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  1. Looks like somebody gave Price his snickers.
  2. Step in the right direction.
  3. Will cancer be cured in our lifetimes?

    Cancer will not likely be cured in our lifetimes, because 'cancer' isn't really a single disease. 'Cancer' is the malignant proliferation of tissue in the body, usually caused by genetic damage (from UV rays, so-called 'free radicals,' etc.) In any form it is very hard to treat; antibiotics don't work, since it's not a bacterial infection, it can't be vaccinated against, because it's not usually caused by a virus, etc. It can only be cured by poisoning, excising, or amputating the malignant tissue - currently by local radiotherapy, which kills cancer cells by blasting them (and the surrounding tissue) with x-rays, chemotherapy, which essentially poisons the patient with a kind of toxin that kills cells that rapidly reproduce, or excision surgery/amputation. That is not to say research is pointless; new cancer treatments are developed every day. Most, however, are palliative (designed to make life more comfortable with terminal cancer or while on chemotherapy,) or preventative. I sincerely doubt there will ever be a "cancer vaccine" or universal cancer cure.
  4. What are you listening to?

  5. [PGT] ducks won

    I didn't see the game, but what did Hanson and Sestito do to deserve a late-game 7-min 3-on-5?
  6. Too Early to call Kassian a dissapointment?

    A physical presence on a nightly basis, with offensive upside.
  7. Too Early to call Kassian a dissapointment?

    Yes, Kassian has been disappointing. I'm not knocking the trade; Hodgson had to go, we had no room for him, we didn't need the headache, and we couldn't afford what he was asking for. But Kassian hasn't lived up to expectations. He seems to be maturing, but he hasn't panned out yet.
  8. hfboards' Bruins thread must be seen to be believed: And that's just from the first page. http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=1555131
  9. What Are You Currently Playing?

    I just finished A Machine for Pigs and Psychonauts. Both were fantastic, beautiful, and horrifying. Not sure what's next on the menu. Probably Baldur's Gate 2 (attempt four) or maybe Contrast.
  10. Overated/ Underated Game

    All over the place. Jagr
  11. What Are You Currently Playing?

    Just finished The Sith Lords for the third or fourth time. Chomping at the bit for Bioshock Infinite.
  12. Name That Goalie!

    ^ Niittymaki?