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  1. Lafreniere has been hyped for like 2-3 years now as being an impactful player in the NHL. Much more highly regarded than Jack Hughes, Hischier etc, so no duh he should be in the top 10 and on this list period. Reading comprehension people it's a projection of under 21 prospects and where they'll be in a couple years time. So excited for two Canucks in the top 10. In my opinion, defence is one of the most important positions and the fact that Dahlin has been one of the most impactful defenceman at his age in HISTORY holds itself true to him being the number one prospect. I don't think people realize that he has the potential to be the greatest defenceman in history (or at least I think he does). Dahlin is only NINETEEN. It's ridiculous. Petterson is looking like a future top 5 offensive player in the NHL as well. Excited for future Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser vs MacKinnon, Makar, Rantenen matchups for years....luckily we have a Demko, which they don't
  2. Jake Virtanen is showing improvement, he currently is on pace to have his most productive season in terms of goals and points.
  3. Not really surprised, we lost to a 50 win first in our conference team in their home opener, who also so happen to have a (pretty much) 100 point player and four additional 70-80 point players, as well as a Norris Trophy winner. They also have been playing together way longer. Mika Zibenajad is leading the NHL in points right now and is on pace for a 656 point season right now. Everything will normalize soon and we should be running and gunning soon enough. Relax, the Blues were last in the NHL in like January last year, it's a long season.
  4. Sadly this is sports, not as bad as the NBA though. The NBA has been historically bad, from fixing games to admitting to not making calls for Allen Iverson.
  5. People just want to complain, its a Vancouverite thing.
  6. I can't believe people are crying over Sven Baertschi....Sven Baertschi!!! Let's look at his resume: - Dude hasn't played a full season yet. - Played like 90 games over the past two years - Has cleared 30 points once in his career - has never scored 20 in a year. And people are here pencilling him in for 20 goals and like 40 points. Calm down, he's easily replaceable and redundant. If he's claimed, we save having to pay him too.
  7. Excited to see the number, but by signing a bridge, Boeser is betting on himself to stay healthy and perform. Excited to see what this man is capable off, but still hoped it had been a longer contract because I feel that he is going to be a guy that can produce, and then demand top dollar, luckily he'll still be an RFA at the end of this three year deal.
  8. Watching Boesers goal montage, I'm looking forward to Benning hopefully locking him up for the long run
  9. Just don't engage him. I chose to ignore him as well. You made a lot of good points throughout the last couple of pages totally agreed. They locked up their franchise player at 7millish until he's 30, as opposed to giving him a bridge, watching him explode and then paying him 10 mill+ per season into his mid thirties.
  10. Are people not realizing that teams are choosing to forgo the "bridge contract" and lock up their stars for long term deals pretty much through their prime. I'm sure teams are aware these guys are not worth this amount of money right now, but they are looking at potential (you need to pay for potential) and hoping these guys hit that potential within the next two years or so. For all the bridge deal fanatics, if the player performs at his expected level of production ie., 1.00 PPG (which everyone hopes for), would you then rather choose to pay that player 10 million plus dollars in 2 years time, as opposed to forking over an extra million or two now and having that player play through his prime until he's about 30 years old or so and closer to their decline? For a young team that doesn't have any major players taking up cap space (we have players we can let go when their contracts are up), we definitely have the luxury to pay a bit extra for potential now, as opposed to being bitten in the butt by offering bridge deals to our young guys and then paying maximum money (I'm talking 2-4 million per year to an older player) in two years time, while risking having to ship one of the younger kids out. Long term contracts also signify a committment to the franchise and the building of chemistry and also we need to factor inflation and how these 7 million dollar deals will essentially be 5 million dollar contracts in 3-4 years, at which point you may have a PPG superstar on a very team friendly deal.
  11. He can totally choose to sit out and prolong this. Unfortunately that can come across as the Canucks playing hardball and potentially leave a bad taste in players mouths when approaching free agency and whatnot, but like you said, Boeser doesn't really have much leverage. If it is for "only" a million bucks per season, if invested correctly, that million can actually be worth a lot more though, so I get where these kids could be coming from as well. Of course I'd prefer for these guys to sign for historically similar contracts but the new NHL isn't like this unfortunately. Let's just be thankful we don't have Laine on our team and what he's demanding.
  12. You should apply for jobs as a GM, due to your supposed mind control powers in which you can dictate the market for a whole league and convince players to take less than their market value via bashing their skillsets and discounting their strengths. I'm sure many free agents will want to sign with you too as you offer them below their market values as we combined with your constructive criticism of their game
  13. They're posted as temporary 24 hour videos on his story, I'm not sure if you have Instagram or not, but they're viewable for a day and then disappear so I can't link you them sorry. Hahaha Keeley Hazell! It's an old picture though, maybe I should update it lol. This exactly! Being able to function and compartmentalize certain aspects of your life is extremely important. I wasn't faulting him or anything for having fun, I just want that to be clear. I've just seen the same argument being posted as to why he hasn't signed yet, which is why I was just pointing out Boeser does not appear to be simply moping around, all summer not up too anything. Positivity breeds positivity, I'm sure continuing to be happy and having a positive outlook on life goes a long way in promoting recovery, which it appears the Border family is doing. It's not like Boeser is retiring from the NHL, he'll be in uniform very soon, nothing to overly sweet out about.
  14. Lol this. Boeser always posts super jovial looking Instagram videos on his story, he definitely is enjoying summer despite Duke battling cancer as well.