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  1. I want to see more of Boucher! Hank will get his 1000 point tonight, no doubt about it
  2. to pit: hansen to van: conditional 2nd pick 2017 (turns into a 2nd rounder next year if hansen is claimed in the expansion draft) canucks get to protect granlund and baertschi in the expansion draft and manage their assets by trading hansen for a 2nd rounder. pit acquires more speed and depth and hansen fits their style perfectly to la: miller (50% retained) to van: 2nd pick 2017 la needs a goalie just in case quick has more injury problems or has a hard time finding his groove when he comes back. canucks get a mid/late 2nd rounder to mtl: burrows to van: deshairnais, 3rd pick 2017 mtl adds some grit and winger depth. deshairnais is hated by habs fans and wont be returning next year. his 3.5m cap hit traded in order for them to afford burrows to dal: sbisa to van: conditional 2nd pick 2017, (turns into a 2nd rounder next year if sbisa is claimed in the expansion draft) dal is suffering on d and in goal. sbisa will help add some nhl quality to their D for this season and next and replace oduya who is a UFA this summer. van acquires 2nd pick and 3.6m in cap space for a player we were possibly gonna lose for nothing in the expansion draft. constructive criticism is encouraged. help me refine these proposals yes, im team tank. i am all about drafting and acquiring younger players. the canucks could possibly have 7 picks in the first 3 rounds or 5 this year and 5 next year canucks protect sedin sedin eriksson horvat sutter granlund baertschi gudbarson edler tanev markstrom exposing gaunce, biega and dorsett. vegas will not want dorsett after his neck surgery so we'll probably lose gaunce who is a bottom 6 forward/4th liner. not a huge loss hopefully the canucks can sign horvat (8yrs/5.5m), boeser (2yrs,1.1m), gudbranson (3yrs, 4m) and tryamkin (2yrs, 2.5m) the canucks will have roughly 10m to find 2 forwards and a back up goalie. i am hoping the canucks can add some bottom 6 size from the UFA market. king and peluso fit the bill. both are beasts sedin-sedin-eriksson baertschi-horvat-boeser xxxxxx-sutter-virtanen xxxxxx-granlund-dorsett boucher edler-stetcher hutton-gudbranson tryamkin-tanev pedan-biega markstrom xxxxxx
  3. heres your reason why. Smart move by benning. No way pedan clears waivers
  4. In 21 games with Florida, no goals and 5 helpers maybe with Rodin essentially done for the year we may need to bring in a player to replace him But it wouldn't be that much of a head scratcher if we pass
  5. Sell off Miller, Hansen, burrows and whomever for picks at the deadline sink and hopeful you can draft top 5 the faster you get those picks to draft the players, the faster they get in your system and start developing, the faster they get in your line up. its simple. If the Canucks draw minny in the first round will the building be sold out and a buzz in the air? no, no one will really care to be invest their time, money and stress levels in the series because they Aren't contenders and they'll get bounced in 5 games. Or god forbid they finish 10th and don't acquire any picks at the deadline. You can't take anything away from this season to help build for the next chapter.
  6. If it's for a crazy discount then ya load up on depth for minor leaguers, 3rd and 4th picks but if it's anything higher than you risking a huge loss
  7. Boucher 6:04....still noticed him more than Megnas 17 minutes He was physical, looks like cooke out there with wearing #24
  8. Expansion draft is too much of a scare to add anyone that you would have to protect. good idea. It's been tossed around before, but we need unload players to protect like Hansen not acquire them.
  9. Now we wait for the post game comments...
  10. watch willy play boucher like 7 mins and give some bs answer like "a young guy needs confidence to perform well so were gonna bring him along slowly" like what?
  11. i think we've seen the last of Anton least for this season Boucher is the only forward waiting to play now
  12. Canucks lose. Power play runs flat. Megna plays 15 mins+ That's all you need to know...
  13. I mean Megna must never get willies coffee order wrong cause 17 MINUTES OF ICETIME! -1 and no shots Rodins knee is 50 shades of messed up so You can't fault willy for not playing him but apprently Boucher can't get a SNIFF of ice because Megna can attain a -1 and not a shot on net...Megna has apprently set the bar too high for Boucher i wanna give Boucher 17 MINUTES OF ICE TIME and see what he can do. If he goes even rating and gets 1 shot he would surpass megnas performance tonight. Whoa that's a doozy 17 mins.....I can't believe it. This is a joke
  14. He had 2 apples in a 8 goal game big deal. Before that He played like 7 games with the sedins and pp2 time and not a single point....he even shutdown the sedins over that span. Do you know how hard it is to not even get a bounce or a measly 2nd assist for any of them over that time? If that doesn't scream I don't belong in the show I don't know what does
  15. Why you wouldn't play Boucher against his former team I do not know why. That always lights a fire under a player to stick it to his former team. Apprently chaput, gaunce and megna are ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL to the Canucks success (or lack there of) what would we we do without them...