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  1. No jaw dropping names yet. Those players need more time to develop wake me up if virt, gaunce or pedan get cut
  2. Edler is a enigmatic top 2 dman on a poor hockey team right now. Boeser "could" be better but he also "could" be a bust and until he starts playing pro hockey you can't prove anything and landeskog is proven at this level with serious qualities to be a nucleus player for the next era. Gaunce is a good bottom 6 guy at best so don't over hype him. Col would still say no to that deal that's why it's not enough value for their young captain
  3. Exactly! Boeser hasn't proven anything at the pro level and landeskog is a young physical 60 point player those don't fall off trees
  4. I have palat as the most plausible because tb won't be able to re-sign everyone so I think he'll be the odd one out obviously we all want landeskog but I doubt that'll happen. to van: palat to tb: Hansen, gaunce, 3rd pick 2017 Note: col should have more interest in edler because they already have Barrie and Johnson on the right side so tanev plays on the 3rd pair? Nah I think Tanev is valued way higher though but col may consider edler as the focal point if landeskog is indeed in play to col: edler, boeser, gaunce/hansen to van: landeskog its a pipe dream
  5. To Ana: trouba to wpg: lindholm it fits too well for both sides I think it'll happen at the end of the day fowler-trouba despres-vatanen stoner-bieksa Manson-holzer Lindholm-byfuglien Enstrom-myers Stuart-postma strait-chiarot
  6. Trouba will fetch a a consider amount of value. It is ironic how the exact opposite of every other NHL team when their most pressing need is a left shot dman to fill out their top 4(besides from goaltending). We we don't have the pieces that would haul trouba outta wpg. Edm would need to part with draistl and nurse with another piece going to edm just to start the conversation
  7. Exactly. It coulda saved the Canucks some term on his contract but we got lucky cause his extension was fair term and money when compared to other contracts
  8. Dumb move by stl giving him an extension with already a year on his deal still to go. Never been a fan of giving a player an extension before his current contract is up, it's asking for trouble. Steen is a player who is wearing down and coulda saved them a million or so after his production dips this season
  9. No to Russians. They all seem to run home one day. What's to say kucherov doesn't do the same in a years time? I'd rather target palat
  10. Korpikoski has some game left so he's a dark horse to make the team if he accepts
  11. I don't care how good Olli plays he should go back to junior to continue to develop. There is absolutely no plausible cause to have him in the top 8 this season when we are most likely gonna sink to the bottom of the standings
  12. I don't have any faith in Rodin making an impact since he's never played an NHL game and for every soderberg there's 10 brunnstroms. Intriguing how 50/50 the gaunce poll is, Gaunce will make it only if there's an injury or a real let down for the players above him because he can get sent down without waivers. Burrows is washed up, he isn't a natural scorer so he's resorted back to being a 4th line energy guy. Tryamkin is the player I'll be watching the most this camp. A very interesting player. Larsen as well as Rodin are on the out looking in for me granlund and etem are 4th liners and nothing more at this point i dont see the hate Sbisa. He played a physical as-solid-as-it's-gonna-get for Sbisa last season. 3rd pair guy who can throw his weight around is a player any team likes just turnovers and trying to do so much is the issue.
  13. no rfas are bad news BUT the way you squeeze a team for a player the sensible way is using the expansion draft against them. A good player on some of the stacked teams will not want to lose a player for nothing and that includes rfas they havent resigned before the draft which they will still need to protect for the draft
  14. It's a respect thing, Erickson has been in The league longer therefor he gets first choice.
  15. Marleau is a mopey player in the dressing room so I'd rather show case the young talent. Landeskog is a tremendous talent but trading either edler or tanev would leave a huge hole on the blue line