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  1. Yaaaaaa, I don't think so.
  2. Sorry guys...that is some serious crap. Damn.
  3. Chicago will likely look outside the organization for a back up. They've had very good success lately with back ups (Emery, Raanta, Darling) so I'm confident they'll find another. Darling was was going to free agency and somebody will pay him starter money. There's no way Chicago could keep him. Darling has been awesome and deserves a chance to be a #1. I hope he gets paid big time and enjoys tremendous success in Carolina or where ever he lands.
  4. Non-Canucks fan here and been a while since I've posted (I've missed you guys). I honestly think the Canucks are going to win the draft lottery. I think Vancouver deserves the #1 pick and it would be nice to see the city get excited about hockey again.
  5. Oduya will be paired with Hjalmarsson in a shutdown role. This allows Quenneville to reunite Keith and Seabrook which is huge.
  6. For sure. Kruger is the obvious choice to go, I'm a big fan of his but at a cap hit of $3.1 million he's a luxury the team can no longer afford. If there is decent cap movement that may be all. But it the cap remains the same then somebody else may have to go too.
  7. We don't know that. Negan's group is much bigger so I'm sure there are some that are up there with Rick's group while others that are like cadets. I don't think Rick is the best fighter, if not for Michonne he would have been killed by the Governor.
  8. I think 8 years for around $5 million would be a great deal. I still think Horvat hasn't come close to his potential yet and he's a guy you can build around.
  9. The Hawks rookies were solid in the 3rd period. Schmaltz was very good overall and especially defensively. Hartman scored his 2nd in 2 nights and Hinostroza was a man on a mission.
  10. I will have that song stuck in my head for weeks now.
  11. Negan is a great character, but Ezekiel was a pleasant surprise. I knew Ezekiel would be introduced and I have read the comics, but I really like the way he is portrayed on the show. Not to mention that they did a great job with Shiva.
  12. Rick, Carl and Daryl
  13. Yes he has and that's not right, however it does not take away from what Virtanen did to Nordstrom. I get your point about the NHL policing itself, while most of us wouldn't mind seeing this it's not how the league functions today. That was a dirty play, but was it bad enough to earn a suspension, I'm not too sure.
  14. There's also Kempny. He's not eligible for the Calder but this is his first season. Kempny and Forsling have been solid, certainly not perfect but really good for first year defensemen. Hartman and Motte have been solid two-way forwards. Very solid third liners. Schmaltz and Hinostroza have started slow but they're improving each game.