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  1. It was drop in but I believe now you have to sign up, however teams aren't pre-determined, it's basically throw your sticks in the middle and divide them. I'd still consider it drop in though, just a more organized drop in.
  2. There's pretty good pickup games at roundhouse rec. Weekday nights (not sure which ones anymore but I think it's Tuesdays and Thursdays) has the guys who take it way too seriously and then Sundays has more of a chill vibe. I played with my coworkers there for about a year and it's good competition, pretty well organised but it comes without the seriousness of a league. I would personally avoid weekday nights cause things get heated pretty frequently but the competition is better (not by much, just a more even playing field and less cherry pickers). I would say try the Sunday and if you're looking for something more serious go on weekday nights cause a lot of those guys play in serious leagues and I'm sure if you're good enough you could network your way into one of their teams. I know I had some guys there trying to recruit me so you might no even have to ask lol
  3. I've been telling my buddy who's a flames fame (I know, yuck, how could I mingle with such filth) that we could realistically make the playoffs as a bubble team in 2018-19. We aren't as bad as the media makes us out to be. I can see several prospects taking steps forward and filling holes in our team as early as 2018-2019. I don't think we'll be a contender till at least 2020-2021 though.
  4. I always upvote you cause I read your post while looking at Loui's face in your sig and imagine him saying your post. This time it meshed perfectly
  5. That's actually not true. They have very well defined leg muscles not huge legs. There are exceptions to this rule however for the most part they need to keep optimum mobility so they prefer to have lean muscle instead of being bulky. I won't disagree with football players though, those guys are absolute tanks, but if you look at the fastest players, even they like to stay pretty lean cause you can't be bulky and the fastest, you have to pick one or set yourself in the middle to be a well rounded athlete like most of them do.
  6. Yakupov and Grigorenko. I'd take a chance on those two. Yakupov is the riskier one but we need help on the powerplay and when put on the power play he produces. Grigorenko at worst is a solid 4C who can chip in on offense here and there. Two young players who if they work out can become parts of our core and if they don't we just send them on their way, low risk high reward.
  7. Pettersson has a wicked slapper and wrister. I'd probably give shooting to Pettersson simply because he has more of a shot selection. Nylander is a better skater than Pettersson though. I agree on the defensive side of things, Pettersson is much better in his own zone then Nylander was/is.
  8. CDC is always good for chuckle here and there
  9. Where is the basis for this argument? Just look at how many times he gets shoved or hit hard into the boards, no matter how hard he goes down, he always gets back up. He's shown countless times that when the going gets tough he steps his game up. You can reference the WJC all you want but one tournament doesn't make a player. Also he didn't put up stats in the WJC but he definitely was impressive. He dangled through defenses with ease several times and just got unlucky with the finish and he did that being one of the youngest players on the team.
  10. You basically described Henrik Sedin. Stylistic comparisons have nothing to do with weight though. I personally wouldn't have compared Pettersson to Johansen, but that's not because of their weight but because they have different play styles. They're both playmakers but the comparison ends there. Pettersson is a Backstrom/Datsyuk hybrid if anything but he's so hard to figure out a stylistic comparison for because he plays like Elias Pettersson and no one else. That was part of the reason I think he might turn out to be a pretty special player. Great players have no comparison and I find it very hard to find one for Pettersson.
  11. Pettersson comparison: Datsyuk and Backstrom He's a minimum 2 year project and will most likely compete for a roster spot in his draft +3 year. If Glass compares to Scheifele then he's also around 3-4 years from the NHL. I don't care how long it takes for them to make it, I care about how good they'll be when they finally do. Glass is vanilla and we need a little spice. First time in 3 years Benning picks who I want in the first round so I'm ecstatic with the pick.
  12. That's basically what I was trying to say. Pundits are essentially well informed fans who sometimes have inside information but for the most part their speculation/scouting is as good as a well informed fan cause that's basically what they are. I find that my guesses are usually as good as theirs, yet they get paid for theirs, I just spew my opinion over the internet. I agree, if we draft Makar, I'll still be happy at the idea of him reaching his potential and still happy with him as a pick cause after all is said and done, he'd be a Canuck. We can always criticize, as I will do if we pick him, but I'll always support him, I just won't support the decision to pick him although I see the logic.
  13. Education doesn't equal intelligence. Are hockey pundits more qualified to have an opinion on the matter? Yes. Are hockey pundits correct more often than the well informed fan? Not at all. I find the opinions of a lot of the pundits to be far off from reality except maybe Bob McKenzie and a few others. Hockey pundits are just former players, scouts, GMs who are now simply fans with opinions. We should stop taking everything they say as gospel, cause most of the time, their speculation is just as good as the well informed fan. What they should be relied on is inside information, but inside information only. I don't like Makar although his skating is incredible, along with his puck skills but I don't like the risk. If he proves everyone wrong, I'd rather it be with another team. If we pick a defender it should only be Heiskanen. The kid played top pairing on one of the better teams in the best league in Finland. He put up similar numbers to Karlsson in his draft year in less games in a more defensive/grinding league. He's not this safe defensemen who's only solid on D like I see a lot of you posting. The reason why he's a safe pick is that his defensive game is extremely good already and could probably play in the NHL next year, it's not because he has little to no offense, he actually has a pretty dynamic offensive skill set to go along with his defensive acumen.
  14. Just another day in the PC world we live in. If it offends people though, as a politician, apologizing is the right move if you plan on having a long career so I don't blame him. I'm willing to bet though that it was non-indigenous people who were offended by his comments. I feel like that's always how it goes.
  15. That's fair argument. You pointed it out yourself though, he looks like the best player in the draft if not for his weight. Let me ask you though, If we had to bet on a 6 ft 2 17 year old who will be on a strict diet and workout plan for the foreseeable future, would you bet on him gaining weight or staying the same weight? That's why I think it isn't much of a risk simply because I know he will get bigger. I like Glass but when you watch him play he doesn't seem like much of a playmaker, he always seems like the trigger man. He reminds me more of a young Kesler. I haven't watched that much of him so maybe I just missed the games where he showcased his playmaking side, but I really didn't see that in his game. What I did see though is like Kesler, someone who always makes the right decision with the puck. Not the greatest passer, but always makes the safe play. That's a valuable attribute, I just think that he lacks the creativity to be a high end 1st line center. Edit: Basically just saying that he doesn't run the powerplay or run the show, he uses his teammates to get him in a better position to score. I think he'll be a great player once he puts on some weight, I just think Pettersson is the better fit and you shouldn't have PTSD after the pick