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  1. 2009 NHL Draft. Kings select Brayden Schenn at 5th overall Coyotes select Oliver Ekman-Larson at 6th overall Hindsight is always 20/20.
  2. I hate federal elections because I feel like CDC has invaded all of Canada.
  3. I'd take one of Prust/Cracknell/Dorsett out if Virtanen comes in and then take one of the kids out against the Kings and put our grinder back in. Kings are a different animal compared to Ducks.
  4. If that's true does this mean McCann sits tonight or does Willie feel comfortable with 2 rookie forwards playing and rest Prust or Dorsett for Kings tomorrow?
  5. Forward depth is fine. Defence depth is questionable once we lose a top 4 but this team is easily still better off than finishing in the bottom like many pundits are predicting.
  6. Well aren't you a jolly bowl of low expectations
  7. This feels surreal. Is the hockey season actually starting tonight or has Sportsnet/TSN forgot to mention it after the Blue Jays getting slammed down my throat for the past month?
  8. Prust knows he has a job. He is not going to balls to the walls in preseason like the kids who are fighting for a spot. Like most veterans, he's trying to avoid injury while getting him back into the feel of the game.
  9. I see Chirelli is taking a page out of Lowe's book. Pay a kid for his potential seems to be the Oilers way of keeping their young players around. Makes you wonder if Edmonton is going to give league max to McDavid once his entry level expires.
  10. Many people had Horvat as a lock last year but many weren't sure how he would perform with the bigger and faster game. The same is said with Virtanen this year where everything points to him being on the team but we're not sure how well he will perform. Also, 6 goals in 9 games is incredibly unrealistic for any player so obviously if he scores that many he will stay. He will just need to show that he can handle the pace and play the role he's given rather relied on to score. Scoring can come later.
  11. It would appear there's similar feeling this training camp about Virtanen making it this year as the 50/50 feeling of Horvat making the team during last year's training camp. All the tools and talent is there it's just a matter of if he's able to transition it to the NHL level without being a liability. Canucks kept Horvat once they realized he wouldn't be a liability and then as he played better he earned more ice time and opportunities. I imagine it will be the same strategy with bringing up other young guys like Virtanen.
  12. If Pitts believes Bonino can play the shutdown role behind Crosby and Malkin, they're going to have problems. Sutter will have a better season with Canucks next year where his focus won't be defense first but to create as well which should be similar to his time in Carolina. Pens fans couldn't help but compare Sutter to Jordan Staal the same way Canuck fans couldn't help but compare Bonino to Kesler. Both were unfair.
  13. Probably working out other details like limited NTC and what not.
  14. Where did you get 205? Most sites I've seen say 187lbs which is average for his height.
  15. Kass had worn his welcome and wasn't playing like the aggressive power forward we were hoping. Kass ends up flopping in Montreal, it's a 5th for Prust essential.