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  1. He's worth a shot, as long we he signs for an amount that can be buried in Utica if needed.
  2. Potential to be a solid 4C. I like what I saw from him in Chicago, but the Hawks have too many forwards just like him. I'm glad Kero is getting another shot.
  3. Blackhawks fan here....somebody will give Duclair a shot, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. He has loads of speed but that's all he showed in Chicago, hopefully he does better elsewhere.
  4. Darth Kane

    [Signing] Blackhawks re-sign Jan Rutta

    Forsling for Demko....sounds good to me.
  5. Blackhawks fan here... I think Canucks fans will like Motte. He won’t shoot the lights out but he’s physical for his size and plays a well rounded game. 2 seasons ago he played well until he got hurt them he never recovered. Columbus wanted him in the Panarin/Saad deal, many Hawks fans were sad to see him go. I can see the Canucks wanting as many picks as possible next season. I’d gladly give up a 5th in 2019 to get Motte back.
  6. Darth Kane

    [Proposal] Canucks & Blackhawks

    Depends on the price.
  7. Darth Kane

    [Proposal] Canucks & Blackhawks

    Sure they can. If Murphy is traded that frees up $3.85 million, plus the bonus carry forward should decrease freeing up about $2.5 million, It would be possible for Chicago to re-sign him.
  8. Darth Kane

    [Proposal] Canucks & Blackhawks

    I always thought Gudbranson didn't fit in with the Canucks, right or wrong. Why haven't they signed him to a long term deal? Murphy got more opportunity in Arizona for sure, he was paired with OEL. I think Coach Q is really messing up Murphy and eroding his confidence, one mistake and he's sitting in the pressbox for the next 2 games. Murphy needs time to acclimate in Chicago, he's a solid d-man.
  9. To Vancouver Connor Murphy To Chicago Erik Gudbranson As a Blackhawks fan I wouldn't like parting with Murphy, he's a young cost controlled defenseman who is still getting better. That being said, for some reason he's not being utilized properly in Chicago, much like Trevor Daley a couple years ago. In this deal Chicago gets a decent defenseman for the rest of the reason and the option to keep him around or let him walk (and increase cap space). Vancouver gets a cost controlled defenseman for another few years.
  10. Darth Kane

    [Signing] Canucks re-sign Horvat 6yrs 33M

    Even if Horvat is a second line centre the deal is fair. $3.5 million would be a massive underpayment, part of Horvat value is that he doesn't need to be a goal scorer to be effective. If you look at the guys who's recently signed a contract for less than $4 million none are as good as Horvat or have his potential. The deal isn't cheap, it's just fair.
  11. Darth Kane

    Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    Horvat is worth more than Zibanejad, by a good margin.
  12. Darth Kane

    Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    I think Brayden Schenn ($5.125 / 4 years), Alex Galchenyuk ($4.9 / 3 years) and Jonathan Drouin ($5.5 / 6 years) are some fairly comparable situations. If I'm the Canucks GM I would lock-up Horvat for as long as possible, but that will cost more. Would a Scheifele type of deal work (maybe a bit less) - $6.125 / 8 years? Huberdeau for $5.9 / years? I think $5.5 for 6 or 7 years would be fair value for both sides.
  13. Darth Kane

    [Signing] Ducks sign Dennis Rasmussen

    Moose is a solid depth forward. While he's not irreplaceable most Hawks fans are shocked and disappointed he wasn't re-signed. I'd rather have Rasmussen than Bouma.