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  1. It's funny the amount of Canucks fans that had their pitchforks out after we took EP. I remember I made a damage control post to show we actually made the best pick and got absolutely blasted by the majority on here. Soon after that though the large media outlets started praising the pick and then mood started to change. It's always fun being a Canucks fan on draft day.
  2. I'm thinking maybe we should get hired as scouts for the Canucks
  3. I'm born and raised in Vancouver but my family is in Budapest so I live there for spurts throughout the year (probably like 3 months of the year). Going to be moving there permanently in the summer though. Because it's my home just as much as Vancouver I'm probably a little biased but it's incredibly beautiful. They don't call it the Paris of the east for nothing. If you want to travel there, I'd recommend to do it in the summer cause it's by far the best time to go. They also tend to speak a lot more English now a days compared to when I was a kid so it shouldn't be that hard to get around however I will warn you that English is still very foreign if you leave the touristy places (even within them it can be hit or miss). Budapest has a special charm though cause although it feels like a big city it really isn't so you can explore around with relative ease. I'd highly recommend everyone at least stop by Budapest if they're in that region of Europe cause it truly is unique.
  4. A lot of things still need to happen for my prediction to be proven right so no credit should be given yet. I just remember being so shocked that no one was talking about the kid. A lot of talk of Vilardi and Glass but Pettersson just fell through cracks with Canucks fans but also with the mainstream media. I think there was maybe only one or two other posters on here that wanted Pettersson. The arguments I got into in the draft threads are pretty funny now looking back at it though.
  5. What I saw from Goldobin is improvement. He showed flashes of brilliance in a tire fire Canucks lineup. All we can ask from our prospects is to improve, they are after all students of the game. What Goldobin needs to work on is consistency and obviously he needs to learn that there's more to the game then playing with the puck. Once he understands he can have an affect on the game without touching the puck then we'll start to see him turn the next page.
  6. When you listen to him describing his smarts and how he always comes out of the corners with the puck even though he's lighter than everyone else, I can't help but think of Datsyuk when he first came into the league. That was one of the comparisons I heard for EP and it's one of the ones I saw in him as well. I remember seeing how the majority of CDC didn't want to draft him at 5th overall, I'm just glad that everyone now sees what some of us saw in him and are getting excited about him. This is how Canucks fans should support their prospects!
  7. CDC is always good for chuckle here and there
  8. Where is the basis for this argument? Just look at how many times he gets shoved or hit hard into the boards, no matter how hard he goes down, he always gets back up. He's shown countless times that when the going gets tough he steps his game up. You can reference the WJC all you want but one tournament doesn't make a player. Also he didn't put up stats in the WJC but he definitely was impressive. He dangled through defenses with ease several times and just got unlucky with the finish and he did that being one of the youngest players on the team.
  9. You basically described Henrik Sedin. Stylistic comparisons have nothing to do with weight though. I personally wouldn't have compared Pettersson to Johansen, but that's not because of their weight but because they have different play styles. They're both playmakers but the comparison ends there. Pettersson is a Backstrom/Datsyuk hybrid if anything but he's so hard to figure out a stylistic comparison for because he plays like Elias Pettersson and no one else. That was part of the reason I think he might turn out to be a pretty special player. Great players have no comparison and I find it very hard to find one for Pettersson.
  10. Pettersson comparison: Datsyuk and Backstrom He's a minimum 2 year project and will most likely compete for a roster spot in his draft +3 year. If Glass compares to Scheifele then he's also around 3-4 years from the NHL. I don't care how long it takes for them to make it, I care about how good they'll be when they finally do. Glass is vanilla and we need a little spice. First time in 3 years Benning picks who I want in the first round so I'm ecstatic with the pick.