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  1. Pettersson for McDavid.

    Buddy are you kidding me? Are we playing the hypothetical what if game? What if Pettersson gets another concussion and is knocked out of the league? Your argument is irrelevant. McDavid literally entered the NHL as a potential best player in the NHL candidate and essentially was, and after one year he established himself as THE BEST player in the world. Pettersson is going to have to get paid in a couple years as well, at their peaks they may be similar but right now, I'd take McDavid in a heartbeat
  2. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    Matheson is getting those comments thrown his way because he's being disingenuous. Claiming that there was no frustration in his actions is ridiculous. If humans in general were able to accept their flaws, admit to their mistakes or be willing to share more of what their true inner feelings are (instead of lying or putting on a fake exterior), we as a society would be much more enlightened, cohesive and open
  3. Matheson hit on Pettersson

    I don't care if he's being bullied on social media. There was intent to injure, and concussions can ruin a person's life. Of course Elias' family is affected by this too and concerned about his health, so open season on a disgusting predatory guy. If Matheson doesn't understand the magnitude of his actions (clearly a real possibility considering the responses in this thread) he will when his wife tells him about the hate as well.
  4. Patrick Kane has had no problems playing four rounds in the playoffs, having won a conn smythe as well as three Stanley cups, and Jack Hughes compares very favourably with him. Hughes is the clearcut number one in my opinion, he is a line driver and makes everyone around him better, his puck control and skating is on another level than anyone, and he's just so damn shifty, having a couple guys like that on a team would make us very dangerous. I don't think we should be looking to compliment our team with specialty players (unless they're the BPA), it should be about drafting high values assets and the best players. The draft has always been a crapshoot.
  5. He'll take a hometown discount if he feels they have a chance to compete. One shouldn't waste their career on a losing team just to remain loyal. McDavid send to be regretting his decision a bit haha
  6. Drafting Tavares was a easy decision and any team would've given him his chance if they were picking in that spot. Tavares isn't an object to be bought and retained over some sense of loyalty. I think that's why I prefer the NBA and how empowered their players are to essentially do whatever they want. If you've worked your tail off to be one of the best players in the world, you shouldn't be judged for "not being loyal" and sticking it out through the thick and thin. Life is short and you need to make the most of it. Sort of how some of us normies are on the lookout for better opportunities.
  7. Signing Ilya Kovalchuk (LA Kings)

    Kovalchuk has always been one of my favorite players. Dude is a beast. I remember in his last year or the year before with the Devil's he was playing like 28 minutes a game, on the point on the PP and killing penalties.
  8. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    I've heard that due to his size and Kanesque style of play, that Jack Hughes is better suited as a winger as well
  9. Typical Canucks should trade for all the players, sign all the free agents and also hit on 100% of their draft picks post that we've seen 100,000 times on this board. You're comparing Vanek to a 10-12 year old younger Domi. Juolevi was known to be a couple years away, and had one of the best seasons for a young defender in a men's league in Finland. He is developing exactly as expected and looking like he could develop into a staple in our top 4 for years. Please go.
  10. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    Include Demko in there above horvat
  11. THIS IS THE DAY, Canucks get #7

    When we finish like 9th one year and end up winning a lottery spot, then everyone will be happy. We're consistently getting top 5-7 picks the last 4 years which means we're adding solid prospects who are only ranked lower because they may need a bit more time to simmer and develop. This lends itself to us going through a "slow build" with consistently more top 5-top 8 guaranteed picks, which means we may be developing a more DEEP team as opposed to a top heavy team. Its rare now to tank back to back and get players like Malkin & Crosby in consecutive years. Being deep is the new trend I'd say, and were doing a great job of building a DEEP prospect pool and focusing on developing them the right way. I for one see a benefit to this lottery, and could see us in one of the later years in our rebuild stage possibly lucking out and adding a top 3 player which could put us over the top. We're doing awesome with the cards that we've been dealt so far, and its fun to see the young kids develop together. Horvat was seen as our best prospect in years a couple years ago and now I wouldn't even rank him in the top 3 in terms of future production so you all need to simmer down.
  12. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    For an indecisive guy like me, considering there is a solid top 9, falling to 7 just makes the decision easier in my eyes for management to make, as they must just pick between 3 guys as opposed to 6 or something. That being said, it all just comes down to how the chips fall in the draft. There's obviously the top 3, and Tkachuk consistently being ranked highly is indicative of him most likely being gone before our pick as well. The other two players that will be gone will strictly be based on their interviews I'm feeling, as they all have questions to be answered: Boqvist: Offensive dynamo, super young BUT Concussions & size? Bouchard: High floor, High output BUT Slow & Compete level? Hughes: Offensive dynamo, acclimated to NA ice BUT size & defence? Wahlstrom: Boeser-like BUT playing at Harvard? (I don't know much about Wahlstrom) Dobson: draft's biggest riser, how good is he exactly? At the end of the day I see us getting at least a top 6 forward or top 4 dman core player for sure, who all have elite potential which is great. We need d so my guess is that we take one of Dobson or Hughes, as I see Bouchard and Boqvist gone before our pick. If Boqvist's concussion issues are actually a thing that turns teams off, I can see Dobson being taken ahead and us choosing between Boqvist & Hughes.
  13. Draft Lottery

    I ran the simulator once and got: 1. Canucks! 2. Blackhawks :S 3. Florida
  14. New team logo/logo change

    I'm not the fan of the stick in the rink logo for the mere fact that it's super uncreative and too simple in my opinion. I get the whole orca bay argument, however; I feel that it at least encompasses not only the art style of the indigenous people that the Pacific Northwest is known for, and the beauty of our city (whales are majestic AF). I don't want to cheer for a damn stick in the rink, that sounds dumb to me. That was my personal opinion, I am ready for the bashes that come my way. I usually refrain from the logo topics but thought I'd give my two cents in this thread
  15. 2018 NHL Entry Draft

    You probably got your thread locked because there's a big ever encompassing thread right here that is called 2018 NHL entry draft where you can talk about all draft picks Who's your picks though bud?