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  1. Canucks next trade deal should be for Yanic Perreault

    YP is currently a coach with the Blackhawks. He works with the NHL club and some of their prospects, mostly with face-offs. He's been with the team since 2013. 
  2. Linden confirms Higgins will be traded

    There are two rules I hate under the new CBA: 1. Recapture - these contracts (i.e. Luongo, Keith) were signed as legitimate contracts under the old CBA.  Sure, there was a loophole but why punish the teams who were smart enough to take advantage of that. 2. Inability to bury contracts - why should a team be punished because a player isn't living up to their contract (i.e. Higgins and Bickell)?  I'd even be happy if a team was limited to the number of contracts they could bury to 1 or 2.  
  3. [Trade] Hawks - Maple Leafs

    Morin has skill but lacks the work ethic required to stick in the NHL. I think this is just a deal where both teams hope a change of scenery helps their guy. Q said Panik will start in Chicago rather than Rockford, so I'd expect another move from the Blackhawks. Likely either Mashinter or Bickell to Rockford. 
  4. [Trade] Hawks - Maple Leafs

    I'm sure Yzerman would ask for Panarin, but Drouin isn't worth that much. Teravainen and Schmaltz would probably be an over pay too.  Rychel for Drouin seems fair. I think Arizona has some young guys that could be dealt for Drouin too. 
  5. [Trade] Hawks - Maple Leafs

    No way in H E Double Hockey Sticks.  Chicago may look to deal for Drouin, but my guess would that Teravainen or Dano would be the main pieces going back to Tampa. 
  6. [Trade] Trevor Daley to Penguins for Rob Scuderi

    Generally speaking Daley is the better defenseman. But in Chicago's system Daley wasn't getting the job done. Daley did some things well with the puck, but he was a nightmare in the defensive zone.  One area Chicago needs to improve this season is the PK. Scuderi will help with the PK and Daley wasn't playing on the special teams.  With the emergence of TvR as a top 4 d-man in Chicago neither Daley or Scuderi was/will be more than a 3rd pairing defenseman. So at least Chicago saves $1 million in cap space.  Hopefully Daley has more success in Pittsburgh. I think he's a decent defenseman but he's wasn't the right fit in Chicago. 
  7. [Discussion/Proposal] Value of David Rundblad

    Rundblad for Baertschi makes sense for both teams. 
  8. [Rumour] Blackhawks' Trevor Daley available.

    Not a bad deal, but to Chicago Daley would have more value than Higgins.  I still think there is a deal that can be had between Chicago and Vancouver. It's a low risk and probably low reward scenario but it helps both teams - Rundblad for Baertschi.   


    Hossa is 36, soon to be 37.  However, if you took the time to watch him play regularly you'll see his game has not diminished with age.  He's still one of the best two-way forwards in the game. Kane is a lightweight...but what does that have to do with him leading the league in points or his 23 game point streak? Keith is not banged up and Seabrook is neither old or slow.  Crawford is still underrated.  Some people think the only reason he's good is the defense in front of him and that is simply not true.  Look at the series against Tampa or more recent last game against Nashville.  On many nights he's Chicago's best player. Toews and Kane are the only offense Chicago has?  Have you watched Panarin, Teravainen or Anisimov?  Toews is actually off to a very slow start offensively.  Still, attempting (unsuccessfully) to point out that Chicago's offensive is all Kane and Toews when Vancouver's offense is so reliant on the Sedins is laughable.  Now...with all that being said are the Canucks capable of beating Chicago on Sunday?  Yes, of course they can.  On any given night any team can win.  But your reasoning above is beyond weak.  The schedule is playing in Vancouver's favour, Sunday will be the Blackhawks 3rd game in 4 nights whereas the Canucks have 3 days off.  I was at the November 21st Canucks/Blachawks game and I give the Canucks full credit for the win but Chicago was playing very tired that night (it was also their 3rd game in 4 nights). 

  12. How about Baertschi for Rundblad? A low cost, low risk move that helps both Vancouver and Chicago unload an underperformed that they overpaid for.  Vancouver gets a serviceable defenseman and Chicago gets a much needed Left Wing. 
  13. The Walking Dead Thread

    I agree, yesterday's episode was a rather boring mid-season finale.  The only thing it did was set-up what should be a solid mid-season premiere and the longer term excitement of adding Negan, Speaking of Negan, given his vocabulary I wonder who he will be portrayed on TV in comparison to the comics?
  14. The Walking Dead Thread

    Andrea was with Dale in the comics prior to "knocking boots" with Rick.  I think Abraham will go soon and he'll never really be with Sasha.  In the comics when Rick goes to war with Negan he admits he could use Abraham (who was dead at that point) in planning his attacks.  The Survivors will need to initially appear weak against Negan's group.  Lacking any military experience helps with that perception.