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  1. I'm a Jim Benning fan with regards to his judgment of talent, but it's really too bad that JB isn't President of Hockey operations (like B. Shanahan) instead of GM, then he could have Judd Bracket as Head of scouting and JB could still practice his passion and his natural eye for talent in concert with teaching/influencing Brackett. An experienced deal maker (horse trader) should have been hired as GM under JB as President. JB's eye for talent is undeniable, but his propensity to over pay on contracts (capologist Lawrence Gilman should have been kept) and more importantly trades is an obvious flaw. Now that's assuming most of his signings and trades are his call? The acquisition of JT Miller is a very good move, but including a first round draft pick is an unfortunate risk to say the least. It's evident from watching the draft with Aquilini sitting at the table that this transaction including a first round draft pick must have been approved by FA. There's no way that FA approves giving up a first if he didn't agree, he could've have fired JB on the spot. The owners are the owners and can interfere as little or as much as they desire. Makes you wonder exactly how much the owners are involved in micro managing this team?
  2. It's a curious story, Benning claims that Delorme was very vocal about EP early on. An unnamed local scout insisting that Delorme come and watch EP is at least plausible, but you'd think that someone living nearby where EP and Dahlen played would have been contacting Thomas Gradin as opposed to Delorme over in Canada?
  3. I understand that Tanev wears custom oversized shin pads, it's hard to believe there aren't bullet proof equipment options in todays world with carbon fiber boots and new types of plastics and memory foam materials to at least mitigate the potential for broken bones, these 10 million dollar athletes get taken out by a two dollar puck, bizarre.