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  1. Kevin Bieksa you are really...

    What I have seen from Ballard, is better than what I have seen from Bieksa. He (Bieksa) is alright, but super overpriced. If Keith Ballard only is able to help the PK become a good unit, then that is a pretty great improvement over last year. He blocks a bunch of pucks and is playing on the third pairing with Rome, who is not the greatest but is doing okay. I would say Bieksa is about even with Andrew Alberts so far this year. I would give the edge to Alberts only because he seems to get beat mostly from lack of footspeed and not playing totally idiotic at times (like Bieksa). I am not saying Bieksa hurts the team badly, but for his salary he needs to be wayyyy better! You could compare the two all you wish, but how long has Bieksa played in this system? How about Keith Ballard? Who was recovering from surgery and now a slight concussion. Even if Ballard is put as Bieksa's equal, then that is pretty bad really (for Bieksa).. And I would be pretty surprised if anybody thought Keith did not help the PK way more than Bieksa. If Ballard becomes more comfortable in the system and becomes 100% , I have no trouble seeing him being quite a bit better than Bieksa (who seems to never improve anymore).