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  1. next move by linden and benning

    Why is there a debate between goons and non goons, it's no different than a small player and a big player, all things being equal a big player is almost always better and most preferred. It's why small players that are the exception, can only be so if they're truly exceptionally skilled like a Gaudreau. Intimidation remains a significant part of the game, so it would have been huge to acquire a Troy Brauer or Andrew Ladd, legitimately tough players that offer leadership and won't be pushed around. We still need a player or two with that physical dimension, screw the Penguin model they caught lightning in a bottle, with their version of full court press and the trap applied by speedy midgets, still think they would have have been crushed by any number of teams besides the sad sack Sharks.
  2. Is this based solely on their draft years performance, or including draft plus one, meaning this year? Not sure why you feel Juolevi's performance seems extremely underwhelming, he's second only to Provorov in points per game as a 17 year old, and winning WJC gold and a MEM Cup in the same year seems kind of overwhelming.
  3. Olli Juolevi | D

    That works both ways, Juolevi D-zone play, turning play up the ice with crisp first passes certainly contributes to his teams transition to offense, so one could also wonder how Juolevi's game might have impacted London's big line's performance? Many moan and groan about a D-man like Edler, except when you consider the teams win loss record when he's not in the line-up, same as Salo before, so many whiners about him getting injured a lot, but he was quietly one of the most effective D-men we've ever had. As for offence, no one can say what his ceiling is until his been in the league a couple of years, Doughty had 8 more points his draft year in one less game, what does that tell you, nothing.
  4. Olli Juolevi | D

    Wow, you're one bitter puppy baby monkey.
  5. BDA

    Make no mistake, we have a potential number 1 d-man with OJ, the fact that as a 17 year old he didn't have the size and strength of a true manchild like an Aaron Ekblad or Ed Jovanovski doesn't in any way diminish his ceiling, he's a great skater with exceptional mobility and amazing hockey IQ, which was the glaring attribute JB was enamoured with, something you can't teach. If a player the size of Erik Karlsson who went 15th overall can win the Norris trophy at his size, then how can you not get excited by a D-man who's bigger, heavier, skates better and who's hockey IQ is off the charts. Won a WJC gold and the MEM cup, crazy good player who's going to get much better. And no one carried this Kid, he made his teams better.
  6. [Report] Hamhuis to test free agency

    I get why people are upset at losing an asset and getting nothing for Hamhuis, same thing happened with Ed Jovanovski, same reason injury. The JB blamers want to ignore the fact we were in a playoff position until Christmas and Hammer had that horrible injury which obviously made teams wonder if he'd be the same and diminished his market value. If there was away to make sense out of it I'd be tempted to resign him for short term like 2 years if that was possible. Where I actually hold JB accountable was letting Willy D destroy Vrbata's market value by taking him off the Sedin line, they should have traded him at last years draft if that was the plan. Still, I think JB gets a raw deal, mostly from the lowest forms of life, like the tankers.
  7. William Lockwood Talk

    With Lockwood we can see how JB processes risk reward, he seems to value kids that qualify for the USNTDP, the skill set of elite speed, dog with a bone attitude with potential offensive upside going to a top program like Michigan. JB was willing to reach a bit for where he was ranked, while passing on players that were ranked much higher, so you know he likes this pick. He obviously feels that this kid was overshadowed on the depth chart and has all the physical tools and character he covets.
  8. Olli Juolevi | D

    After losing out on the lottery, dropping to 5th and then missing out, by Dubois going at 3 and Jesse P at 4, everyone expected Tkachuk at 5, so the initial surprise of Juolevi was a bit anti-climatic. The top 3 forwards were considered potential franchise players and seemed to separate themselves, the fact Columbus coveted PLD as much as Benning isn't shocking, so Benning, true to his word picked the D-man with the highest hockey IQ with arguably the best chance to be a number 1 PMD, JB obviously feels that Juolevi is less risky than Tkachuk. His size, hockey IQ, defensive positioning, offensive upside and mobility along with his success at every level was judged by Benning as second to none and less risky overall. A rare combination too valuable to pass up on given the opportunity to make the pick. Hard to disagree with the logic, and while I'm disappointed at our lack of good luck, I'm perfectly happy with the pick and knowing we finally have a solid D-man prospect with the tools to elevate his game to potential elite status. Those that argue that he wasn't ranked as a true number one should look at the list of Norris trophy winners and where they were picked, that should put things into perspective.
  9. JB on TSN1040: draft + Lucic + Stamkos + PK Subban talk

    No PK, that contract is crazy, $9 million per with an NTC forget it. Not really a Lucic fan but no problem if JB signs him, or Ladd or Brouwer, can't ever have too much muscle. Dubois, Tkachuk or (highly unlikely) J. Puljujarvi, can't go wrong. Grand slam would be prying a late first or a second round pick with a draft day move. Good luck JB and co.
  10. Does anyone know the status of Jesse P's knee surgery? Just wondering if we're going to see a JJ Daigneault replay with JP on crutches if he falls to us? Actually, that kids so talented I'd pick him even if he was in a body cast.
  11. There's no such thing as a sure thing, except death and taxes, totally agree that Kane was not a consensus no. 1 overall pick. Even that definition is hard to define, yes there's a Potvin, Lemieux, Lindros or Crosby that come along and seem undeniable, but it always has to play out and it's not always so obvious what makes a great player. If you look at Kane, yes he's a great player, but how great? It's interesting to note that this year was his most productive ever and only the second time in his NHL career that he's scored more than 30 goals or 73 points. Toews has only scored more than 30 twice and never tallied more than 69 points in a season. But they both have superstar status because Kane has a legitimate status for scoring cup winning goals and Toews has been branded with mythological leadership skills since they've been on 3 Stanley cup winning teams in their short careers. The point is their success is as much to do with the chemistry and the team they play on which includes their coach. It's an impossible debate, who will be the best player, but a player like Tkachuck is already seen as a player you can win with and Dubois just seems to tick all the boxes, particularly his work ethic, although surely some later pick like Jost will prove everyone wrong. I hope JB keeps the pick and Dubois is there to grab.
  12. It's subjective, I think he's over rated in the sense that numerous people suggest he's elite and is worthy of an overpayment to get him, I disagree. He never scored more than 39 goals (second year) in four years in London, He's small and I don't consider him elite, like I wouldn't trade a 5th for him straight up, that would be nuts, Dubois at least has the potential to be elite. Not trashing Domi, just don't covet him. Either Tkachuck or Dubois, not interested in Domi.
  13. Domi is over rated, if we had Domi, I'd rather package him for Drouin. Any undersized player, has to be exceptional or your wasting a roster spot. Don't see anything exceptional about Domi.
  14. Both those players have turned 24 which is year 6 after their 18 year old draft year. They let these guys cook in college and let them simmer in the AHL, then you add them to a lineup filled with 10 to 17 year veterans like Cullen. Guaranteed these guys would have been declared busts their second year after being drafted if they weren't putting up big numbers. Looks like we had a very good coach in Sullivan get away when we dumped Torts, too bad, everyone loves willy but I'm not sold.
  15. Wow, this final sucked, combination full court press and dead puck era trap. Happy for Bonino, would still do the deal for Sutter. Can't believe SJ couldn't counter Pens by dumping the puck deep instead of carrying it in, Sharks stars couldn't adjust and didn't really lay on much body, lousy coaching by Deboer and another no show by the Shark best players. BTW, anybody notice how both teams were filled with seasoned veterans, only rookie I can think of was a 22 year old Mat Murray, an aberration like Cam Ward way back when? Just goes to show you need 5-10 year vets to win, not ridiculous concepts like teams filled with rookies, you can't win with rookies, only with battle scarred veterans that have been through the wars.