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  1. that's cray. makes me appreciate the $65 a month i have to pay on my 07 civ
  2. Kinda crazy. I know the girl who lives right next door to the guy who offed himself. Needless to say, she was pretty rattled. Also 7 idiots decided to play with some slingshots by the mall that the shooters were going to target. That caused quite the commotion.
  3. There's already a thread on this. Use the search function before creating a new thread.
  4. someone needs to tune him
  5. I'm stunned. I wish all the best for Luongo. My favourite goalie of all time. Hopefully all 40 Panther fans in Florida treat him a lot better than the fans here in Vancouver.
  6. My HUT team : 87-13-4 Parise (90) - Thornton ©(92) - Hossa (89) Hall (88) - Kesler (A)(88) - Malkin (TOTW)(93) Daniel (89) - Henrik (89) - Duchene (A)(88) Oshie (85) - Roy (85) - Stewart (85) Staal (87) - Doughty (88) J. Johnson (86) - Girardi (88) Hamhuis (87) - Bouwmeester (86) Anderson (86) Hiller (86) and still have 1.1 million pucks to play around with. Probably just going to try to finish up some collections since I really like the team I built.
  7. yay
  8. Were only doing one resigning stage at a time right? If so I'm done resigning my guys
  9. yeeeeeeeeeeeees that's small af, but it's a Joe Thornton that i got in a free pack
  10. Congrats to Hamhuis he wins the series 4-2
  11. I'm free right now if you can play.
  12. What time would you want to play today H2?