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  1. Are WHL prospects a waste of a pick?

    If you look only at the top 10 scorers stats in the whl in the last 10 years then perhaps the OP has a point. The reason for this is the top 10 scorers are mostly overage juniors playing against boys so the numbers are inflated, so take a look at the players in their draft year putting up those numbers more into account. But you have to look at the larger picture which is more players from the Dub get drafted into the NHL more than any other league in the world. Whether or not they all become Nhl stars is one thing but I am sure in professional leagues all over the world are littered with former Whl players especially dmen and goalies who don't make the top 10 in scoring. While it is true the superstar NHLers like the first overall picks in the last several years have come from the OHL just look at Kane,Stamkos,Tavares,Hall and Yakupov just to name a few. If you probably ask Mike Gillis he would likely agree with you since he has a hard on for OHL players even if players like Gallagher are right in your own backyard. If your scouts are good and your development is even better it really should matter where the prospect is from.