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  1. He can play both but it has been mostly LW this year, with O'Reilly and Ferriero.
  2. Labate has been playing LW for most of his college career. Hard to say if he'll switch to C in the pros. If he doesn't, there may be an overload on the left side with Jensen, Fox, Labate and Shinkaruk. Maybe HS or Jensen plays RW full-time next year?
  3. They already have - O'Reilly is as good of a playmaking center as there is in the AHL. Utica's season turned around after he got there. Jensen's being given good linemates and opportunities to work with but he has struggled to get pucks on net. He simply has to find a way to consistently get tons more shots on goal. Agree with Cherimoya - he's developing but he has to show more himself as well. Though it doesn't help that he needs more strength too.
  4. Good to hear some insight from someone who has, you know, *actually* seen him play.
  5. Hey UticaHockey, in your opinion why wasn't he shooting as much as he did early in the season until yesterday? Was he given less ice time and PP time?
  6. Thanks for that. It just sucks that he's had to play through them to try and make the team. Hope it doesn't hurt him long-term.
  7. Is it really so hard to grasp that Shinkaruk has been playing through a hip injury that he came back early from, in an effort to make Team Canada? I'm literally scratching my head here.
  8. ^ Good post, agreed.
  9. Bleacher = Canucks Talk in terms of knowledge as far as I'm concerned.
  10. Didn't the Comets sign him? I'd like to see them give him a shot. Seems like he can help them offensively.
  11. His shooting % is down from where it usually has been over his career but I expect it to rebound. If he keeps his shot pace up over 82 games he'll end up at 34 goals if that number normalizes. We've seen him beat goalies on some very good shots before too so I'm not about to take that away from him. Even though he is a great all-around offensive forward anyway.
  12. As long as Shinkaruk helps this team create offense, I don't really care whether he should be labelled a sniper or not. Daniel's right up there in shots too IIRC.
  13. Jensen drafted as a banger more than a scorer? Seriously?
  14. I think lately it was Booth-Ferriero-Grenier Stuart-Hamill-Jensen until Pelletier got back at least. Replace Booth with Archibald and I'd say they go with: Archibald-Pelletier-Grenier Stuart-Ferriero-Jensen DeFazio-Hamill-Mallet ?-Lain-?
  15. I think that makes the most sense - most of the guys there will be in Utica anyway. Thanks for doing this, once again.