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  1. yeah 75% superstars are bad odds mmmmhmmm
  2. 1988 to 2008 First picks. Odds are very good if you pick first Modano Sundin Nolan Lindros Hamerlik Daigle Jovo Berard Philips Thornton Lecavalier Stefan Dopietro Kovalchuk Nash M Fluery Ovi Crosby Johnson Kane Stamkos. Fuggin Tank already
  3. I do not like your idea of calling him jesus! Stop with your weird worship crap!
  4. no didnt happen
  5. You are out of it. They are going to start contending , if not this year, next year.
  6. What most do not realize is that the type of rebuild is based on a few things. One of the big ones is the market that the team is in. The Oilers can be out of the playoffs for 6 years straight because the team is in Edmonton. They will always sell tickets because there is absolutely NOTHING else to do in that town The Canucks need to contend for the playoffs every year or no one will go and pay to see them. We will struggle to make the playoffs for the next 3 years but we will be in the picture.
  7. LISTEN NOW!! Kill the instagator rule. no more of this crap! If someone takes liberties with a Sedin.....we need to take liberties with their face! ok that is all
  8. move the Sedins, Booth, Edler, Bieksa, Burrows and Luongo. Get the rebuild started. The nucks are just getting boring to watch. They have all the passion of a checkers game.
  9. Mothafuggin Dalpe hatrick !! Bishes
  10. Not too early. Both Torts and I are pretty dissappointed with Kassian
  11. You were busted for an "attempted swear filter bypass"

    How frookin awesome is that?

  12. I just smile and do the Africa Face my friend.


  13. Hi Jason, you are a guy that I could read daily. Hopefully this is a career direction cuz ya got talent .