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  1. obligatory annual remembrance post

  2. Ha I choose not to have an avatar or sig. I think 99percent of them are dumb. Plus i don't look at them when when i post or read the forum:)

  3. Im thinking Mason Raymond. Im his biggest fan!

    i wish i had a clip last night where he was pushing with glencrosse and got his helmet knocked off. that would look wicked in a sig!

  4. r u still an avid office follower?

  5. haha, well when you figure out what you want, PM me or make a request in the request forum

  6. been here since 03 and no comments?

  7. I see that you like making sigs.

    i want a new one and i want it to be awsome but im not sure what i want it of.

  8. hi new friend. i added u.

  9. Mason Raymond is awsome and so are you for being a fan of his!

  10. i like u citizen erased, always have. sadly u do not feel the same way about me.