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  1. getting stoked for the season or what?!

  2. Yeah, Do you think Hammer will chip and do some hip-checks too or no? remember he got injured?

  3. Hey random person I've never spoken to before. Not bad, how goes it with you?

  4. Yo yo

    What's up.....vampire?

  5. Hey there, how goes it?

  6. Hey there, hows it going?

  7. Hey there, how goes it?

  8. Mang, I cannot wait for Ballard to get some more of those lethal hip checks in!

  9. Hey there, how goes it?

  10. Hey there, hows it going?

  11. Oh, nice nice always good to keep yourself busy with work :)

  12. -_________- I have sleeping issues, like legit.

    1. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Herbs man it will make everting Ireee :)