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  1. Here is the way I see it. Canucks are a bad team. What Marc Crawford sells is fast-paced, offensive hockey - his teams were the most entertaining I have watched. He allows the D to drive offense. His system is perfect for our D we are bringing up. Not sure how our centers can handle this style though; so it will be up to the draft to see where this goes. I am holding judgement if I am interested or not in next season until they hire a new coach. I'm not so sold on Green, where are all the top players that he has developed? Who had such an awesome season under him this year?
  2. Do these plugs like Biega need any more games for expansion draft reasons?
  3. How has he been playing the last two months? I don't want to look at stats; but hoping some posters here could provide insight. Is his position certain in the line up for next year; or is there possibility of ECHL?
  4. I am starting to consider him a bust. Funny how the most important trait is inbetween the ears; and most of the time the scouts just dont know. I wonder is Jake has ever put a team on his back and dominated for a stretch. He has never been more than a second liner even at his peak in junior. I have way more faith in Baertschi developing into a top winger than Virtanen. I would dump him as more useful players can be found on waivers.
  5. Hey guys, Am I allowed to post here? I'm pretty high right now but only have had one drink. Do I qualify to post on this thread? It's 11:00 AM on a Monday so am I doing this right? -Jagori
  6. No, ItsMillerTime, they are going to have problems with protecting valuable assets, like a lot of team. Even on the Avalanche.com website they are speculating which of the two they will have to give up. They have larger problems on the blue-line, where they have to expose some young top six blueliners; as they are forced to protect one of 3 in Beauchemin.
  7. With the upcoming expansion draft next season, Colorado may have to choose between protecting either of these two. With Benning still mentioning adding a large forward, would Roy/Sakic be willing to take prospects or picks? Perhaps he may trade us Grigorenko's rights for compensation.
  8. I wonder if this has ever happened, where a bunch of GM's got together at an event or so, ending up getting drunk, and making trades? -Jagori
  9. You have to go all in if this is a rebuild, so I support looking into acquiring Landeskog. This young man is a first-liner and has potential to take over the top line when Daniel declines or retires. If this is a true rebuild, you jump at that chance if you weren't able to take care of it at the draft. -Jagori
  10. From what I can find, Vancouver gets Colombus 2nd round pick for signing Torts; but this was Columbus choice from 2016 or 2017. Does anybody know when Columbus has to make this decision, or have they already decided on 2017?
  11. Jakob has registered and commented on draft threads for each of the Canadian NHL teams.
  12. Go to Long and McQuade. Also, they have financing for absolutely anybody doesn't matter if you have a couple dings on your credit, just pay 20 percent down and finance over 1 or 2 years. I've bought all my keyboards from them this way. I recomend going with Korg, and for what you are looking for, a Korg Kross 88 is pretty awesome and would run you around 1000. Currently I play a Korg SV-1 Stage Vintage, and I love it.
  13. I think Schroeder would do well in the Swiss league for a year to get some ice time and decent salary. We will have to see if he gets a qualifying offer that's the next logical step.
  14. You could make alot of comparisons between his numbers, playing style, etc. with Raffi Torres. Raffi ended up going 5th overall.
  15. So if I'm correct, Canucks can pick anywhere from 6th - 11th; with 2 games left in the season. Has anybody said where the drop-off in talent supposedly is this year? Most years they say something like like 3 great picks, the next 5 have potential, and after that it's a guessing game. How about this year?