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  1. Looks like somebody gave Price his snickers.
  2. Step in the right direction.
  3. No excuse for this 'in Highschool?" What? No excuse for this &^@#ing ever. Period.
  4. Cancer will not likely be cured in our lifetimes, because 'cancer' isn't really a single disease. 'Cancer' is the malignant proliferation of tissue in the body, usually caused by genetic damage (from UV rays, so-called 'free radicals,' etc.) In any form it is very hard to treat; antibiotics don't work, since it's not a bacterial infection, it can't be vaccinated against, because it's not usually caused by a virus, etc. It can only be cured by poisoning, excising, or amputating the malignant tissue - currently by local radiotherapy, which kills cancer cells by blasting them (and the surrounding tissue) with x-rays, chemotherapy, which essentially poisons the patient with a kind of toxin that kills cells that rapidly reproduce, or excision surgery/amputation. That is not to say research is pointless; new cancer treatments are developed every day. Most, however, are palliative (designed to make life more comfortable with terminal cancer or while on chemotherapy,) or preventative. I sincerely doubt there will ever be a "cancer vaccine" or universal cancer cure.
  5. Don't forget the carbon tax.
  6. In Vancouver there are about $0.42 in taxes per litre of fuel. This includes the carbon taxes, the Translink tax, but not GST, which unlike in most places, is included in the display price. So before tax, gas was $0.91 when oil was expensive, and is $0.75 now. That still seems like a small change, and it is (less than 20%,) but the change in the price the fueling stations charge is larger than it seems when you include all of the taxes. It's also important to remember all the other costs of providing gasoline don't scale with the price of crude oil - refining is still expensive, transportation of oil and gas is still expensive, rent on the gas station property is still expensive, wages are still expensive, etc.
  7. I hate Backes, and that he didn't get the only penalty out of this.
  8. Step 1: Lack shuts the door and defense steps up. Step 2: Shots on net. Step 3: ...
  9. We just ended a period against the Devils with 2 SOG? (I'm at work and not watching the game, bear with me.)
  10. Nobody said Sun was fair and balanced. They had a slant and they were straightforward about it, but calling a news station going under as a "win for free speech" is absurd. This I disagree with. The quality of journalism has definitely plummeted in recent years, but I think that's primarily the fault of the Internet. Instant gratification, short pieces, sensationalist headlines, and damn if it isn't so easy to curate the news you read on the Internet. You can go all day without reading anything you might disagree with. If you think Sun or MSNBC are bad... ... but I digress. There is a time and place for opinion/'editorial' journalism. A healthy diet would include a little right-wing opinion, a little left-wing opinion - sometimes the bare facts aren't enough to fully understand a situation or form an informed opinion of your own, but the problems start when you get too deep into one camp and only read spin.
  11. Seems like a pretty even trade - help now for a higher potential ceiling - but this definitely makes trading Connauton hurt even more.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpvDZu-GFSY