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  1. I actually agree Hutton should be traded and protect Sibsa. Joulevi will more than replace Hutton but you can't replace Sibsa Physical play. Expose Biega and Dorsett.
  2. It's fair. Shouldn't be granted top pick for sucking. Trading Hansen and Burrows was a sign they were tanking. Tanking sucks and we deserve to loose the lottery for trying to tank.
  3. I'm surprised that no one is mentioning that LV may be interested in picking up Dorsett. He foes bring a element that is hard to find, someone willing to stick up for his teammates. Sibisa rarely drops the gloves. That is why Gudbranson is being protected over Sibisa and the fact he shoots right. Tryamkin replaces what Sibisa brings.
  4. On ice festivities at the all star game
  5. Does any one know if Bure participated in the one ice during the all star game. If so what jersey did he wear. Canucks?
  6. Rodin was Invisible and deserves to be sat next game when Burrows is back. Very little compete out there from him. I'm like everyone and hopes his offensive game can translate to the NHL. So far in his 2 games have been very unimpressive.
  7. Give this pairing one more game and if we don't get the results than shake it up. D. Sedin Horvat Hansen Erikson H. Sedin Virtanen Beartchi Grandlund Sutter Burrows Gaunce Dorsett
  8. If your going to act like an ass at least know what your talking about. Tryamkin is a left shooting D who has the ability to play both sides. He actually prefers the right side.
  9. You take Dorsett off the line and you add Virtanen or Rodin then it doesn't look so bad
  10. Sedin Sedin Erickson Grandlund Sutter Hansen Beartchi Horvat Rodin Burrows Gaunce Virtanen Dorsett Edler Tanev Hutton Gudbranson Sibsa Larsen Tryamkin Biega Miller Markstrom Thats how I see it
  11. If Virtanen sticks I would like to see a Burrows Gaunce Virtanen 4th line
  12. Virtanen didn't do anything bad or good. After this game I will be surprised if he is not starting in Utica
  13. Two best forwards so far is Labate and Gaunce
  14. This will probably be the line up except change out Rodin for Virtanen. Gaunce should be the 13th forward and Rodin starts the season in Utica on rehabilitation stint. Pedan will be on the D unless we get decimated with injuries.
  15. Miller will end up in Vegas after this season. Tanev for Landeskog I'm ok with. I'm even ok with Tanev for Kane and a second.