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  1. Who's Niklas Jensen?

  2. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    I've also seen Grenier listed at 6'5, Labate at 190... If Rodin is 6'1 and 190+ that would be great.
  3. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    He's listed at 6'0, 176. http://vancouver.24hrs.ca/Sports/2011/06/30/2011_Prospect_Development_Camp_Roster.jpg
  4. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    How tall/heavy is he now?
  5. Anton Rödin | RW/LW

    Rodin is listed at 5'11/174... Is that including his growth spurt? Can anybody confirm his current height/weight?
  6. Say something about the Member above you

    Stop with the excuses!
  7. Happy to fill you in on one of the great unknown facts of the world.

  8. Thank you, I never knew Shattenkirk had a bald spot!

  9. Nah... Just added you after I checked out your profile. BTW, I think Edler is perfect, lol.

  10. Used to be at 27.08 a day, lol. Down to 6.52 now... Man you're on pace for an all-time CDC posting record.

  11. Lol, I'm the one who changes their name too much.

  12. Failed my conditioning test :(

    1. mau5trap


      Had no idea what you were talking about till I saw the SC update, NICE.

    2. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      Don't worry. Mr. Shanahan will get you into shape before the season starts.

  13. Not bad for a 6'3 white kid from Sweden eh? Luc Bourdons air guitar solos from that same night is priceless as well.