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  1. The Walking Dead Thread

    Andrea was with Dale in the comics prior to "knocking boots" with Rick.  I think Abraham will go soon and he'll never really be with Sasha.  In the comics when Rick goes to war with Negan he admits he could use Abraham (who was dead at that point) in planning his attacks.  The Survivors will need to initially appear weak against Negan's group.  Lacking any military experience helps with that perception.  
  2. The Walking Dead Thread

    I wasn't referring to how Sasha looked, I just like her character.  In the TV series Sasha plays the role Andrea has in the comics, a very tough and kick butt woman.  With the Negan storyline fast approaching I think they will need Sasha and she could get more screen time than she currently has.
  3. The Walking Dead Thread

    I'd like to see Sasha live too, she's a strong character.  But I don't see both Sasha and Abraham lasting if they are going to be a couple.  
  4. Artemi Panarin (Highlight Video)

    I'll be at the game, I'm looking forward to seeing the Breadman play in person.
  5. I bet you would!   Vancouver would have to throw in something more than Hamhuis for that deal.  
  6. The Walking Dead Thread

    Episode 605 was decent.  It wasn't the action packed episode that 601, 602, and 603 were, but it had more action than 604.  There was also some good story line progression which will set-up some good stuff for future episodes.  
  7. Hamhuis in Chicago in theory is a good move, but in reality I doubt it happens.  Especially with Keith likely to return on Saturday (Nov 14). I think Chicago would part with Pokka given how well TvR and Gustafsson have played.  The big challenge is the salary cap, Vancouver would have to take back something.  Maybe Bickell or Daley would go back in return.  If Vancouver took Bickell I would gladly through in Pokka to seal the deal. 
  8. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    I don't think the whole thing was BS.  I believe that something happened that night, it just wasn't want the accuser claimed. 
  9. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    There was an interview with Kane's lawyer and he states something to the effect that they are considering their next steps.  I highly doubt Kane takes any action against the accuser.  The smart move would be to get his name out of the spotlight and focus on hockey. 
  10. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    Take a list of the below interview with the DA.  I've been trying to remain neutral but his comments definitely lean towards Kane not being guilty of these specific charges.   Note: I did not find these links, they were posted on another message board. Part I http://www.wgrz.com/video...ocal/2015/11/05/75224352/Part II http://www.wgrz.com/media...-sedita-interview-part-2/Part III http://www.wgrz.com/media...-sedita-interview-part-3/
  11. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    According the DA there was no exchange of money or promise of payment. 
  12. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    How did I sugar coat Kane?  I said that just we shouldn't think Kane is guilty of rape just because of his past (which he has no history of sexual assault).   Is Kane a saint?  Of course not, nobody believes that.  Did something happen that night?  I would guess that something happened, but the evidence doesn't point to Kane doing anything against the law.
  13. Reports Patrick Kane is under police investigation.

    Kane doesn't have the best past, but concluding that he not innocence of rape because of it is wrong.  Kane may be guilty for all we know, but his past drinking and/or womanizing is not enough to determine guilt.  There are plenty of people who drink too much or sleep around, that doesn't mean they're capable of rape.   Also, just because the accuser is not longer cooperating that doesn't mean she was lying or that nothing happened.  Given the public nature of this case she might just want to move on with her life and that's her right. Unfortunately there haven't been enough facts made public to form a realistic theory either way.  Everyone is entitled to their opinion.  I've seen some Blackhawk fan stand by Kane while others have stopped being a fan of the team because they didn't get rid of him.  It's highly unlikely now that we'll know all the facts.  
  14. The Walking Dead Thread

    I liked the episode as well.  Morgan has been one of my favourite characters so it was nice to get some back story on him.  I think episode 4 really sets the stage for a confrontation between Morgan (spare life at all costs) and Rick (kill anything that gets in your way).  Sometimes shows like this pay bigger dividends down the line as the story progresses. Without character development The Walking Dead would just be Z Nation, which is fine on it's own but not nearly as good.  
  15. The challenge with addiction is that the individual scenarios are rarely that straight forward.  Mental illness is often linked to addiction as the afflicted self-medicate using drugs rather than seeking treatment (for whatever reason).  It's also common for individuals who've suffered a traumatic event (i.e. death of a parent, physical abuse etc) to self-medicate using drugs.  I'm not trying to make an excuse for addicts, but I don't think it's fair to pass judgement and/or think it's as straight forward as "people should know drugs are bad".  Addiction also isn't an income-related event.  In the lower mainland there is a major issue with youths from well-off families being addicted to oxycontin/fentanyl.  There's also genetics to factor in as well, if both parents are addicts then their child has a higher probability of becoming an addict.  Addiction is a family disease, it's not just the addict who suffers.  My point is that addiction is a problem that impacts everyone and judging addicts does nothing to help solve the problem.  BC's infrastructure for addiction is terrible which seems counter to the drug-friendly mentality this province has.  I find the provinces resources for youth addiction particularly poor, parents have no rights in helping their children who've become addicts.