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  1. Rodin was Invisible and deserves to be sat next game when Burrows is back. Very little compete out there from him. I'm like everyone and hopes his offensive game can translate to the NHL. So far in his 2 games have been very unimpressive.
  2. Give this pairing one more game and if we don't get the results than shake it up. D. Sedin Horvat Hansen Erikson H. Sedin Virtanen Beartchi Grandlund Sutter Burrows Gaunce Dorsett
  3. If your going to act like an ass at least know what your talking about. Tryamkin is a left shooting D who has the ability to play both sides. He actually prefers the right side.
  4. You take Dorsett off the line and you add Virtanen or Rodin then it doesn't look so bad
  5. Sedin Sedin Erickson Grandlund Sutter Hansen Beartchi Horvat Rodin Burrows Gaunce Virtanen Dorsett Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Sibsa Larsen Tryamkin Biega Miller Markstrom Thats how I see it
  6. If Virtanen sticks I would like to see a Burrows Gaunce Virtanen 4th line
  7. Virtanen didn't do anything bad or good. After this game I will be surprised if he is not starting in Utica
  8. Two best forwards so far is Labate and Gaunce
  9. This will probably be the line up except change out Rodin for Virtanen. Gaunce should be the 13th forward and Rodin starts the season in Utica on rehabilitation stint. Pedan will be on the D unless we get decimated with injuries.
  10. Miller will end up in Vegas after this season. Tanev for Landeskog I'm ok with. I'm even ok with Tanev for Kane and a second.
  11. I really hope Benning doesn't give anything of value to get a 2nd line LW. We have Burrows who is training his ass off this off season and will be a UFA next year so he's playing for his next contract. I honestly think he is going to have a great year. If he does than we can trade him st the trade deadline for some value if we are having another bad year.
  12. Still doesn't help our lack of physicality on the Canucks
  13. You want to put one of our only physical forwards in the AHL for a player who hasn't proved anything. Benning has repeatedly said we need more grit on the forward group, Virtanen will not start in Utica. Let's see if Rodin can even handle the AHL which he hasn't been able to in the past before giving him a spot in the NHL.
  14. Sedin Sedin Erikson trade Sutter Virtanen Beartchi Horvat Hansen Burrows Gaunce Dorsett/Etem Granlund Dorsett/Etem (suspect one may be involved in a trade) Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Tryamkin Larson Pedan Biega Sibsa traded
  15. Sutter is back healthy that takes the spot the McCann had most of last year. UFA is needed to replace Vrbata. Breoser will replace Burrows next year. You only replace a player when you have a better option. So far there is no better option. Players like Rodin hasn't proved anything yet. Gaunce will be our 13 th forward. It will take time to change the whole roster over.