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  1. Cap hit is actually $1.5 million with $750,000 in bonuses (10 games played). I believe the bonuses can be attributed to the 17/18 season.
  2. Not enough cap space and term would likely be an issue too.
  3. Sucks to lose Shaw, he has the heart of a lion. But the money wasn't going to work, Bowman did very well to get 2 second round picks.
  4. City of Lights by Justin Cronin. Third part of a three part novel series. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Passage_(novel_series)
  5. Panarin....without hesitation.
  6. I'm happy to see Panik stick around for another year. I see him mostly on the 3rd line and maybe filling in for injuries in the top 6 c
  7. I'm torn about this deal... On one hand it's great to have Bickell off the books with no salary retention. This will help with re-signing Shaw this year and Panarin next year. On the other hand I'm a big Teravainen fan and I believe he has a great future a a solid 2 way forward.
  8. I would rather give up a forward prospect. The Hawks don't have too many good defensive prospects. Pokka had a solid season in Rockford and played very well in the World Championship. Not to mention he was the only AHLer to make a World Cup team. I think Pokka gets a long look at starting on the big club next season. Bickell is washed up. The only reason a team trades for him is to get another asset on the cheap. Bickell can't skate and plays with no intensity. The Hawks worked with Bickell and gave him every opportunity to turn things around. At this point Bickell is just an AHLer at best.
  9. With the recapture penalty Hossa isn't going anywhere. Offensively Hossa has dropped off but he still brings a lot to the team. Ladd is as good as gone and most Hawks fans are ok with that. I'd like the Hawks to be able to keep Shaw but it will depend on how much the cap goes up. If the cap stays flat I think Shaw is gone.
  10. Would you switch Grandlund for Baertschi?
  11. I think a buyout will be the most likely scenario for Bickell.
  12. I would certainly suck but that's the nature of the salary cap. I doubt they'll trade Teravainen, they'll need his low cap hit and versatility next season. Personally I'd rather part with a solid prospect than Teuvo. TT can play RW, C, and LW as well as playing on the PP and PK. He didn't have the best offensive season last year but he was still a solid contributor. Personally I'd like to see Teuvo stick around for a long time. On on a side note, losing Saad hurt but getting Anisimov is return eased the pain somewhat.
  13. For the right price Richard would still be a good option for many teams. A return to Chicago would make a lot of sense. Richards wouldn't get much, maybe around $1 million but he's not likely to earn more elsewhere.
  14. McCann is a good prospect who'll likely develop into a very good forward. However, you have to give to get. Gudbranson is a great pickup, but there was a heavy cost. Given the Canucks prospect pipeline they could afford to move McCann.