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  1. Banned for liking Lost.
  2. That's just made it way worst. Banned for liking a girl who's bad at singing and acting.
  3. Banned for banning me:shock:
  4. Ban for being a 16 years old girl who is obsessed with Gomez
  5. frack you. Anytime you want to meet in person you let me know

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I ruv how this thread get past 150 pages
  7. No... we don't want him as the response to thetopic. Jks.
  8. Didn't you hear Burrows? He said that he considers him as a 3rd liner and will get a 3rd liner contract. 4 years @ 2m is a good contract for "3rd liner" playing on the top line. If he wants more than 3m, seriously, let him walk. No one will sign him above 3m. 2m is a good price for BOTH Canucks and himself. Do you understand that many people disagree with you and you think others are wrong? Ignorant biatch. How long had Daniel come back? Less than 11 games. Guess what? When Daniel came back, he returns to his PPG. Daniel came back 5 games ago, and he has gotten 5 points. Do you expect a top line to have 3 PPG player especially the one with 3rd line contract? NO! In all seriousness, you need to see a doctor.

  10. Time to revive!
  11. Contributing. . .