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  1. always liked this guy 23 years old 32 points in 34 AHL games last year and 19 points in 39 games in the NHL
  2. Horvat is my fav Canuck hands down. He is a poor mans johnathan toews 5x5m and call it a day
  3. I'd take jvr over edler any day he might be a little injury prone but so is edler I doubt tor does it though as they want a righty to play with reilly how cool would it be to see horvat get to play with an legit top 6 winger in his prime?!
  4. Go minny! Do your part and contribute to the "bowlin for Nolan" campaign, sponsored by the Vancouver Canucks
  5. It's simple, biega sits for tanev trading tanev for anything less than a kings ransom would be ludacris
  6. Bowlin for Nolan! Tank tank tank
  7. Fla has always been a sketchy organization because they have struggled for so long by make really odd decisions while playing in front of 5,000 fans at home
  8. Can we dump Larsen already? He was given the primmest minutes and still couldn't make a difference. Bring up pedan and terminate Larsens contract
  9. Well at least the Canucks are doing one thing right. Keeping virtanen in the AHL despite injuries. FYI virtanen has 1 assist in 5 games for Utica
  10. 6 years at 5m and call it a day If he wants more than 5m like 6m than I'd go shorter term like 3-4 years just to be cautious
  11. Fantastic move. Now that's outta the way. Gives us more flexibility to add scoring in the off season horvat I'm not anticipating will go bridge deal but I'd compare him to trocheck who got 4.750 if he were to get the 5 or 6 year deal
  12. Not sure if hansen would waive his ntc but I would make this deal for multiple reasons. Barzal replaces McCann on the depth chart. I think nyi might bite because of how desperate they are for success
  13. There's no way the aquilinis haven't meddled with the direction of this team i know ideally the Canucks could always stay competitive while bringing in young talent but that takes years and years to develop and gillis left this team in shambles with not much to work with and a lot of ntc's sink. Sell miller, sbisa, Hansen, or whomever for some picks. Draft Patrick. Sign boeser. Offer sheet a young rfa. Boom. I just did your job
  14. Granlund and beartschi are in a one on one battle to protected or not hansen has obviously grown to be so valuable, but he would fetch a pretty decent return at the deadline to a cup contender instead of inevitably losing him for nothing and it would allow us to protect baertschi or dorsett losing sbisa would be a good thing. freeing up 3.6m in space and a top 6 dman role Dorsett is the only shred of toughness we have who brings it every night. It would suck to lose him, but not the end of the world. Rodin, at this point is an unknown enigma so he's irrelevant and won't get picked over the others at this point if I was mcphee you gotta pick hansen out those guys TSN exposed
  15. tanev is of course better than all of those guys except oel but that is an adequate D and they need scoring not help bolstering their blueline