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  1. If he goes to Philly we get Couturier.
  2. I donno how others feel but Chicago is our arch rival maybe not anymore I just hate them forever and always will since Keith ended Danny's career, I suppose even if Kesler goes to TB he could just resign with Chicago so maybe I am not correct in thinking it wouldn't work. Teurovinen Bickell 1st Kesler Really, Really, Really hard to turn that down. Especially if we can somehow flip our 6th and maybe Teuro into Ekblad
  3. Linden would never trade kesler to chicago. It makes sense as a great fit tho.
  4. Mantha is the best package possible Etem and the 10th is the next best
  5. Saddens me that the management at all expects Kesler to want to stay. He gave us a solid decade,it's time we gave him the chance at the cup he is owed.
  6. Etem and two 1sts How about we inject this team with 7 1st rounders in the past 3 years
  7. If mdc gets passed on by nyi for ehlers or something i really hope we draft ritchie. I totally buy the mdc dislike for vancouver and i dont want him to be somewhere he hates. I know its childish but if theres even a chamce he doesnt stay as he develops hen its a no
  8. This is where a lot of my undaunting optimism is coming from we tell Kesler we're keeping him till the contract is up and seeing what we can do and right at the start of the 2015 season we see Shinkaruk Henrik Jensen Daniel Kesler Kassian (two playmaking wingers for Kesler) Ritchie Horvat Burrows Matthias Gaunce Higgins
  9. He did look very slow. I am inclined to think he's trying so hard to be positionally sound though and not chase the play it's making him look like a snail. I agree if I could have only one concern it would be his foot speed.
  10. Hubter fav'd a tweet to him i made. The kid seems absolutely stoked to be playing hockey at the level hes at. Especially after such a bummer of an injury for him to be in high spirirts this kid has 24th overall gem all over him.
  11. People need to overlook the memorial cup performance, they had a 37 day layoff. The kid was great in the playoffs and played injured. Let's see his positional dominance in the NHL and see what he can do with players that can receive a pass.
  12. Lp
  13. Yea if he's in London again I've lost faith in the Canucks.
  14. here have some more +s