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  1. 45 points in 52 games, on pace for 70 over a full season. Yes....damaged goods. I'm guessing by your logic Elias Pettersson is damaged goods too at this point. First year in and he's already been concussed, might as well not sign him for top dollars either, same with Boeser, that guy has missed so many games, oh yes and let's not forget about Bo Horvat either, or oh hey, even Quinn Hughes, he arrived here damaged eh?
  2. In 2017 Erik Karlsson singlehandedly took the Senators to game 7 of the ECF one game away from the Stanley Cup Finals. If he's available we make our run for him, plain and simple.
  3. Like others have lamented in this thread I do recognize that signing a big name FA does come with substantial cap hit, but being in a position to land a generational defenceman like Erik Karlsson, I think you need to go for it. Especially considering we are still 2 or so years away from having to sign our big names such as Hughes and Pettersson, the window to win Stanley cups is really getting shorter in this era, and I think it'd be beneficial to sign EK and have him around now to build chemistry and whatnot with these young guys as they keep developing. I am FULLY AGAINST signing Myers though, Gardiner may be alright, but very meh. What about trading for Marner? Haha
  4. I can't wait until Jack Hughes is putting up insane numbers in the NHL and we can take a look back at all of the doubters and haters.
  5. Does anyone else see Juolevi following a Ryan Murray sort of career path?
  6. I think Hughes definitely is the number one pick. Look at Gaudreau and P. Kane they're doing just fine. Even DeBrincat is producing some gaudy numbers for a 2nd round pick, let's also not forget about another undersized 2nd rounder.....KUCHEROV. Hughes natural talent and skill level is so above and beyond the rest of the field imo, that I don't even think it's a debate for the NHL team's scouts, Kakko vs Hughes seems moreso a media created one. Hughes is the pipe dream, but I'd love Byram or Kakko as well. Perhaps even Podkolzin
  7. We traded an absolutely useless HOCKEY PLAYER (this is what Guddy was paid to be right?) for a younger LWer who has flashed that he can be a 30-40 point player in recent memory, and has won the stanley cup as well. Only on CDC would people be losing their minds over losing an overpaid 7th dman who brings some "toughness" and is a "good ol Canadian kid". Our younger guys need to learn to step up for themselves as well, as opposed to relying on an overpaid security officer/hockey player.
  8. Burrows is the man!!! Woooooooooooo!!!!