling in decided they had no interest in that role whatsoever, yet each handled that situation completely differently, you have give to Schneid's a ton of props for that.
  12. Thank you for doing this! The other thread sucked so much compared to the old 'Injuries and Ice Chips' threads.
  13. I don't think Hunter getting cut is a bad thing. I personally think it might be positive for him, though I'm sure he is disappointed right now. If he is hurt, some rest may be the best thing for him. I am not privy to the seriousness of his injury, maybe he could play through it, but I cringe at the thought of him potentially ruining the rest of his season by fighting through a short tournament. He'll be eligible for pro next year, he needs all the games he can get and to hopefully be healthy going in to the summer so he can train properly, otherwise we won't see as good of a player in next year's camp as we did this year. It is also a huge positive that he was almost able to keep up with the best players of his age while battling an injury. Its a good sign of his skill level, and it is good experience to have to go through something like that. Everyone already knew he was good enough to make the team, I'm sure he did as well, all of a sudden he has adversity to deal with and has to battle harder than everyone else, never a bad thing to learn to do. I also think that getting cut specifically because of injury will be good for his head. It won't damage his confidence, but it will teach him that no matter how skilled you are there are always challenges, so you better be giving 100% and never get a big head because you have skills. With how prolific a scorer he was the last two years in junior, he could easily have started to develop an ego, we don't want him to become one of those guys who refuses to back check. Not saying he has a bad attitude, but he was in a situation where it would be easy to develop one. His recent cutting from the WJC team should serve to build his character, and that is never a bad thing.
  14. Two people get drunk and fight each other, there is no reason whatsoever to assume one is more guilty than the other. We have yet to hear anyone else's perspective, Lucic doesn't magically become the victim just because what he says ends up in the news. Unless we have evidence that Lucic was minding his own business and got attacked, we have to assume he was just as much of an instigator as the other guy. What we do have evidence of, is that Lucic simply cannot handle the fact that a few people don't like him. His ego is such that he feels the need to blame an entire city for what a few people do. I've certainly met dbag clubber types who act like idiots, and then when that behaviour gets them in fights they act like everyone else is against them. You will never, I mean NEVER, hear about the Sedins in this type of situation. They are hated, they were the league's "sisters" for how many years, and yet this never happened and will never happen. Burrows is hated, so is Kesler, why doesn't it happen to them? Ever heard of Patrick Kane getting in fights in Vancouver? Nope. This type of thing can sometimes happen to innocent people, absolutely, but when it happens over and over to the same person then it is a sign that the person involved is part of the problem themselves. This type of thing surrounds Lucic everytime he is here, clearly he is encouraging it.