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  1. He's worth a shot, as long we he signs for an amount that can be buried in Utica if needed.
  2. Potential to be a solid 4C. I like what I saw from him in Chicago, but the Hawks have too many forwards just like him. I'm glad Kero is getting another shot.
  3. Blackhawks fan here....somebody will give Duclair a shot, but I wouldn't get my hopes up. He has loads of speed but that's all he showed in Chicago, hopefully he does better elsewhere.
  4. [Signing] Blackhawks re-sign Jan Rutta

    Forsling for Demko....sounds good to me.
  5. Blackhawks fan here... I think Canucks fans will like Motte. He won’t shoot the lights out but he’s physical for his size and plays a well rounded game. 2 seasons ago he played well until he got hurt them he never recovered. Columbus wanted him in the Panarin/Saad deal, many Hawks fans were sad to see him go. I can see the Canucks wanting as many picks as possible next season. I’d gladly give up a 5th in 2019 to get Motte back.
  6. [Proposal] Canucks & Blackhawks

    Depends on the price.
  7. [Proposal] Canucks & Blackhawks

    Sure they can. If Murphy is traded that frees up $3.85 million, plus the bonus carry forward should decrease freeing up about $2.5 million, It would be possible for Chicago to re-sign him.
  8. [Proposal] Canucks & Blackhawks

    I always thought Gudbranson didn't fit in with the Canucks, right or wrong. Why haven't they signed him to a long term deal? Murphy got more opportunity in Arizona for sure, he was paired with OEL. I think Coach Q is really messing up Murphy and eroding his confidence, one mistake and he's sitting in the pressbox for the next 2 games. Murphy needs time to acclimate in Chicago, he's a solid d-man.
  9. To Vancouver Connor Murphy To Chicago Erik Gudbranson As a Blackhawks fan I wouldn't like parting with Murphy, he's a young cost controlled defenseman who is still getting better. That being said, for some reason he's not being utilized properly in Chicago, much like Trevor Daley a couple years ago. In this deal Chicago gets a decent defenseman for the rest of the reason and the option to keep him around or let him walk (and increase cap space). Vancouver gets a cost controlled defenseman for another few years.
  10. [Signing] Canucks re-sign Horvat 6yrs 33M

    Even if Horvat is a second line centre the deal is fair. $3.5 million would be a massive underpayment, part of Horvat value is that he doesn't need to be a goal scorer to be effective. If you look at the guys who's recently signed a contract for less than $4 million none are as good as Horvat or have his potential. The deal isn't cheap, it's just fair.
  11. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    Horvat is worth more than Zibanejad, by a good margin.
  12. Guessing Horvat's contract extension

    I think Brayden Schenn ($5.125 / 4 years), Alex Galchenyuk ($4.9 / 3 years) and Jonathan Drouin ($5.5 / 6 years) are some fairly comparable situations. If I'm the Canucks GM I would lock-up Horvat for as long as possible, but that will cost more. Would a Scheifele type of deal work (maybe a bit less) - $6.125 / 8 years? Huberdeau for $5.9 / years? I think $5.5 for 6 or 7 years would be fair value for both sides.
  13. [Signing] Ducks sign Dennis Rasmussen

    Moose is a solid depth forward. While he's not irreplaceable most Hawks fans are shocked and disappointed he wasn't re-signed. I'd rather have Rasmussen than Bouma.