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  1. [Rumour-Eklund] Kane on his way out

    To all the people that want him here, would you want him if he wasn't a Vancouverite? The guy clearly has attitude issues, and the leadership group here wouldn't really make a difference to him imo. He could just zone all of them out and hang out with his hometown boys.
  2. [Signing] VAN signs Ryan Miller

    I think Miller is an idiot for signing with us, unless winning isn't a priority for him. But I think what happened is, Miller's wife has fallen in love with the city, she's probably influenced Miller to sign with us here for a couple of years
  3. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    Watch Anaheim use there 10th and prospects to trade for Spezza now Lolololol
  4. Hunter appears to have a genuine enthusiasm for the game and also a very high drive/motor/ in regards to improving. These 2 characteristics are far more important than where you go in the draft. How many "lazy Russians" have you seen that just couldn't quite live up to their rankings?
  5. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    Why all the hate because of his list of teams? Kesler took a paycut and in return received a NTC. It's contractually HIS RIGHT to be able to demand which team he goes too. All Kesler is doing is using HIS RIGHT to go to where he wants too. Sure he could be a super nice guy and just open up his list to include all teams so the Canucks majorly benefit, at the expense of his happiness. By why would he do that? he's given his whole career to this city so far, played through injuries, battled when no one else did and took a paycut on his last contract. Why should he give more? Would all of you sacrifice your happiness and rights in order to appease your boss and make their lives better?
  6. [Offical] Kesler traded to Anaheim

    James Neal is a pipe dream
  7. I'm all for his "attitude". You need players with swagger who believe in themselves and won't let any knocks waver their confidence. Look at how far Claude Giroux fell, for some reason I can see Nylander being in a Giroux mold, or just racking up points like Nicklas Backstrom haha
  8. Diamond in the rough (good 2/3 rounder pick)

    Blake Clarke
  9. My point wasn't about Ritchie or anything. I'm just sick and tired of people saying we shouldn't draft so and so player because we have a prospect already taking up that spot. Its unrealistic to think that every prospect will reach their career projection, and it is not redundant to pick a player who may be similar.....because one or even both may not make it. Sorry for taking it out on you though
  10. How is Ehlers REDUNDANT? Has Shinakruk made it to the NHL yet? There's no guarantee that any of our prospects will, so trying to forge a future lineup by plugging holes doesn't really make sense. Shinkaruk is a late first round draft pick and historically not many of them even make an impact in the NHL. Be realistic, don't just assume everyone is going to reach their potentials.
  11. Great Drafting Evaluator from TSN

    Crosby is built like a TANK. And if you extrapolated his career PPG of 1.39 over 1,457 games (the length of Gretzky's career) he'd be the second player ever to reach the 2,000 point plateau. Not only that, but have you seen the eras Gretzky, Lemiuex and Crosby play in? Goaltenders have evolved so much over the past decades, they're on a whole another level than what they were back then, and I'm sure its fair to say that if Crosby's production is on a whole another planet than the rest of the League, that it'd be the same way in the past. Crosby IS a GENERATIONAL talent. it's just way easier to hate on players now because of social media. If everyone would just shut up and stop hating on players (Cindy Crybaby wah wah wah etc), maybe you guys could actually relax and enjoy this generational talent that Crosby is. Appreciate his game and how great he is, and just enjoy the game. PS: Same thing applies to LeBron James too!
  12. Draft Hype vs Reality

    Gaunce is cornerstoning the Otters right now?.......... OKAY. haha but no Gaunce is a high character guy no doubt.....slow though.
  13. Draft Hype vs Reality

    Hey hey hey I'm all for potential. But if we got Bennett, having Horvat could be a bit redundant. I obviously would not want to trade Horvat for Kane, I would much prefer they take Jensen or someone, but at the end of the day Kane is a bonafide 50-60 point player right now AND HE PLAYS ON THE SECOND LINE. he's still real young (22) and was picked 4th overall. So it wouldn't be that much of a gamble. Kane has appeared to let the money go to his head though and become a bit of a diva, but if he can continue to develop, he can be a top winger for sure.......heck he may be right now if he had some better players to play with! But no I love Horvat too, would be sad to see BoBo go
  14. Draft Hype vs Reality

    If we could somehow get Bennett in this year's draft, I would be open to giving up Horvat in a package for Kane