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  1. Imagine how good this teams potential is when you figure that Petterson and company are still kids. Just gotta be able to afford to keep them all.
  2. Always believed in Jake. He just had to mature and figure out his priorities. He's starting to play like he did back in junior. Wait another year, he will be scoring bombs from the point and going to the net hard, scoring on his underrated backhand more often.
  3. Benning and the scouting staff are starting to built an embarrassment of riches. We still have Pod, Hog,Madden, Rafferty, Juolevi and Lind in the pipeline. If they don't botch the cap management we could have a great team for 10 years. Brackett is a big part of that.
  4. Not a scout but im pretty sure Podz will be a hit.
  5. Just want to give a shout out to Benning and Edler. These guys have taken a beating in the media the last several years and they are both looking good right now. Benning has learned a lot in the last 5 years and might be GM of the year if the buys keep this up. Im even seeing positivity on the HF boards. Hell is indeed freezing over. Edler has had his ups and downs, but ive always been one of his biggest supporters. The guy had to adjust after serious back surgery. Now that he has help hes playing like a number 1 Dman. I like this team more then 2011, they have the prospects to insulate the team. In 2011 we had the big names but no prospects to keep up the energy on the team.
  6. I really hope he does well here, cause if not I don't think ill be able to take the whining.
  7. The hockey gods were merciful the day Hughes fell to us. If he works on his shot and defenders respect it, I see him as a 60 point Dman in his prime.
  8. I agree. As long as hes learning, which he definitely is being around one of the best teams in the KHL. Im happy as long as he destroys the world juniors, which im confident he will. Its just kind of weird how he played so well in that 10 minute game, but has barely played since.
  9. I love this prospect. Hes got the heart of a lion and is a coaches dream. I think he will be a 60 point 2 way beast in his prime, if he can avoid the injury bug. He plays will reckless abandon on some plays which is awesome but also scary. I think our window to win the cup starts in 2 years when this guy arrives.
  10. It will definitely be an interesting world juniors. Get to see him up close. Seems like he’s going to be a good 2 way player.
  11. I like how he’s already got a leg up playing against men.
  12. I really wanted Zegras and it hurt having him go one pick before us.. After that I didn’t really care who we took, but was surprised JB had the grapefruits to take the Russkie. I love the player. He’s my kind of player, he plays fearless. Against his own age group he dominated. The only downside is the Threat of staying or going back to Russia. If he played in CHL he could have gone 3rd overall.
  13. This trade isn’t nearly as bad as some are making it out to be, but as a rule I would never trade a first round pick unless it was for a young star. JT is good but he’s not a star as of now.