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  1. Even if Horvat is a second line centre the deal is fair. $3.5 million would be a massive underpayment, part of Horvat value is that he doesn't need to be a goal scorer to be effective. If you look at the guys who's recently signed a contract for less than $4 million none are as good as Horvat or have his potential. The deal isn't cheap, it's just fair.
  2. He'll sign with the Rangers.
  3. I do.
  4. Horvat is worth more than Zibanejad, by a good margin.
  5. I think Brayden Schenn ($5.125 / 4 years), Alex Galchenyuk ($4.9 / 3 years) and Jonathan Drouin ($5.5 / 6 years) are some fairly comparable situations. If I'm the Canucks GM I would lock-up Horvat for as long as possible, but that will cost more. Would a Scheifele type of deal work (maybe a bit less) - $6.125 / 8 years? Huberdeau for $5.9 / years? I think $5.5 for 6 or 7 years would be fair value for both sides.
  6. Moose is a solid depth forward. While he's not irreplaceable most Hawks fans are shocked and disappointed he wasn't re-signed. I'd rather have Rasmussen than Bouma.
  7. There's a 50/50 chance. The Hawks have an opening at LW on either the 2nd or 3rd line depending where Sharp lands. If Debrincat makes the team he'll be in the running for the Calder. But if I had to bet I'd say he spends one year in the AHL.
  8. Alex Debrincat
  9. For sure, I'll give Cody credit for that. As he said, he's not playing it safe and never will. I think the overall cast is decent this season, it will be interesting to see what happens if one of Cody's "Outsiders" wins HOH next week.
  10. Cody is extremely boring, he can go at any time as far as I'm concerned.
  11. I am a Hawks fan living in Vancouver. I grew up in Toronto but never liked the Leafs. I miss the Chicago/Vancouver rivalry, those were good days. I have lots of respect for the Canucks, past (except Kesler) and present.
  12. If there is some way the contract is off the books long term without the Hawks trading Hossa I will do cartwheels down Burrard Street. I believe Hossa's contract will be managed one year at a time and he goes on LTIR at the beginning of each season which isn't the same as coming off the books completely. The NHL is suppose to rule any day now on the situation.
  13. That's the thing, the Hawks don't benefit. First, the team is without Hossa and that is a major blow to the team. Second, the way LTIR works Chicago can't just put Hossa in the IR then sign a replacement. The LTIR process is a bit more complicated than that. The Hawks won't likely put Hossa on the IR until the season starts, then their options to replace him are very limited. The only clean way out of this for the Hawks is to trade Hossa's contract. Even though a cash strapped team (like Carolina or Arizona) could benefit from a move like this they will make the Hawks pay for it with quality prospects and/or draft picks. 4 years is a long time to carry this contract
  14. How so? I think these recent changes are partially on-ice drive and partially off-ice (salary cap). The Saad-Panarin deal gives Chicago the type of player they need and have been missing since Saad left. Plus they have Saad for 2 years more than they would have had Panarin for (plus Saad is younger). Murphy isn't as good as Hjalmarsson but this move was made for two years down the line. The gamble is that Murphy will be as good as Hjalmarsson at that point in time. Hjalmarsson is an absolute warrior but he's a tough guy to re-sign at age 32. In two seasons Chicago would likely lose Hjalmarsson for nothing, instead they'll have Murphy and possibly Dauphin for multiple seasons. It's a bit of a risk, but Bownman is retooling in the fly.
  15. What's wrong with that trade? It's a win/win for both clubs. Panarin is more offensive but Saad plays a more complete game. With Hossa's departure Chicago needed somebody with Saad's skillsets more than Panarin's. I expect both players to enjoy tremendous success next season.