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  1. The more I watch McCann the more he reminds me of Giroux. I say that stylistically though just for you people who think I'm jumping the gun a bit They're both great skaters, play a simple game, have top end hockey IQ, have silky hands and a wicked shot. But what makes me think of Claude Giroux when I see McCann is the agitator/pest factor that they both possess. I can see it on some of the after the whistle antics and I'm sure as he gets more comfortable we'll see more of it.
  2. The Sedins compete hard and battle harder. They might not go around hitting people but that's not their job. What they do is lead the team offensively and provide a level of calmness and poise to the team. They provide their leadership sort of like Lidstrom did. The Sedins never have to elevate their game cause they are by far the most consistent players I have ever seen. The Sedins are showing our youngsters how to bring your A game night in, night out. I never understand why people always criticize the Sedins leadership. It's always the same superficial argument like "a captain needs to hit and fight" which simply isn't the case, it just provides for better entertainment and a better story line, but it doesn't necessarily win games.
  3. Funny to see all of these so called fans coming out of their holes. We played great, did a lot of things right, the puck just wasn't bouncing right for us tonight. Keep your heads up Vancouver, this is only game 1!
  4. I'd be more interested in hearing why people personify animals the way they do. I've had pets, I've been sad when my pets died. I've also seen the videos of how the animals we eat are treated and I do agree, it is very poor. I don't think anyone here is arguing that their treatment is poor but it doesn't bother me. (My Grandpa always told me not to name the pigs that were meant for eating). The way I see it is that we too often have emotions towards these animals when it isn't our place. We like to think of ourselves as superior beings because we're at the top of the food chain, but we are still IN the food chain. George Orwell once said that men are inherently evil, and I'm a strong believer in that. We are all animals and we must do what we must to survive. Does the lion question its morality (if lions have morality) when it hunts the gazelle? We are effectively the lion in this situation, however, we are far more intelligent and efficient. We settled down from the nomadic, tribal people we once were and created great civilizations. OP, the only reason you can even ask these types of ethical/ideological questions is because we ate meat and learned to feed villages, cities, countries, etc... You don't have to worry about food because of the PROGRESS humans have made. Now if someone could come up with a solution on how to continue to eat meat without leaving much of an environmental footprint I'm all for it, just for the sake of preserving our place in the future of this earth. Oh and btw there is no right or wrong. Acting like everyone who doesn't share your opinion is less intelligent than you, really paints you into ignorant fellow. I don't know you and you might be a fine lad but from what I've read you come off as a total mong so please do try and listen to what people say. Try to see what they're saying through their eyes and try to understand where they're coming from, which is what I believe was your original intention. Either way, I'm done with this thread.
  5. I remember everyone at the beginning of the year panicking about how bad we were going to do and not just on CDC, at work, friends, etc... I kept telling them that this team will surprise a lot of people. Now, I'm not going to act like we're a powerhouse team but I do believe we will be competing for the cup and honestly, that's a great start. It's all you can really ask for as a fan.
  6. Exactly this is a forum. In a forum you discuss your ideas and views on a particular subject which involves a lot of communication. If your spelling and grammar is inadequate, you're not communicating effectively. As seen above, gstank's grammar and spelling distracted the reader from the point he was trying to make. You'll learn through your studies how important spelling and grammar is when your professors start paying more attention to your spelling/grammar than your point of view. Even in sciences
  7. I remember watching some of his games this year thinking, I really hope we pick up this kid somehow. There was something about him, he really just looked like an NHL player out there. He does have to work on his consistency like every other young player but man does this kid have it all. I think he may just be one of the surprises of the draft in 5-10 years.
  8. I really wish we would have drafted Mads Eller. Big, fast and hits like a truck. He's responsible in his own end and has decent puck skills.
  9. If any team gives Johansen an offer sheet it won't be to win, it'll be to make Columbus give Johansen the term he wants and maybe he'll remember the favor you did him when free agency comes around in 4 years. This would have to be a long term devious plan, too bad Benning and Linden are honorable, they'd never try and screw someone over like that .
  10. I think we picked him too high, but I'm really excited that we picked him. Can't wait to see him light it up for the hometown crowd!
  11. WD40, getting rid of the rust in our players. Oh and dat stache doe.
  12. Although I agree with you on most of what you said the bolded part is somewhat wrong. Yes points aren't everything, but it's called a hockey TEAM. You need players like Ovechkin, like Kessel, like Kane to be offense first players. They play a very vital part on a hockey team. Just like how power forwards create space, skilled players create better match ups. It's like us and the Sedins. We put them out there and they attract the best defensive players on opposing teams, which creates easier competition for the 2nd/3rd/4th line. Every type of player plays a role on a team, it just so happens that the skilled players play one of the bigger roles on a team. There's a reason why they get more minutes and get more recognition. Heart and soul guys are just as important if not more important, but heart and soul guys can only thrive if they have the skilled players to take some of the heat off once and a while. A good team has a balance of different types of players. The Canucks are about to lose their only REAL high skill players, that's why people are leaning towards the skilled euros. We have heart and soul, big, 2 way prospects, what we're missing is high end skill, offense first players to take over for the Sedins. Whether it be Ehlers or Nylander, they'll be groomed to take over that role on our team. Whether they can achieve that level is still a question mark.
  13. Why do you even post here? I seriously doubt it's to discuss hockey. I don't think it's possible to be THAT daft. There are several posters on here incapable of logical thought. It's as if a monkey is holding a gun to your head and if you write anything intelligent or anything the monkey won't understand, he'll shoot you cause it makes the monkey feel inferior. All this assuming monkeys can read, and can shoot guns... OK fine, a very intelligent monkey. But its still a monkey. Several posters are at the same level as a very intelligent monkey. I just don't get it. Why is it hard to say "You know what? Yeah, Nylander and Ehlers are great prospects, I just think that Ritchie will be better or I like Ritchie better." or whoever goats your float in a boat. Personally, I really like Ehlers and I'm starting to lean towards Nylander, but I see the appeal of a Ritchie or a Virtanen. Your existence won't be altered AT ALL for admitting an 18 year old hockey player, who's being touted as a top 10 player IN THE WORLD FOR HIS AGE, might actually be a decent hockey player. Seriously.
  14. Virtanen reminds me of Mathias. Great skater, good shot, big body, just lacks the toolbox to be a consistent top 6 player.
  15. Basically, how do we replace the Sedins production in a few years? Pull a Burke in the 2014 draft and draft 2 top 5 picks. I'm on board. Shinkaruk is gonna be special imo. I think he'll be a big part of our team in the future, this may sound crazy but I'd prefer him to Strome. Although I don't know much about Strome, Shink is my favorite prospect.