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  1. I don’t want my team to win when we can’t be there to experience it we ain’t winning so don’t worry
  2. Playoffs are guaranteed success its only a 1/8 chance at number 1 do you really wanna go through that agony again
  3. Manson is already 28 turning 29 in October which is my biggest concern with him, but he has an affordable 4.1m cap hit for the next 2 seasons to ana: virtanen, stecher to Van: Manson Somehow sign tanev to a cap friendly deal edler-Manson hughes-tanev benn-Myers that’s the best blue line We’ve had since 2011
  4. Sign toffoli first we need to improve our defensive coverage more so than sign markstrom to a big deal A capable goalie around 2.5m-3m should suffice with improved Defensive zone coverage
  5. 1 year deal for tanev is best for everybody Toffoli needs to get done first imo
  6. I still don’t see why this is a story its a company. Judd wanted more control and benning didn’t want to do that because it’s his butt on the line. Benning takes the heat from the fans for any pick not the director of amateur scouting.
  7. He’s probs Rodin 2.0 we have a Legitimate NHL caliber Forward group now
  8. Toffoli is no.1 priority. this team has been built on a strong forward group lines 1-4 and he polishes it off. Tanev is a tricky one cause Hughes has leaned on him this year but if his demands are 4+ years or 5m+ then im out. Markstrom was the MVP no doubt about it, but the league is changing and have a 5 - 6m+ goalie is not good practice anymore. Demko showed me enough to say that next year he'll be a little better and with a veteran back up we'll be just fine. I am 100% ok with letting him walk because I really doubt he will be able to replicate that performance again. There is a few capable NHL goalies that are going to be available this off season via UFA status; Halak, Khudobin, Smith and Talbot. Any one of those around 2.5-3.5m on a preferably 1 year deal would be ideal. Which i think we might see so the goalie world can keep control of their future with the looming expansion draft next summer. If you're one of those "we must sign markstrom at all costs... we need him...without him we are a lottery team again" then what you're really saying is we need to play better in front of our goalie with an improved blueline. That was the underling wrinkle in his performance was because the canucks kept putting him in situations to look amazing or let in a goal that was completely not his fault. top 3 priorities this off season for the Canucks 1) Re-sign Toffoli. Within reason of course 2) Improve that blue line. Bring in a defensive specialist just to get the puck out, make good reads and box guys out down low. The whole reason the canucks kept blowing 3rd period leads was because the kept making stupid mistakes and couldn't make the simple play 3) 100% Baertschi will traded, bought out or his contract will be terminated. But beyond that this team has to get rid of Sutter or Eriksson. Getting rid of both might be wishful thinking, so getting rid of just one, likely Sutter, would free up enough space to re-sign Toffoli and tinker with the blue line.
  9. our forwards are pretty set for next year at least I’m not worried about losing markstrom Demko paired with talbot, halak or another veteran backup will come cheaper and still be effective our main focus is D. I just want a guy to chip the puck out with nothing fancy just simple hockey to calm things down. demelo on the 3rd pair would be Ideal. If he is what I think he is
  10. Calder or no Calder can we just appreciate what we have in hughes the guy is top 5 scoring in the league for defenseman, coulda hit 60 points and made pettersson yesterday’s news in FIFTY god damn years we haven’t had a defenseman this good let alone in the last 20 year for relevancy. we have 2 franchise corner stone pieces to build around. All Stanley cup winners have at least 2 franchise pivotal players, so we got ours. Can’t say that for about half the league
  11. Canucks could bury Arizona from a pacific division top 3 finish with a regulation win 6 points back with teams in between with 11 games to go is a tall task
  12. I’m developing an anxiety problem this month demko is playing great. Just sloppiness in front of him isles were the better team but the Canucks FINALLY got a few bounces
  13. So relieved for some good news! pearson-horvat-boeser miller-petey-toffoli thats as good as it’s gonna get. It’s time to prove to the league that’s formidable top 2 lines