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  1. apparently its on june 5th 11-1pm at save on foods near metro.. hope its ture

  2. hahah yep yep!! thanks,pancakes are yummmmmy.. when?!?!

  3. CYNTHIA: D !!! oh yea now i understand the i saw pics of very awsome pancakes on ur fb one

    hey theres a trevor linden signing i think..idunno if its confirmed yet

  4. starts with a c =)

  5. i have no clue, lol drawing a big ???

  6. hello hello : D

  7. hhhhhhi priscillaa =D

  8. loll yea they probably have people to buy them stuff. but if they ever did go out they would be in like sunglasses and hat. im gunna keep my eye out for more players now :D



    gosh hockey players are just so amazing !

    i bet if burrows or kesler or luongo were there, there would be soo soo soo much hype but then again i dont see those three strolling around while fans can attack. LOL AAHAHHHAH

  11. yea throughout the whole time stalking him, i was lookin for peoples reactions. but seriously no one noticed! im like COMMON GUYS! ITS TANNER GLASS!

    it looked like they were gunna go home, they were walking towards skytrain part. luckly the girl stopped for jugojuice XD got my chance to take pic of his side

  12. pretty sweet how he just rolls around not having to worry about crazy fans .

    Im sure i would be all over him.

    I probably would have followed him around !

    LOL HAHHAHHHA i just love hockey boys !

  13. Lol i know rite. i got his signature before, so i rather not bother him when he's with gf. lol

  14. OMG ! that soo cool you saw glass ! the thread got locked so yeah.

    but i would have totally gona up to him and got his autograph and well as a picture !