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  1. Your definition of elite talent NEVER hits free agency in the NHL. This isn't like the NBA. Players are a lot more loyal in the NHL. All Eriksson cost was money. He's a multi utility bona fide relatively consistent (season by season) top 6 forward who can play both wings and very respectful in nature. very good role model for the young ones. If we ever need to trade him as well, then we could easily expect some very good assets back as well GEEZ WE JUST SIGNED THE TOP FREE AGENT THIS YEAR. Happy Canada Day!
  2. Yeah Ladd did.....but Ladd isn't the player Eriksson is
  3. Yes! One of the most underrated players in the NHL.....as evidenced by our board. we just signed thr top dog in this year's free agency pool guys. Show a little happiness
  4. So....did Benning actually contact Stamkos agent or no? None of the reports are saying that the Canucks are interested in Stamkos. Maybe he already told us "not interested guys sorry"
  5. Max Domi scored over 50 points in his rookie year and is potentially a first line winger. Why would PHX trade him? He's proven he can produce in the NHL already
  6. If Dubois is available and we select a defenseman, I sense another ZOMG KOPITARZZ all over again.
  7. I've heard Jamie Benna s a comparable to Dubois. Accurate or no?
  8. Wow I have always wanted Dubois over Tkachuk if it came down to it. Didn't know that a lot of you guys liked him too.
  9. Why no Pierre Luc-Dubois love in this thread? Is it only because he plays in the Q?
  10. People need to understand that none of our prospects are guarantees of being anything. They could all max out at 3rd line forwards and not reach what your perceived career projections to them are. You NEVER draft based on what you think your "needs" are. You always draft the BPA, because they end up being the best asset you can receive from the draft, and the development of prospects is never a sure thing. People are slotting Virtanen, Boeser and Horvat in as first liners already and none of them have really been producing big numbers yet have they? Maybe in the minors yes, but the fact of the matter is that the nHL is a whole different game and you can't really predict who's game will transfer into the NHL more effectively. That's why you keep taking the BPA. Nashville took Jones 4th overall after he dropped, they're stacked on defence already, then they traded him for a 1st line borderline franchise player in Ryan Johansen. You take the BPA, nothing in player development is guaranteed. The Oilers would definitely be better off if they picked Hanifin over McDavid or Hayden Fleury over Draisaitl right? RNH isn't panning out as projected, so thank god they picked two potential franchise centremen after.
  11. Trade our pick for Drouin lolol
  12. Our first round pick for Drouin?
  13. Shinkaruk was a potential Ennis. Not a potential P. Kane people. Calm down. Potential Ennises don't win you cups in this league.