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  1. 1. Naslund 2. Edler 3. Luongo 4. Bertuzzi 5. Kesler 6. Ohlund 7. Morrison 8. Jovanovski 9. Salo 10. Horvat
  2. Svechnikov and Dahlin are still kind of interchangeable I believe. There is a genuine race for the number one spot this year between the two. Although I absolutely adore Dahlin, dmen usually are harder to project, however Dahlin does fit our team and would most likely give us our first ever true defensive superstar. Let's keep our fingers crossed!
  3. A still young former first overall pick that wants to play here? Yes definitely sign him. There's no risk involved with him unless he wants more than a prove me contract
  4. Should have pulled an NBA maneuver and just picked Glass, and then flipped him to McPhee
  5. Oh man I understand what he did, but he grew up in Russia and had an opportunity to go back to his home country and be a rockstar in front of his people, in a place he's probably more comfortable in. Hypothetically, if one of the Euro leagues was the best league in the world like the NHL is, and a league started in Canada/USA, how many of us would rush back home to play? I'm sure quite a few would However, I totally understand what he did sucks for the NJD, but I can't deny that he has always been one of my favorite players in the league. I'd be excited to see him back in the League. He used to average close to 25 minutes a game during his last couple of years! NJ would use him on the penalty kill, the point on the power play, dude was BEAST. http://www.hockey-reference.com/players/k/kovalil01/gamelog/2012. He even played 30 some nights!
  6. It's ok, they've won 3 in the last 8 years lol
  7. I don't see how this is a bad trade for either side. NYR gets some prospects and Arizona gets a potential starting goalie and a strong 2nd/potential 1st line center. Stephan is 27 and entering his prime. There is a very strong likelihood that a majority of the top 10 players in this year's draft have the same potential as Stepan long term, so I don't see how this is an overpayment by the Coyotes at all.
  8. I'm tired of these pages of Tanev for 3rd, Benning let's go, etc... posts. All of you who are pencilling in us picking 3rd and 5th by getting the 3rd overall pick for Tanev, are probably setting yourselves up for disappointment. I myself would be ecstatic if that happened, but understand the chances of that happening are slim. That's why, I feel it super unfair for people to start ragging on Benning for not getting the deal done (We all know you guys are going to go on about it for months). The main point some of you seem to be missing is that the Stars GM must say yes to a deal too. He doesn't have to trade the 3rd overall pick, I'm sure Benning has done it's due diligence and enquired about the pick. Do you all really think he hasn't? I'm pretty sure TSN reported they've been talking. PS: We traded a bloody franchise goalie to get the 9th overall pick (a deep draft I know), let's be real here and just come to the agreement that we can HOPE that GM Nill sees that need for a right handed defensive defenceman, and is willing to give up that 3rd overall pick. But to make fun of people who say otherwise, and trying to explain why the Stars should do the trade is pretty pointless if the Stars don't end up making the deal.
  9. This is part of the low key tank that we're planning for next years boys and girls. Now we'll be forced to play Larsen or something for the whole year, and then Tryamkin will return for the year after next. Go all in for Dahlin!
  10. I've always wanted Ovechkin to win his first cup. Always loved Backstrom (super underrated player) and Washington's uniforms too hahaha, however; as a Canucks fan, I have to cheer for the Sharks (as much as I hate them all). Why should I cheer for a Canadian team when they didn't cheer for us in 2011???!
  11. I actually really like Necas and do prefer him over Middlestaedt, and possibly Vilardi too. Necas is tenacious and has tremendous speed. Plays like Giroux kind off, and is also playing against grown men already. There's lot to like about him. He's the type of player you need in the playoffs. Middlestaedt of course has sick mitts and whatnot, but I really am skeptical about his dedication if he was drafted by the Canucks. He's refrained from playing at the next level already, and I feel as if he would leave us through FA to return to Minnesota LOL. His defensive game definitely needs work but he obviously is very good offensively...so were Ryan Strome, Burmistrov, Filatov, etc...
  12. Middelstadt seems like the type of guy to me that would either stay 4 years in college or leave us when he becomes a UFA to return to Minnesota lol
  13. Who the heck is Miro Heiskanan?
  14. Mr. Naslund :'(
  15. What do you guys think of Glass?