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  1. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    It's funny the amount of Canucks fans that had their pitchforks out after we took EP. I remember I made a damage control post to show we actually made the best pick and got absolutely blasted by the majority on here. Soon after that though the large media outlets started praising the pick and then mood started to change. It's always fun being a Canucks fan on draft day.
  2. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    I'm thinking maybe we should get hired as scouts for the Canucks
  3. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    I'm born and raised in Vancouver but my family is in Budapest so I live there for spurts throughout the year (probably like 3 months of the year). Going to be moving there permanently in the summer though. Because it's my home just as much as Vancouver I'm probably a little biased but it's incredibly beautiful. They don't call it the Paris of the east for nothing. If you want to travel there, I'd recommend to do it in the summer cause it's by far the best time to go. They also tend to speak a lot more English now a days compared to when I was a kid so it shouldn't be that hard to get around however I will warn you that English is still very foreign if you leave the touristy places (even within them it can be hit or miss). Budapest has a special charm though cause although it feels like a big city it really isn't so you can explore around with relative ease. I'd highly recommend everyone at least stop by Budapest if they're in that region of Europe cause it truly is unique.
  4. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    A lot of things still need to happen for my prediction to be proven right so no credit should be given yet. I just remember being so shocked that no one was talking about the kid. A lot of talk of Vilardi and Glass but Pettersson just fell through cracks with Canucks fans but also with the mainstream media. I think there was maybe only one or two other posters on here that wanted Pettersson. The arguments I got into in the draft threads are pretty funny now looking back at it though.
  5. Elias Pettersson | #40 | C/RW

    I'm just going to leave this here...
  6. Rumour - Larry Brooks - Max Domi

    There's already a good precedent to build a proposal in the Duclair trade with Chicago. They got Panik, Clendening and Dauphin. They got Panik who's a relatively young complimentary winger, Clendening who puts up solid numbers in the AHL but can't seem to put it together at the next level and Dauphin who's a versatile AHL center. So if you look at that package it's basically a top 9 winger and 2 solid AHL players who can both be called up as depth in case of injuries. Domi has a higher pedigree but we can definitely build around a similar package and I think most NHL teams will be looking to do the same. As much promise as Domi has, he hasn't been the same for the past year which will definitely put off a lot of teams. Hutton would be the main piece of any deal in my mind but we would definitely need to add some kind of forward prospect to fit the template. I'm not an NHL GM and I don't make proposals but JB should be seriously inquiring what it would take to get Domi.
  7. Flu 2018 (OMG ITS AN EPIDEMIC but not really)

    I guess alcohol truly does kill all.
  8. Flu 2018 (OMG ITS AN EPIDEMIC but not really)

    I feel you. It's the same in mine but I think I'm gonna take off the rest of the week anyway just cause I don't want anyone else in my office to get it and then have them miss a week. My doctors recommendation was to take the week, he said that the reason it keeps spreading is because people are too pressured into not missing any work which in the end just spreads the virus around more. On top of that you will recover much slower. I really do wish they adopted a different attitude in the work place when it comes to sick leave. They've even shown how much money companies lose when they force sick people into work, it's kind of crazy.
  9. You're missing the point. You don't create a system that will encourage sexual assault/rape, you should be doing everything to minimize it. It'd be like throwing an antelope into a lions den, a lions den that hasn't eaten in months and is starving. I understand it's just an option but I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be taking advantage of this (I'm guessing more men than women however).
  10. Flu 2018 (OMG ITS AN EPIDEMIC but not really)

    From what I can tell I'm in for another few days of being sick
  11. Flu 2018 (OMG ITS AN EPIDEMIC but not really)

    Damn. I hope you're in a line of work where that much time off is not an issue
  12. Flu 2018 (OMG ITS AN EPIDEMIC but not really)

    Do you wish you had taken more time off to properly recover or were those 3 days enough?
  13. Flu 2018 (OMG ITS AN EPIDEMIC but not really)

    Give me a break, this is the first thing I've done in days
  14. This years flu has been the worst in nearly a decade. Don't believe me? Well here's a NY times article for you: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/26/health/flu-rates-deaths.html As someone who has had this flu for the past 5 days I can easily tell you it's the worst one I've ever had. Usually the flu is just a 2-3 day ordeal and then I'm good to go back to work. This one leaves you with a fever for a prolonged amount of time (I'm on the 5th day and I still have fevers on and off). The first few days have been a blur but now that I'm out of my coma and recovering, I'm extremely restless and annoyed I've had to miss 4 days of work for this but I'm also extremely fatigued and need the rest. I think I finally understand what they mean by "the real flu". After writing this short paragraph it feels like I've run a marathon from my bed. So Canucks fans, have any of you had the flu this year and what have been your experiences? How long did it knock you out for?
  15. I agree with you to an extent but you have to agree with the fact that this will never truly be Bo's and Brock's team until the Sedin's retire. That's why I drew that parallel to when we let Naslund go. As much as he was still productive and helpful (as the Sedins are today), in order for our kids to take the next step, we have to give them the keys to the club and all the pressure that comes with it. After Naslund left, as painful as it was (he was my favorite Canuck), we became a better team for it. Of course we also added better players, but the Sedins took their new role and ran with it. We now need our prospects to do the same. I'm not sure if that's this year or next, but it's fast approaching. Edit: The leafs recently did the same thing and handed the keys to the kids. Obviously very different situations but the concept and timing is the same and something we can learn from.