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  1. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    if Bylsma to Florida rumours are true I see the Phaneuf Kadri 8th trade happening in a heart beat.
  2. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Tanev, Gaunce, 6th, Hansen 1st overall Reinhart Kesler Etem 10th (Virtanen) Shinkaruk Reinhart Etem Ritchie Henrik Kassian Jensen Horvat Virtanen Matthias Richardson Santorelli Higgins Fox Edler Bieksa Garrison Hamhuis Stanton Corrado Webber Lack
  3. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Dal Colle has attitude problems, hopefully they came through in the interview.
  4. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Points in regular season mean didly
  5. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Only thing that makes a trade interesting is if buffalo or flr really want ehlers. And how willing they are to give us the pick without to many assets. Florida would need wins now buffalo just wants volume back 6th, tanev, gaunce is fair for 2nd overall. If you replace gaunce with shinkaruk or jensen its too stupidly one sided. Reinhart top 1 Tanev top 4 ehlers top 1 winger gaunce solid 3c If buffalo wants another reingart to go with mcdavid all the power to them. The trade is even tho.
  6. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Bieksa would retire before playing for florida
  7. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    I doubt kesler goes to pittsburg they are gonna suck for awhile. Crosby just hasnt been the same since concussion. Ny tb or anaheim Anaheim is the best destination for a return.
  8. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    Gaunce is definitely 2nd line potential his game was tremendous this year, albeit an overager. The 6th is Ehlers that's the worth in this trade some people have him as top 3, he played his first year in the Q at 100 points. Gaunce gets the trade done. and it is worth it. Gaunce, Stanton and the 6th gives Buffalo tons of pieces to rebuild even more around Leino Hodgson Ehlers Stewart Grigerenko Stafford Ennis Conacher Foligno Ellis Gaunce
  9. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    I'd do Gaunce and Stanton but trading Horvat just seems like the most foolish move possible. Doesn't make sense to give Buffalo Horvat and possibly Draisaitl or Dal Colle
  10. [rumor] benning wants reinhart

    srry but you're not getting the 2nd and the 6th ;p
  11. Gotta Admit for Edler to outright come out and defend himself with honesty and conviction I am totally off the fence about him and glad he's staying.
  12. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    At least ritchie is a man and not a game of thrones look alike
  13. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    Willie desjardins is the lead coach candidate in my mind 150 shots in game 1 ,2, and 7 of the ahl conference finals. He now goes to the calder cup finals his 2nd year coaching the ahl. Will desjardins coaches brett ritchie who has 20 something points in his first ever ahl playoff series at the age of 22. We will be acquring willie. Nick. And brett ala burrows and vingeault were from manitoba years ago. Book it. All of thats happening. And the answer to protect the sedin brothers is aqcuire the ritchie brothers. Signed sealed and delievered.
  14. 6th Pick: 2014 NHL Entry Draft

    No doing a pull up weighing 160 lbs is whats da best test. Nylander fan boys calm down shes not going 6th