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  1. Being a troll on CDC is harder than I thought. I only got 1 out of 2 people to bite. I'll take my 50% efficiency and run with it though. I officially commend the regular trolls of CDC for their work.
  2. Yeah I notice the same thing. He's almost a pest when he gets in that range, like he just attacks that area and is extremely aggressive. We could definitely use that on our team.
  3. GMJB out GM'ed again, can't even sign Alain Vigneaults son who would bring truculence and skill to our anemic lineup. Replace Virtanen with this 6ft5 behemoth cause Virtanen is a bust, AHL fodder. Trust me guys I've watch all the Clarkson games and this guy is good, he's the best. Such an underrated signing.
  4. You Muslim? I think you meant Voila
  5. Obvious troll is obvious but I'll indulge. Although I was a huge Ehlers advocate, hindsight is 20/20. Virtanen was a big, fast, scorer who had the majority of his goals at even strength if I recall correctly. All that and he was a hometown kid. I can see the logic of drafting him, I do not see the logic in how we've developed him. Be patient. He's still maturing and trying to figure out, not only how to be a good hockey player, but how to be a man. Throw millions of dollars at any 18 year old and see how they react. Not every prospect is a Horvat. I'm willing to give him as long as he needs, as a fan, in order to become the player we know he can become. Do I wish we drafted Ehlers? I think that answer is obvious but that doesn't mean that the hometown boy we drafted won't be a good player once fully developed.
  6. He's just tweeting a line from the song "What you Want" by The Weeknd. If anything this says he has good taste in music. Can't wait to see what he picks as his goal song!
  7. This is an interesting topic to discuss but man are you lazy, like seriously? One line? Why don't you list you're ideas maybe formulate a few paragraphs and then end with your one liner. Just feels like a status update and not a thread. Now to get on topic, I think that the cycle game works for them but right now they have no one retrieving the pucks for them so they're not getting enough chances to set up. When Hansen was back they looked more successful in their game. Having said that I do believe they need to vary their play a little more, with or without Hansen. One thing they could do is to simplify their game and throw some pucks to the net instead of looking for each other every time cause it's a little too predictable. Now I'm not saying they need to just throw low percentage shots every shift but every once and a while throw it on net and hope for a rebound. Eriksson is great around the net and he might just pot some. Worst come worst their goalie covers it and they get a faceoff which gives them another chance to set up. Also they do need a lot more movement. On the power play goal last night you saw them cutting in to the danger zones and then passing off which pulls defenders out of position and opens up gaps. If both Henrik and Daniel could start looping towards the slot before cycling it again they could be very successful. But again, they can't do this every time or it becomes predictable. Basically what I'm saying is they need to vary their play. These days it feels like every Sedin shift is identical (kinda like them I suppose... I know bad joke... Sorry I'll leave now) and I'm just wondering when they're going to see it. They keep trying the same things hoping for a different result and it's infuriating. I personally think splitting them for maybe a 5 game run will help them diversify their play and would do wonders for their 5 on 5 game when reunited.
  8. Yeah I completely agree with you. We're just making the same mistake with Virtanen that we saw Edmonton make on many occasions. We have a great need for a player like Jake right now, so we force him into the team hoping he grows into the spot. I strongly believe in sending Jake to Utica for as long as it takes for him to dominate. Make him hungry for that NHL spot by taking it away from him. Only call him back up whe he shows consistency at the AHL level over the course of a season. If I were JB, Virtanen would be in Utica all year no matter how well he does.
  9. The curious case of why GMJB doesn't keep Virtanen with Utica. I think it boils down to impatience. What have we heard all summer was the type of player JB wanted? A big tough 20 goal scoring winger. Funny enough we have one of those in Virtanen but he's still developing and not ready to assume that role. Now, you could argue that he hasn't been given the opportunity to earn that role due to how WD handles Jake's minutes and linemates but we all know WD likes to have players earn their spots. Look how long it took Baertschi to earn his 2nd line spot. He had to show WD that he would give 100% every shift AND be very good defensively. Baertschi had to do that over the course of a full season in order to have the leash loosened. I think JB, WD, and Virtanen need to have a meeting together and hammer this out. Have JB explain to WD the role he wants Virtanen to play with the big club (top 6 winger) and have WD explain to Virtanen what he needs to do consistently in order to keep that top 6 spot. I would assume they've already had this conversation but it really feels like they aren't on the same page so who knows.
  10. I think Bo Horvat and Troy Stecher are the best things since sliced bread
  11. I just love the way these Canucks stick together. You can see it in the celebrations for each goal. They're genuinely excited and happy for each other when they score. I don't know it could be that they won tonight and that may be changing the shade of my glasses but they just just have such a good team vibe about them. I think we're slowly seeing the characters that Benning is trying to assemble. The Sedins are great and I love them as much as every Canucks fan but they're calmness has always kind of bothered me. I want to see raw emotion and these kids are slowly influencing them which is great.
  12. The more I watch McCann the more he reminds me of Giroux. I say that stylistically though just for you people who think I'm jumping the gun a bit They're both great skaters, play a simple game, have top end hockey IQ, have silky hands and a wicked shot. But what makes me think of Claude Giroux when I see McCann is the agitator/pest factor that they both possess. I can see it on some of the after the whistle antics and I'm sure as he gets more comfortable we'll see more of it.
  13. The Sedins compete hard and battle harder. They might not go around hitting people but that's not their job. What they do is lead the team offensively and provide a level of calmness and poise to the team. They provide their leadership sort of like Lidstrom did. The Sedins never have to elevate their game cause they are by far the most consistent players I have ever seen. The Sedins are showing our youngsters how to bring your A game night in, night out. I never understand why people always criticize the Sedins leadership. It's always the same superficial argument like "a captain needs to hit and fight" which simply isn't the case, it just provides for better entertainment and a better story line, but it doesn't necessarily win games.
  14. Funny to see all of these so called fans coming out of their holes. We played great, did a lot of things right, the puck just wasn't bouncing right for us tonight. Keep your heads up Vancouver, this is only game 1!